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    Renada (Andreson) Raetzman  
                 Renada (Anderson) Raetzman  Forest Grove, OR                                           cats.rule@comcast.net
    Staff Accountant
    My twins Jakob and Ellen will be turning 10 in the fall.
    Diana Banash
                            Diana Banash  Lake Oswego, OR                                         banashdi@hotmail.com
    Deborah (Debbi) Clark Jeffries
                   Deborah (Debbi) (Clark) Jeffries  Keizer, OR                                      djeffries@hranswers.com
    Human Resource Consultant and Trainer
    Home web page address:  www.hranswers.com
    Since school, went to Willamette U., student taught at WL, worked a lot, a lot, a lot, married to a wonderful man for 20 years, one young son who loves baseball.  Active with PTA and Box Tops in son's school.  Busy with committees and Boards in the HR profession.  Spend my work time as the VP of HR Answers.  This means sales and marketing, HR Consulting and teaching (15-20 classes, workshop, presentations, key notes, etc.) a month.  Free time when I have it is the swimming pool in the summer.
    Favorite memory:  Mr. Greens classes, Deb's practices and competitions, May Day and Queen's Ball, friends like Nancy McDowell, drivers ed, graduation and overnight party with Mike Roe, outdoor school counselor, and so much more!!!
    Love to travel, love my Mariners, enjoy a good book, playing DS with my son, and baking.
     Teri (Beebe) Cook
                           Teri (Beebe) Cook  Cape Coral, FL                                          Luckyductj@aol.com
    I have a Medical Billing Business
    I have a 16 yr old son. I live in Cape Coral, Florida, enjoy working at home part time, and love to fish every chance I get!
    I loved the May Day performances, and truly enjoyed the Queens Ball, and Christmas Balls every yr. Unfortunately, they do not have such a celebration in the Florida schools.
     Coleen (Bilyeu) Zea
             Coleen (Bilyeu) Zea  Milwaukie, OR  zeas99@aol.com
    Kathy Bourn
      Kathy Bourn  Portland, Oregon    bourn.kd@gmail.com               
    CASA director
    Favorite memory:  The trip to Vancouver, BC with my French class
     Theresa Brandenburg
                       Theresa Brandenburg  Woodburn, OR                                     theresas4@hotmail.com
    I'm raising two kids who go to West Linn High School--my son who is 19 and my daughter who is 15.
    Favorite memory: Graduating Day!
    E-mail me.....
     Kim (Campbell) Nelson
                       Kim (Campbell) Nelson  West Linn, OR                                    GKSNelson@comcast.net
    Carrying on the tradition! My daughter is a freshman at WLHS! Go Lions! -
    Favorite memory: Too many to list!
     Sandy (Emfinger) Boulineau
                     Sandy (Emfinger) Boulineau  Ellsworth, KS                                                                    Cookielady14m@gmail.com
    I have been married to Bobby Boulineau since 1987.  We have no children and we live in the country.  No town living for us.
     Keith Evans
                               Keith Evans  Lewiston, Idaho                                                   
    Official Court Reporter for the state of Idaho (stenographer)
    I have been married to my wife Kristi for 20 years as of August 1st, 2007. We have three beautiful daughters ages 16, 14 and 12.
    Favorite memory:  1982 State Baseball Champions

    83Garnett       Dan Garnett  Portland, OR  changeorderdjg@aol.com




    Jennifer (Gilmore) Gillham  
                     Jennifer (Gilmore) Gillham  West Linn, OR                                                           
    Bank Manager
    I live and work in West Linn and love being part of this community.  I have been married to David for over 20 years and we have 2 children.  My son Billy will graduate from WLHS in 2009 and my daughter Katee will graduate from WLHS in 2012.
    Kelee (Hirn) Sheppard
                      Kelee (Hirn) Sheppard  Forest Grove, OR         
    Law Enforcement
    Kathy Kosky
                                 Kathy Kosky  Portland, OR 
    Stay-at-home mom / artist
    Favorite memory: I really enjoyed going to the football games.  Art class was my favorite . . . if Mrs. Jenkins is out there anywhere, I am still painting and you would be proud of me!
    Carol (Larson) Lipot
                         Carol (Larson) Lipot  Wilsonville, OR 
    Xerox Corporation
    I have two sons (ages 24 and 22) and two adorable sable colored shelties.  Divorced and still single and I don't mind it at all!  My boys are raised and now it's my time to be selfish and have some fun!
    Favorite high school memories:  May Day and football games.  Skipping class with Maija and Elsie.  History class with Coach Pollriesz.  He was one of my favorite teachers.
    R.I.P. to my two close friends throughout my 4 years of high school: Steve LaDage and Elsie Oatfield.  Sure wish you both were still here. You are dearly missed.
    Joshua Lohman  
                  Joshua Lohman  KPalos Verdes Estates, CA 
    Metal Commodities Trader
    Married to Jennifer MacGregor since 2000 and have two children; Luke and Liam Lohman.
    Favorite memory:  Graduation day
    Anything else to share:  I was the senior class president.
    Tim Medearis
                           Tim Medearis  Wilsonville, OR   
    Special Education Teacher
    Married with one girl named Caitlin, born in `94 and enjoying life.
    My favorite memories from high school are all around the friends that I had and the sports teams that I participated with.  (And giving Mr. Webb a bad time.)
    BJ (Mercer) Cerny
                            BJ (Mercer) Cerny  West Linn, OR 
    Athletic Secretary at Wilsonville HS
    Married July 22, 2000.  Now attending events at good ol' West Linn High School for my stepson who will be a 2008 graduate. It's been nice running into other alumni who also have kids at WLHS.
    Mark Miksche  
                               Mark Miksche  Hermiston, OR 
    Department of Defense Treaty Compliance Specialist
    Recently retired from the Army after 22 years.  Been pretty much all over the world.  Happy to be back in Oregon to settle down.
    Favorite memory: All the great friends I used to hang out with.  Being State Baseball champs.
    Rachael Miller  
                             Rachael Miller  Goodyear, Arizona
    Self Employed/ Executive
    I was married for 11 years, and have three wonderful kids (Jazmin 8, Sharisse 6,  Anthony 4).  Started a new business with a friend of mine of this year.
    Favorite memory: Having Rae and Diane as friends with whom I could trust and share my secrets with.  I also, remember having a great time in Mr. Green's social study class.
    Sheri (Miller) Bashaw
                       Sheri (Miller) Bashaw   Redding, CA 
    Special education paraeducator
    I have been married since 1986 and have 3 daughters and 1 son. My oldest two are in college now (2008). My two youngest daughters will be at either end of their high school years--one a senior and the other a freshman. We lived in Oregon until 2000 when we moved to AZ and then to CA.
                                             Maija Mueller  Gaston, OR Danielsranch@aol.com
    I left Oregon right after graduation, living in Alaska and Seattle. I moved back to Oregon two years ago, but now consider myself a Seattle-ite. I live in the country with my husband and two great kids, Logan 6, Laurel 3, and numerous animals. If you want farm fresh, free range, organic eggs, I'm the gal to call! A much different existence from my city life in Seattle with the corporate job!
     Lori (Nuttbrock) Rutledge
                       Lori (Nuttbrock) Rutledge  Portland, OR 
    Insurance agent
     Jay Osier
                     Jay Osier  Snyder, CO  jnrenee@flci.net
    Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager
    Though I didn't graduate from WLHS I did spend 3 years there and consider WLHS as my alma mater. I went into the Army in September 1983 and stayed in 6 years as a heavy equipment operator, graduated from North Dakota State University in 1995 with a Mechanical Engineering Degree, and currently work for Cargil as a capital project manager in NE Colorado.
    I have been married for 5 years and have 2 girls ages 1 and 3.
    In my spare time I run a woodworking business where I design and build custom hardwood furniture and cabinets.
     Renee (Petit) Reedy
                       Renee (Petit) Reedy  reneereedy@hotmail.com
    Occupational Therapy Assistant
    My husband and I have three wonderful boys ages 12, 6, and 2. We enjoy camping, fishing and watching our kids sporting events.
    Tami (Samuel) Scheitlin
                         Tammy (Samuel) Scheitlin  Milwaukie, OR 
     Julie (Siggins) Perez
                       Julie (Siggins) Perez  Lake Forest, WA 
    Manager of Contract Services.
    I moved to LA a few weeks after graduation and then to Seattle when our son was born. I've been married for 13 years and have two kids, Brooks is 10 and Bellamy is 7. We live just north of Seattle and love the Mariners!
                                                        Charisse (Smith) Ems  West Linn, OR       
    Chef/Caterer, PPS Headstart
    Married 24 years to Robert.  I have raised my family & lived in WL for last 23 years - 3 children Keaton, 21, WLHS Class '09; Logan, WLHS class of '13; Cezanna, 12, Rosemont Ridge MS.  Love watching my kids represent WL in football, basketball, baseball & dance!  Go Lions!!
    Left WLHS in my Jr. year to go to Clackamas Comm. College, but still got my HS diploma from WL in 1983.  Then a B.S. from Portland State, Class of 1990 . . . wish I had stayed, missed out on a lot!  Glad my kids are there!
    Cari (Stangarone) Zoebelle
                                   Cari (Stangarone) Zoebelle 
    Self Employed Bookkeeper
    I have two daughters:  16 and 14 years old (as of June 2007).  I have two step sons:  14 and 10 years old.  I have changed my last name to Zoebelle - it's from the Greek "Beautiful Life" and I DEFINITELY have a beautiful life today!!!  I am married to an almost Firefighter/Paramedic and her name is Laurie!
    Dale Thiessen  
                                 Dale Thiessen  Puyallup, WA 
    Natural Food Broker
    I have two children, Brandy, 14 and Dane 12, when I'm not working I'm just trying to keep up with them.  In my free time I enjoy quality time with my kids out camping anywhere in the Northwest, as long as it's away from the phone and the piles of paperwork.  With being in the natural food business I practice what I preach and have been along with my kids a vegetarian for about 10 years, sounds challenging...not really, with all the cool vegetarian meat substitutes now available.
    When I was young I thought of it as an insult to be thought of as average...but after having become more seasoned with life "average" is not the insult I had thought it to be.
    Tami Tuers
               Tami Tuers  Walla Walla, WA t.sirmon@charter.net