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    Ben Alsdorf
                            Ben Alsdorf  West Linn, OR                                        

    United States Navy
    Onboard the Aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln.  Will finish up 20 years in 2005.
    Favorite memory:  I look back fondly on the people from high school, and wish the best for all.
    David Banash
                                  David Banash  West Linn, OR 
    Controller / Chief Financial Officer
    After several years in New York and California, I find myself back in West Linn working locally and looking to buy a home.  My wife-to-be is a naturopathic physician with a practice near Lloyd Center.  If you paid attention last fall, I was on the ballot for Mayor of West Linn...
    Favorite memory:  The freedom that we had compared to high school today . . . trying to act normal in Mrs. Gano's class after drinking a bottle of Mad Dog at Mitch Nippert's house . . . huge parties on Pete's Mountain . . .
    Anything else:  We seemed to get along fairly well as a class and it was fun.  See you at the reunions!
    Traci (Barber) Mordell
                            Traci (Barber) Mordell  Windsor, CO  
    Greetings fellow classmates. Since 1999, I've lived in Colorado with my husband of nearly 10 years, Mike, and our 5 1/2-year old son, William. Mike was transferred here with his employer. Windsor is near Ft. Collins, Colorado (50 miles north of Denver).
    I earned a B.A. in Hispanic Studies from Lewis and Clark College in 1988 and have since worked in fields unrelated except for a short stint with the U.S. Dept. of Immigration. I taught aerobics, as a part-time job, for almost 12 years and worked full time as an athletic club manager for 3 of those years. Before and after employment in the fitness industry, I worked for an engineering company. I now work on an intermittent basis for an environmental engineering company in Denver as a technical editor/writer. The company primarily works on Superfund sites. I telecommute, which allows me lots of time with our son and the flexibility to travel with my husband for his work.
    Our household includes two labs (hunting dogs for my AVID hunter husband), two dwarf hamsters, and lots of fish. Excluding a few female fish, I'm the lone female in my house!
    Favorite memory:  I think I knew more about current events when I was in Tom Green's class than any other time in my life! I was challenged, and thankfully so, by Mr. Welty's advanced writing class as I had to write my way through Lewis and Clark.
    Hanging out with the Gremlin Girls is a fond and fun memory for me. What were we thinking? The sad thing is that I remember our ridiculous song!
    I enjoyed high school and have stayed in touch with many of my friends, including Helen and Leanne with whom I lived in Seattle in the early 90s. I remember riding around in the Urbigkeit's blue convertible VW bug and the day I fell off Mary's shoulders at cheerleading practice and broke my wrist. I miss living in Portland and attending the WLHS women's Christmas gathering. I look forward to reconnecting with all of you in 2004!
    Mary (Bayly) Baumgardner
                  Mary (Bayly) Baumgardner  Oregon City, OR     
    Domestic Engineer
    I graduated from OSU with a B.A. in English. I am married to Michael Baumgardner, Native Oregonian and member of the last graduating class from the former Jackson High School in SW Portland. We have two adorable children. Claire 4, Henry 2. They are pictured somewhere on this website, I think, "roaring around" the homecoming football game in their lion costumes.
    I'm very involved in the children's' pre-school, Marylhurst Early Childhood Center, in Oregon City. I have kept in touch with some women from the class of '84 and am currently planning to host our 10th(or so) annual Holiday Ornament Exchange. We'd love to see more faces from our class at this event. Anyone interested call me at 503-518-2518. The party is planned for December 8th around 10:30 for brunch. My parents still have the farm in Stafford. My sister Betsy and her husband Loren live in Tualatin. That's about it.
    Favorite memory:  Football games, rally, pep assemblies, driving around in my '64 Chevy station wagon, having watermelon fights at summer rally practice, car washes, MTV, reeeeeally bad school dances, Debs, homecoming week, hanging out at Round Table Pizza, hanging out at Pioneer Square, etc., etc., etc.
                     Boisjolie  Tillamook, OR  morlin@oregoncoast.com
    Human Resources Administration
                    Lewis Brainerd  Portland, OR  louiegourmet@comcast.net                                      
      Technology Manager
                     Scott Buth  West Linn, OR  scottbuth@hotmail.com
    Heidi Clark
                         Heidi Clark  Tualatin, OR  pihas6@mac.com
    Married with four kids (3 boys, 1 girl)
    Nick Dechenne
                         Nick Dechenne    Vancouver, WA  
     Project Manager
    Just bought a home, getting married next year.
    Tim Draney
                               Tim Draney  West Linn, OR                                                 
    District manager / Alsco
    I have a wonderful wife and two children.  My daughter is 20 and going to college and my son is 13 and will be a freshman at West Linn High in a couple of years.
    It should be no surprise to anyone who knew me that shop class was my favorite. Too bad they have done away with them.
    I had a lot of great friends back then, we had a lot of fun and it would be nice to know how they are doing now.  
         Melanie (Edwards) Peterson  Lander, WY wyoranch@wyoming.com
    Ranch & Hunting Outfitter
    I moved to Wyoming about 5 years ago from California.  My husband, 2 teenage kids and I enjoy living here.  We own a hunting lodge and guest ranch near Jackson Hole.  I'm still the horse nut I always was.  We have about 30 head at the moment!  I've kept in touch with a few of the classmates over the years.  Dannette (Allen) and most recently Julie (Rouse) was here with her family.  Would love to hear from others.
    Favorite memory:  Hmmm.  Back then it was all about the parties!  I'll never forget joy riding in my fathers pick up (no license of course) with Jon Flagel. That would have been a great time had I not put diesel in the tank instead of gas!
           Susanne (Rufer) Eide  Idanha, Oregon  seide@earthlink.net 
    Secondary School Assistant Principal
    I'm married to Paul, a professional artist.  We have no children, but instead have 2 cats who seem like children.  I've been an educator for 17 years.  I began my career as a 6th grade teacher, and later taught middle school.  I am now an Assistant Principal at Oregon Connections Academy, a virtual charter school.
    My favorite memory is of the drama program. We had a lot of fun!
                                        D Scott Gilbertson     sctfishin@gmail.com
                   Vicki Grover  Oregon  smplicitee@yahoo.com
    Recently married (Chele Adam--Harp--attended--still buddies after all these years).  No kids yet...however we do have a dog we had to potty train so that counts as being a semi-parent.  I am very into energy work/healing and spiritual issues and writing music.  I also facilitate a woman's support group and write for a local magazine.  I believe I am here to help others heal and to unite one another.  Prior to all of this, I graduated from OSU with a degree in English and Psychology, married and moved to Seattle.  Seven years later I was back in Oregon, divorced.  It been quite a trip so far.
    Favorite memory:  Getting out!  Honestly, I was such a wallflower in high school.  I was painfully shy and insecure (which has given me great musical material over the years) so graduation was a huge relief.  I guess you could say I am a late bloomer, which sucks when you're younger but can be quite nice as you grow older.  Memories that come to mind are playing piano for the swing choir and jazz bands and in a talent show, classes with Mr. Pond and Mrs. Swank, falling in the cafeteria, in front of the senior bench and downstairs in the locker room--for some reason I had this habit of tripping and falling... of course given the shoes we girls had to choose from back then... The silent crushes I had on any of the boys who would talk to me.  The memories I enjoy the most through are cutting classes and partying, which of course isn't the best advice but it worked for me back then.  If only there could be some code of conduct for the high school years where not being a part of a popular crowd is ok... Where being yourself, whoever and however that is, is encouraged and celebrated and most importantly, acts of teasing and harassing are unacceptable.
    Chele (Harp) Adam
                             Chele (Harp) Adam  Oregon City, OR      
     Opportunity Specialist (Sales)
    Work virtual office (from home) for a great company, Avaya.  I have two wonderful boys, Logan and Luca, and am married to a handsome and wonderful Marketing Manager at UPS, Gunther.  We will have been married 25 years in 2012!  I have two dogs and a turtle too!
    Favorite memory:  Having fun with Vicki Grover :D and working in the office (whenever possible)!  Loved Mr. Talbot (science teacher--at least I think that was his name).  Having attended two other high schools makes you appreciate the flexibility and freedom that came with this school!
    Glad they are coming down harder these days on bullies!  West Linn had quite a few more than any other school I attended.  I'm a big believer in Karma and, well...enough said ;D   Life is Good!
           Leanne (Howell) Van Horn  Portland, Or leanne.vanhorn@comcast.net
        pawprint                   Jeannine (Jenny) Lightowler    purrr1313@hotmail.com
    Retail Sales
    I have since moved back to Oregon in the last month and am living at the coast.  I am in the middle of beginning a new chapter in my life and am looking forward to writing the pages.  Would love to get in touch with anyone that is interested.  Bonnie and I are still the best of friends.  I can't believe my son will be entering high school this fall . . . How time flies.
    Favorite memory:  Bonnie and David
    Rhonda Linstrom
                          Rhonda Linstrom  West Linn, OR                         
    Secretary for WLWV School District
    I have been working for the school district since 2004 and find it pretty rewarding.  I have a vested interest in this district simply because it has been a part of my personal history.
    Favorite memory:  I liked and respected Dan Rollins very much and think I may have had him charmed.  I also liked Mr. Robert Hamm . . . he inspired me to vote my very first time!
         Becky (Machado) Hyde  Heber City, UT   lovinmykids@hotmail.com
     Dave McCartney
                           Dave McCartney  Battle Ground, WA  
    Instrumentation Craftsman
    I've been married more than 15 years, to the same person.  We have two young boys, Devin 7 and Logan 3.  I work locally for BPA.
    Sorry, I won't be available for the tentative reunion dates.
                  Bridgette (McLainn) Sanchez St. Helens, OR                                                                                    Bridgette.Sophia@gmail.com
     Mom of three beautiful children, single and enjoying life.
                      Terilynn McNiel  Wilsonville, OR  tlm2maryanne@netzero.net
    Warehouse Person
    Been working for Rite-Aid for 21 years and working part-time at Petsmart for 5 years till last month; now going to school to become a dog groomer.
    Pamela  Milliren
                            Pamela Milliren  British Columbia, Canada  
    Magazine / Newspaper Editor
    Lived in British Columbia, Canada for the last decade on my 40 acre farm raising my daughter.  Worked as a small animal and zoo veterinary technician for 20-some years before becoming an editor for a magazine and two newspapers, which I enjoy very much as it allows me to travel as well as stay at home with my child.  From 1989-1999 I was a dog handler for a volunteer International Search and Rescue unit.  I am still certified and would like to start another dog and volunteer up here. 
    Favorite memory:  I remember studying with Jennie K. for her part in "Our Town."  I remember helping on the set for "Fiddler on the Roof."  Looking back maybe I should have gotten into drama. 
    Teachers I remember that were influential to me were Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Burchiem, Mr. Hamm and Mr. Webb.  From these four I learned things I still used today, both for enjoyment and for work.
    M. Robert (Rob) Nelson
                     M. Robert (Rob)  Nelson  NE Portland, OR  
    Musician (drummer), MGR Portland Music Co.
    Playing music and raising my son.
    Home web page address:  Facebook
    Favorite memory:  Food fight last day of my senior year...
    Inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame in 2007 with the band "SHOCK."
    Clark Nickles
     Clark Nickels  Portland, OR    clarknickels@comcast.net
    Self-employed screenprinter
    Comment: Repetition and redundancy--in a good way
    Favorite memory:  Hitting the "ar" and Round Table after a game and trying to find some action.
    Anything else to share:  Class of '84 RULES
                                      Milton Oilar  Eugene, OR  miltono@campbellre.com
     Commercial Real Estate Broker
    I have 4 boys and have been married for almost 14 years to Julie Clark who also graduated from West Linn.
    Emily (Pederson) Jacobs
                     Emily (Pederson) Jacobs  Nashville, TN           
    Wife, mom, singer
                                       Brian Petersen  SDallas, TX  brian@petersenhines.com
    R. Thomas Rankin
                          R. Thomas Rankin  Jamestown, NY  
    After graduating from law school, my wife and I moved here to Jamestown in Western New York.  We have a beautiful, feisty four year old son.
    Favorite memory:   I have so many memories, most of them involve buffoonery and then explaining myself to "the authorities."
    Is the lion still anatomically correct?
    Donna (Reynolds) Robertson
              Donna (Reynolds) Robertson  Nevada City, CA         
    Medical Records Director
    Favorite memory: All my friends and great times.
    Leonard Rose
                            Leonard Rose  Portland, OR       
    Jack of many
    Traveled the world with the U.S. Army after 20 yrs. of service for my country.  Currently going on 4 years of marriage.  Have two wonderful children, a daughter in her 3rd year of college, and a son ready to graduate high school and go on to college himself.
    Bonnie (Sales) Deyoe
                         Bonnie (Sales) Deyoe  Milwaukie, OR     
     Food Broker Customer Service
    My adult life really began when I met my husband Larry in 1985.  We were married in July of 1988 and now have an awesome 11 year old boy named Jonathan.  We had a great time together over the past 18 years.
    I never thought I would leave Oregon since moving here the second half of our freshman year in 1981.  But in October of 2000 we moved to Minnesota for my husband's job as a Church Youth Director.  What a great experience.  This was a great way for the three of us to get closer and build bonds that will never break.  We did however moved back to Oregon in August 2002.  Although it was great to be away, we missed our family and friends so much.
    I am currently working my first full time (out of the home) job in 6 years.  I look forward to going back someday to working from our home.  Right now we are living in West Linn while our house is being built in Milwaukie.  We will be moving in hopefully during Spring Break 2002.
    Favorite memory:  Graduation has to be at the top of the list.  But since I was so shy and new to the school, I have to say that I'm very thankful to my parents for making me get involved and not just stay home wishing we could move back to Chicago.  I think I had the most fun my senior year.  (That is when I was there.)  I had a blast leaving school early for so-called work release and heading to the beach or a long lunch with Jenny at Shari's.  Jenny and I are still best friends, and I couldn't be happier for our friendship.  She really made being new easier.  Thanks to all who made me feel a part of such a great class!
    I look forward to seeing everyone at our reunion next year.  WOW 20 already!
       Ted Schultz      West Linn, OR          tschultz@tprindustrial.com
    84Schmeer  Melissa Schmeer  West Linn, OR  farminfaith@gmail.com

       Belinda (Smith) Griffin  Hillsboro, OR    griffingangmom@gmail.com
    High school athletic director
    Married with four children!
    Favorite memory:  Choir and band
    Linda (Sorenson) Siegel
                          Linda (Sorenson) Siegel  STacoma, WA    
    Retired (temporarily) from 12 year public relations career to raise my baby girl, Sofia Bella. Married to the finest man on the planet, David. Love to travel and live on the edge.
    Spent the night in the gym during Homecoming Week, wore roller skates to decorate the halls and flipped pancakes to feed the entire football team before the big game!!  Riding around in MB's Chopster mobile, watermelon fights, and Cheerleading Camp at Eastern Oregon.  Hats off to Mr. Webb and Judy Waterbury . . . if you are out there . . . many thanks for your encouragement.
    MB, Suz, and Dannette would love to hear from you.
    Ian D. Sterrett
          Ian D. Sterrett  Albany, OR  i.sterrett@comcast.net
    Restoration Estimator
        Michael Templeton  Sherwood, OR   mm.templeton@verizon.net

    Real Estate Consultant/Securities Broker
    Lisa Wallace
                Lisa Wallace  LPortland, OR   bradburnl@attbi.com
    Real Estate Broker
    I am married with 3 kids and living in the Tanasbourne area.  Life is wonderful and the family is very busy.  I work in full time Real Estate in Lake Oswego, and my husband is a Youth Pastor.
    Favorite memory:  Under-performing in P.E. while socializing with friends, catching as many school events as possible, spending time out of school with friends, and cheering on our athletic teams (especially when my boyfriend was playing).
    I am thankful for the quality of education I received.  Our Lit. classes were always interesting and I appreciated the challenge and discipline from Mr. Welty.
    Donna (Wherry) Lewis
                       Donna (Wherry) Lewis  LPortland, OR  
    Piano teacher, director of non-profit
    Heather (Yeats) Willig
                        Heather (Yeats) Willig  Tualatin, OR     
    Marketing Director
    Been with Mike Willig (class of '85) since 1986. We have two crazy kids, Jackson & Kennedy.  I'm the Marketing Director at Bravo Publications & Tradeshows.
    Favorite memory:  Football Games, dressing up for spirit week, plays and theatre, riding for 2 hours on the bus for a tennis match, only to have it rained out.  Sneaking out to McDonald's for lunch . . . only to get caught by Mr. What's-his-name.
    I've seen the school lately . . .  I don't recognize it!