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    1978 Yearbook
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     Scott Burgess

    Scott Burgess  Rule, TX scott.burgess@erau.edu

    Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

    After 27 year military career that started at WLHS, the second career is in full swing, teaching at university, working a PhD, ranching, consulting, and traveling.

    I was an odd sort in high school; I didn't bond to the philosophy of cliques or groups and tried to bond with all people and have fun. Learning was a part of it and it did launch me to where I am today, but I wish I'd put more into it then. That was hard to do in the 70's.

    The teachers truly molded me and helped shape what I'd become and I'll always appreciate them.  Some of them influential to me were Welty, Panichello, Miles, McKie, Don Smith, and Rollins.

     Jill (Buse) Cowper
    Jill (Buse) Cowper  Milwaukie, OR  

    Manufacturing Supervisor

    I've been happily married for almost 20 years, with 4 children and a grandchild on the way.

    Favorite memory:  1.) Directing traffic (as a joke) during the lunch hour rush.  2.) Trying to set off the sprinkling system by the girls locker room.  The keyword here is "trying," the only thing that caught on fire was the dust around the sprinkler head.

    I wish everyone well and would like to get in contact with my "old" team mates.

    Marilyn Bushway

    Marilyn Bushway  Portland, OR bushway@pacifier.com




                   Kitty (Burnett) Curra    Austin, TX            KCurra2000@aol.com



    I went to West Linn for my junior year in 77-78 and I loved it.  I am thinking about moving back to Portland.  I have 5 beautiful daughters, ages 4-15 and I live in Austin, TX.  I would love to hear from anyone who could give me info on what West Linn is like today.  Does anyone keep in touch with Cheryl Cook?  Thanks, Kitty Burnett (Curra).

    Favorite memory:  West Linn was the only school I went to that had a morning break.  It was a lot of fun hanging out in the big main hall and talking to everyone, like a lunch before lunch.  The school grounds were so beautiful, and the weather during the springtime was so nice.  I also remember a lot of good parties in West Linn and Oregon City.

    Donna (Cameron) Brim
    Donna (Cameron) Brim  Molalla, OR  donnabrim@hotmail.com
    Christmas Carroll


               Christmas Carroll   Westminster, MA                                                         carrollwombat@aol.com


    I teach foreign language and enjoy playing flute.  My two sons are 21 and 22 and working.  Rotary Club keeps me busy.  I am married and live on a lake in Massachusetts.  Good health and grateful for my blessings.

    Favorite memory:  Mrs. Cannon correcting my English essay.  She showed me I could think for myself.

     78cookinghammike                Michael Cookingham   Newberg, OR    mdcookingham@gmail.com     


     Process Engineer

    After graduating I went to college and in 1984 I started working for Intel Corp. While in college Tammy Rains and I started dating and in 1982 we got married. We've had two children and now we have two grandchildren. Next year Tammy and I are planning to transition our cattle operation to Central Oregon where we have a small ranch that we are in the process of developing. 

    Memories:  The basketball games

    Mark Davis


     Mark Davis    Tacoma, Washington  bonnerzdad@aol.com

    Corrections Officer

    Home web Page Address:  http://www1.dshs.wa.gov/hrsa/scc/facilities.htm

    I was married last year.  I work for the state of Washington, on McNeil Island, WA.  Our facility (1 of 2 state institutions) houses those individuals that have been civilly committed, by being judged sexually violent predators under RCW 71.09, or are awaiting their civil commitment trial as detainees.

    Favorite memory:  LOL, graduation of course, and the acquaintances I made while I was there.

    There is not much else to share in this venue.  Should anyone like to write, I will write back though.

    John Falconer
    John Falconer Castro Valley, California    johnfalconer@comcast.net


    Married w/3 kids, Marissa, Matthew and Maria. Adopted a yellow lab. Enjoying all the bay area and state has to offer year round.

    Favorite memory:  Climbing through the tunnels under the school during drama rehearsals.

    Would love to hear from other alumni.


    Pat (Ferguson) Stockwell

    Pat (Ferguson) Stockwell  Pocatello, Idaho   pstockwe@idoc.idaho.gov




    Felony Probation & Parole for the State of Idaho

    I currently have been blessed with my fifth grandchild.  My biggest accomplishment is celebrating my first anniversary from breast cancer.

    Favorite memory: May Day celebration was always a wonderful experience.  I remember the guys sitting on the benches in the main hallway rating the girls walking by.

    I would love to hear from anyone that graduated in my class.  I've totally lost touch with everyone.  I'd like to see what others have accomplished in their lives and what they are doing.

     78FordP   Pam (Ford) Burton  West Linn, OR  clypam@msn.com
     Retired nurse, now small business owner here in town Ben's HVAC
    Lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for a year. married a couple of times the best for last 20yrs with 5 wonderful sons. 3 birthed 2 adopted at age 5 and 6. I now have 2 gorgeous granddaughters. Love to travel, love to camp, love to backpack!. love to kayak just love the outdoors.
    Favorite Memory:   I hate to admit it but the smoking lounge! Quite smoking 20 years ago with a couple slips. Mr McKie was the only teacher that believed in me and who started my love for health which inspired the medical career. I also loved being on the debutantes dance team! and still love to dance!
     Look forward to get togethers!


     Kimberly (Hardy) Carter   

    Kimberly (Hardy) Carte Oregon  lippykim60@ortelco.net


    Cindy (Klopatek) Sabin
    Cindy (Klopatek) Sabin   Milwaukie, OR    ceak_sabin@comcast.net

    Banking-Commercial Loans

    Married, going on 23 years in August.  Two sons, one a junior in college and one that just graduated from high school.

    Made some good connections at the 30th reunion!  It was so fun to see everyone again as this was the first reunion I attended.  Hope to see everyone again at the next one!


    1978HamiltonLee            Lezlie(Lee)Hamilton Bolt  Scottsdale, AZ                          boldlee60@gmail.com


    Human Resources Director


    Recently relocated to the Southwest from the DC area to be closer to family. Loving it!!


    Favorite high school memories
    Drama, cheerleading, skipping school to go spring skiing, lunch at Burgerville, Pietro's on Friday night and paying for gas with pennies with Diane Carlisle

    Would love to here if there will be a reunion in 2018


    Kari (Logsdon) Mullikin

    Kari (Logsdon) Mullikin  Amboy, Washington    kari@gotsky.com


    You can also reach my mom at mlogsdon@pacifier.com.  Send her a note in Spanish . . . she will be impressed!

    Samuel M. Lohman
     Samuel M. Lohman  Geneva, Switzerland - Dubai, UAE    lohman@lohman-law.ch


    Home web page address:  www.lohman-law.comwww.gmt-aml.com

    Short version: Got married, went to law school, worked with my father and brother at the family law practice.  Moved to Switzerland in 1987, practice law at Law Firm Lohman in Geneva, two kids (Leila and Pierce), divorced, established a company in Dubai and live between Geneva and Dubai - travel a lot and have a wonderful woman to share my life with.

    Favorite memory:  Just being with kids that I started with at Cedar Oak, sports, boy scouts, theatre, etc., etc.

    I wish everyone the best and appreciate that growing up in West Linn was a good place to begin (and perhaps eventually, end up).

    Mike Lorden
    Mike Lorden  Issaquah, Washington  mike@asa2fly.com

    I currently manage a small publishing company that specializes in training pilots



                               Jim New  Schuylkill Haven, PA  



    Floating around in my career since being laid off in November 2001.  Have had 3 jobs in the last year.

    Favorite memory: Dumping the frozen steelhead fish head Greg Emmerich placed in my locker, which decayed and stunk up the teacher's bathroom next to Mr. Pond's classroom.

    Jeffery Padrta
    Jeffrey Padrta     Mossyrock, WA    jeff@evergreencooling.com


    Business owner

    Beth Payte


    Beth (Payte) Janicke   Hillsboro, OR    mbjanicke@upwardaccess.com


    Payroll manager

    After high school I went to college and became a Medical Office Assistant.  Soon after I met my future husband Mike and we were married in 1983.  We have 3 children Rachel 24, Laura 22 and Aaron 21.  I was blessed to stay home with my children while they were preschoolers then went to work part time doing payroll for a local farm.  We live in the beautiful hills of Chehelem Mt. in Hillsboro on 5 acres and are active in our church, Harvest Community Church.

    Julie (Petrich) Duke
    Julie (Petrich) Duke  Canton, NC  jukyduke@hotmail.com

    Head of Children's Services, Asheville North Carolina Library

    I worked as a clerk at the Main Multnomah county Library from 1986-89.  I received a Masters Degree in Library Science from the University of South Carolina, where I met my husband Larry.  I then returned to Rockwood Library in Gresham as a children's librarian in 1992.  I am presently head of children's' services at the Main Library in Asheville, North Carolina.

    Barb (Reagan) Wysong
    Barb (Reagan) Wysong  Charlotte, NC   BarbinNC@aol.com


    I'm enjoying staying at home with my two daughters, ages 15 and 13, after years of working various jobs.  I also enjoy traveling, especially to warmer climates.

    78Roaf   Leslie (Roaf ) Miller      Hubbard, OR                                                                     lezliemiller285@gmail.com
    I have a boyfriend I've had for 11yrs. We spend time with family and friends. I have one son, 27 yrs old. I was married for years. 
    Favorite Memory:  Enjoyed all the good times with the friends I did hang out with I think about them.  Kinda lost touch over the years.
    Bought a house last year spending time fixing it and making it look nice.
    Monica (Schiebel) Platt
    Monica (Schiebel) Platt  Redmond, OR   femjplatt@msn.com



    I've been living in Central Oregon for 17 years and have a great husband, a son 11 and daughter 8. I am not working as we sold our construction company 2 years ago and are dabbling in real estate investments. I love to snow ski, cook, play piano and volunteer at the elementary school.

    Favorite memory: Going to the football games, logic class and graduation!

    I am curious if there's a 30 year reunion in the planning stages. The last reunion I attended was our 10 year reunion in 1988!


    Donna Sellman-Pilorget

    Donna Sellman-Pilorget   Oregon City, OR   dsellmanpilorget@johnlscott.com






     Nino Seretti  West Palm Beach, FL   nseretti@hotmail.com



    Readers Digest version:  Married, divorced, 19 year old son, currently managing a dental practice ....been there, done that......

    Favorite memory:  Lunch at Burgerville USA , occasional escapes to Boni Lynn stand and all my good memories from high school.....one of the most memorable times of my life



     Kim Simmons  Phoenix, Arizona   Kim@kraemereng.com


    Office Manager

    I have been living in Phoenix since 1987.  I worked as a buyer for a department store for several years.  Since 1994 I have been the office manager for the engineering firm that was started by my sister Kierstie (1976) and her husband Mike.

    I moved after my junior year to Albuquerque, New Mexico.


      Connie Steele Phoenix, AZ   cherda5@gmail.com

                                 Linda Williams Wilkinson   Shelton, WA                                        redpenner@gmail.com

    Vocational Program Coordinator

    I attended WLHS for only about 6 weeks at the end of my senior year, after moving from California.  I didn't really get to know anyone, and being short only a few credits to graduate I spent part of each day at the preschool across the street, doing work study.  I didn't attend the graduation ceremony, and when I went to pick up my diploma the next week, it was discovered that they had forgotten to make me one - I wasn't on the list.  They made me one with hand lettering, and off I went to Clackamas Community College for a year.

    Juli (Wilson) Ireland
    Juli (Wilson) Ireland   Lansdowne, VA    ClubIreland@aol.com


    1978WolfeCharlotte Charlotte (Wolfe)Chatelain  Sandy, OR 
    Farmer's Wife, grassroots activiist, substitute cook and educational assistant
    Married 30 years, 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren, care giving my mother with Alzheimer disease.  Thankful for the little things.  Hoping someday to travel to Ireland and Great Britain.
    I loved attending West Linn High School. It was some of the happiest years of my life.  Mrs. Kaiker in HOme Ec, Mr. Welty for Drama.  Being a TA f ro Mr. Rollins.  I remember one year in science class we were dissecting frogs Roger??? and Doug Perrin were teasing me.  They were a couple of characters!  Mrs. Greilings class we always had interesting discussions about current events.  I enjoyed listening to others contributions.