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    Lois Alexander (Merkler)
                  Lois Alexander (Merkler)  Boulder City, NV      
    College biology professor
    Tim Bell
                                       Tim Bell  West Linn, OR
    Marne (Brown) Hasley
                    Marne (Brown) Hasley  Sherwood, OR 
    Medicare Representative Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield
    I have three kids and am living the good life . . . I have a great job working for Blue Cross Blue Shield and spend my day helping Medicare members.  In the evenings I go to my kids' baseball/soccer/basketball games (depending on the season) or just chillin' with my daughter and/or fiance.
    I love the memories of working behind the scenes with so many of the drama productions . . . my favorites being Carousel and Of Mice and Men.
    Jennifer (Browning) Cameron
           Jennifer (Browning) Cameron Lake Oswego, OR           
    Chief Financial Officer for the YMCA of Columbia-Willamette
    I'm happily married with a 6-year-old son and a 10-year-old stepdaughter.  I love my job at the YMCA and love volunteering for Raphael House, another non-profit in the Portland area.  I attend Rolling Hills Community Church.
    The weirdest memory was dancing around in a gorilla outfit while trying out for May Day Court.  Football games were always fun.  Attending, cheering, playing in the band, going out for pizza and visiting with friends.
    Julie (Buse) Hugo
                      Julie (Buse) Hugo  Oregon City, OR 
    Human Resources - Training Coordinator at Blount, Inc.
    After graduating high school I attended CCC for a year, then transferred to Southern Oregon University, where I graduated with an Elementary Education degree.  I currently work in the Human Resources department of a saw chain manufacturer in Milwaukie.  I am happily married to Corrections Officer and we live in Oregon City with our three daughters: Natalie (7), Emily (5), and Mallory (1).
    Favorite memory: Some of my favorite high school memories  are of playing sports with friends, goofing off whenever I could and trying to get good grades.
    Anything else to share: Enjoy your high school years and make the best with all the opportunities you are given.  Be good to your parents...they'll be your good friends in a few years!
    Michelle (Castano) Garcia
                    Michelle (Castano) Garcia  Portland, OR  
    Investment Management
    I am happily married and we have two boys, age 10 and 6.  I am in Investment Management with a small firm in Lake Oswego.  Life has been very good to me.
    I really enjoyed my entire high school experience, the good, the bad but most importantly the fun times I had with my friends.
    85ClarkD     David Clark    Tualatin, OR     z3sportster@yahoo.com
     IT Systems Engineer
    Wendy (Combest) Hough
                   Wendy (Combest) Hough   Dearborn, MI    

                               Christina Crawford  Newport, OR    

    Enjoy hiking, hot air ballooning, nature conservation, gardening, and home remodeling.
    Favorite memory:  Choir and theater
    Portland State University; B.S. in Science Currently working towards a Master's Degree.
                            William Lee Cribbins  Canby, OR  wsplee2@msn.com
     Paper Mill Worker
    Moved to another school after sophomore year and changed my name to Barklow for my father.  I have many fond memories on the football field and the track...
    Kevin Ellingsburg
                         Kevin Ellingsburg  Gaston, Or                         
    Law enforcement
    Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox  McMinnville, OR ryan_m_fox@msn.com
    Kevin Fuller
                             Kevin Fuller  Oregon City, OR 
    Multnomah County Deputy
    Married to Candice Fuller 16 plus years and have a daughter, Danielle, and a son name Kyle.
    Favorite memory:  Being a kid and hanging out with friends.
    Live life to the fullest.
                                                Kristin Gobreski  kgobreski@comcast.net
    Danny Hall
                    Danny Hall  Canby, OR drhall8@gmail.com
    Executive emergency manager
    I just finished up working for B.P. on the offshore oil rig explosion down in the Gulf of Mexico for the the last 4 months.  I have been married for 22 years.  I have two kids. My son's name is Keven and he is 18 and going to medical school to become an RN.  My daughter McKenzie is 13 and she is in the 8th grade and plays 16U fast-pitch tournament softball and loves it. We have two pugs and two cats and just a normal family.
    Favorite memory:  Hanging out with some great friends.
    Live life to its fullest.  I love being married to my wife Darla who is a great mom and friend.
    Cindy (Hettick) Eck
                       Cindy (Hettick) Eck  Fresno, CA 
    Wife, mother, and small business owner
    Check out our website and it will tell you just about anything you want to know about our family!  Also check out www.basketsetcetera.com.  Brad designed my website.  I have some great corporate clients here in Fresno but am always looking for new customers so if you are ever in need of a special gift . . . Anyway, life is good!
    Favorite memory: I think it was very cool that we were the first class to graduate on the new football field! (even though it was 20 years ago)
    Would love to hear from anyone!  Unfortunately I have not kept in touch with anyone after graduating and was unable to attend the reunion so feel very much out of the loop.
                         Julia (Hultsman) Miller  Fairview, OR    
    Accounting . . . I moved around a lot now at 40 years old I settled back in Oregon for now.

    Favorite memory: Dr. Dan Rollinson, skipping class with all of my friends, the crazy classes we had to take, football games, field parties. Mainly the support of all my teachers.
    Michael Jackson
         Michael Jackson  Juneau, AK mjackson@gci.com
    Cable company
    Laura Kelly
      Laura Kelly  Los Angeles, CAocean.dreamn@yahoo.com
    Actress, Writer
    Jeff Livick
                    Jeff Livick  Portland, OR jefflivick@gmail.com
    Was stay at home father, now Pro. Ski Patrol
    Recent divorce after 22 years and now preparing to start the second half of my life jumping in with both feet.  Would love to reacquaint with old friends and hopefully make some new ones.
    Favorite memory:  Playing sports, hanging with friends
    I'm a little frightened at 43 to be starting over but here I go, nothing but future to explore.
    Todd MacClanathan
                           Todd MacClanathan  West Linn, OR  
    Manager of Quality and Development
    I've been married for 22 years and we have 3 children.  Our daughter Corinna graduated from West Linn High in 2008.  Our son Michael will graduate next year and our son Brian is going into the 3rd grade.
    Favorite memory:  Friday Night Football!!!
                      Sandra (Mero) Tye  Canby, Oregon  tye@canby.com
    Office manager  
    Married and have two children.  My son will graduate in 2011 and my daughter will graduate in 2016.  We live on a small farm.  My kids are active in school and community sports and Rodeo.
    Favorite memory:  Times spent with friends . . . I value the friendships that developed during those years and trust that they will pick up where they left off when that "Precious item" called "time" comes back into my life.
    3/11/10:  Today I found out that my "friend and mentor " Candy Noye had passed away . . . I am very saddened but know that she would not have it any other way.  I am so thankful she was enjoying her life when her time came.  There is another bright star shining above watching over all of us.
                            Pamela (Moles) Munsterman  Sherwood, OR  
    Kelly Nassief
          Kelly Nassief  Mastic, NY  Forestdiva@aol.com
    Opera Singer
    I have an international singing career performing in opera, concert, and recital.  I am married to my college sweetheart and best friend, and we have twin two-year old daughters.  I am also a private voice teacher and since my husband's deployment to Iraq, I have been the leader of our unit's family support group.
    Favorite memory: I loved singing in the choir and musicals.  It was a gateway through which I found a life of ultimate joy, and introduced me to lifelong friends. 
    My husband is so sad that he can't come to the reunion.  It was something we were both looking forward to doing together, but when Uncle Sam calls... I am really looking forward to seeing the growth and wisdom that 20 years brings to all of us.
    Kim Ramage
                         Kim Ramage  Vancouver, WA
     Director of Product Development
    I have a 16 year old son (That's taken up a big chunk of the past 20 years!).  I recently left my role as the National Learning Program Manager for Kaiser Permanente (where I worked for 16 years!).  I am now the Director of Product Development for a Learning software startup company (Hopefully we will be successful enough that I can retire within 16 years!).
                                           Barb (Reagan) Wysong  Charlotte, NC  
    I've been married for 23 years and have two girls, ages 15 and 13. I'm enjoying staying at home with my kids and doing some occasional traveling.
    Gretchen (Reinmiller) Belknap
                  Gretchen (Reinmiller) Belknap  Portland, OR    
     Administrative Coordinator

    85Richardson Peter (John) Richardson   Pueblo, CO                                                                 P.RICHARDSON4@MY.CS.COLORADOTECH.EDU

    Strategic Capacity Planning/Master Scheduler


    85RyanJ                Julie Ryan Brent  Gilbert, AZ                                                                                               julie.brent@outlook.com
     Instructional Design Consultant
    After high school, I wanted to see the world so I embarked on a journey to become a flight attendant. I spent 15 years in the aviation industry and traveled to many great places in the U.S. and abroad. After hanging up my wings, I moved into learning and development and now work as an instructional designer for a bank. I am married with two amazing daughters who are 10 and 8. 
    Favorite Memory:  Some of the best memories are spending time with my friends and cheerleading. 
    Jackie (Schendel) Brown
                        Jackie (Schendel) Brown  Seattle Area 
    My husband and I have our own business where I manage the office.
    I graduated from University of Portland with a BA in Elementary Special Education. I have been working mainly in the customer service field since college. My husband and I now have our own business where I manage the office. We have been married for almost six years and we are expecting our first child in October of 2005.
    When I started to think about the memories of high school, so many memories came flooding back to me: playing volleyball & tennis, being involved in several different choirs, musicals, going to football & basketball games, or just hanging out with my friends. Good times!!
    I am looking forward to the reunion and seeing all of you again!! :)
                              Christopher Schroeer-Heiermann  Koln, Germany  
    Let me hear from you!
                                                                Paul Simantel  Sparks, NV 
                                                            Jennifer Sims  Vallejo, CA
    Account management
    Working in the wine industry and happily raising my 18 month old daughter... Along with 1 cat and 2 dogs :)
    Favorite memory:  Hanging out with friends on the steps besides the Lion...
                                   Clark Sloant  csloan67@yahoo.com
    Dorinda (Smith) Marlatt
       Dorinda Smith Marlatt Western Washington County, OR  
    Real Estate Broker
    Married for going on 18 years; two daughters ages 12 and 3; Real Estate Broker with ZipRealty.
    Kristen Smith
                         Kristen Smith  Lake Osewego, OR    
    Manager of Events for the American Cancer Society
    Everything is great in my life.  I never got married but I'm loving what I do and enjoy everything about my life... YES!!!! I HAVE CATS!  Sad I know.  I love working for the American Cancer Society.  I get to work with incredible human beings and really understand how important it is to enjoy every day you have here.
    Favorite memory:  My favorite high school memory is when Joe Taylor picked up Woody by the belt loops of his pants and took him to the parking lot to wash off the marshmallows he melted on his car on a hot May afternoon.  You got to love the Wood man. He was my Senior Prom date... He picked me up in his Vette...
    Kirk Spencer
                                          Kirk Spencer  
    Best Buddy
    It is with much sadness we inform you of the great loss of Kirk Spencer, graduate of Class of 1985, who served as a coach to both the community youth wrestling organization and our the WLHS football and wrestling programs.  (2/04)
    Stephen Spencer
                         Stephen Spencer  Fox Island, WA 
     Environmental Consulting
    Married with three children, two boys and a girl. Own a small environmental consulting and services company in the Seattle/Tacoma area. The family and I are happy and things are well.
    Favorite memory: upper parking lot and Mr. Rollins.
    Gayle Stacey
                      Gayle Stacey  Yacolt, WA  jg.todd@juno.com
    Electrical contractor
    I have been enjoying the time of my life with my husband of 23 years, 3 kids, and live on a ranch in Washington.  I am involved in the local high school as an equestrian coach.
    Favorite memory: I remember hanging out with my friends, going to games, always to pizza; also an occasional game of pacman!!
    Jennie Teters-Garcia
                              Jennie Teters-Garcia  Salem, OR           
     Retired from U.S. Army
    Whitney (Thackery) Allen
                        Whitney ( Thackery ) Allen  Milwaukie, OR 
     Special ed.
    I have been married for 22-plus years to Ken and have three daughters. Two are in college and one in high school. Life has been good and I am thankful for the health of my family and myself.  I work as a Special Ed assistant in the Adult Transition Program for the NCSD.
    Favorite memory:  Too many to list.  I was blessed with some really dear friends who I can't imagine going through life without.
    A piece of advise that I shared with my girls, that I thought was one of the most important . . . Was to be kind to everyone.  Treat people the way you would want to be treated.  Because someday, when you go back to your class reunion, you will want to be remembered as a "nice" person.
    Rhonda (Trump) Dimick
                    Rhonda (Trump) Dimick  KWilsonville, OR  
    C.P.A., currently in Local Government
                                Antonio R. Valt  Netherlands  echo1@email.com
     Systems Engineer
                                  Mike Willig  mike.willig@nmfn.com
    Michael Wilson
                            Michael Wilson  KWest Linn, OR 
     Real estate investing
    Home web page address:   www.ReferralGroup.com
    Favorite memory:   All of it.
    K. Lee (Woodmansee) Hale
                 K. Lee (Woodmansee) Hale  Albuquerque, NM