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    Dean Beaver
                          Dean Beaver  San Jose, CA    
     Vice President of Sales
    Dawna Burton
                         Dawna Burton  brackendjb@yahoo.com
    Tyler Carlson
          Tyler Carlson  Vancouver, WA   pacmath@hotmail.com
    After several years of college I finally graduated from PCC and began my career about a year ago.  My wife, Parouge, and I started a specialized store where we sell herbal remedies and therapies.  It has been difficult to get the business up and running, but we're determined to make a go of it.  We don't do it for the "money."
    We also raise llamas and other exotic animals at our home in Vancouver with our 5 children - Van, Kareen, Brinn, Kasha, and Little Elmo. I still drive by the high school once a week and take myself down memory lane . . . oh how I would love to go back to those days!
    Anyway, I hope all is peaceful with all of you and hope you come by my store.
    J. Tyler
    Favorite memory: Hanging out in the smoking lounge during class and thinking to myself . . ."How cool is this"?
    Shannon (Cook) Garver
                Shannon (Cook) Garver  Thornton, Colorado  
    Interior Decorator
                               Catalina Cooper  Tigard, OR    catalinacmurals@gmail.com
    Artist, muralist
    Funny how time just seems to speed by, you wake one morning to find your child's toys everywhere and at that moment reality smacks you in the face.  You're an adult, wow!  I'm divorced with one fantastic 9 year old, her name is Trillion.  I am working on painting murals and other paintings as well.  Slow to start but it is picking up.  I do have one mural in the Fanno Creek Brew Pub in Tigard, and one in a doctor's office out in Gresham.  The others are in homes.  Hopefully the economy picks up and people will want some art again.
    Favorite memory:   We all have memories of where we were and what shaped our lives. I actually enjoyed all of that time at school, watching the pep-rallies, the May day show, I guess everything together made for a great 4 years at a fine high school, and Art class, of course.
                       Alix (Craig) Gadd  Windsor, Colorado  alix.gadd@travertinepress.com
    Writer and naturalist
    I went to college in Colorado and liked it so much that I never left. I am married and have one son. I keep busy being a mom and writing books about Colorado's natural history.
    Favorite memory:  Playing in the orchestra for Carousel, Oklahoma, and Guys & Dolls, being an outdoor school counselor, climbing Mt. Hood with Mr. Webb and a bunch of people from the track team.
    Shon DeVries
          Shon DeVries  Lake Oswego, OR   shondv@comcast.net 
    Delhez Dominique
                                            Delhez Dominique
               schoenefelderweg 120 - B 4700 Eupen Belgium  
     Graphic Agent
    After graduating from WLHS, I went back to Belgium where study graphic art to become in 1989 graphic designer.  Worked as communication and advertising manager for High Fashion company.  Got married in 1993, and I have two sons.  Right now I'm starting a new career in the e-business field as communication and marketing manager.  I'm looking forward to the 2006 class reunion since I've missed the ten year one.
    The all year as an exchange student was wonderful, sometimes weird or hard, but it changed my life.
    I'll be more than happy to get news or email address available from classmates.
    Andrea (Dechenne) Bergman
                                 Andrea (Dechenne) Bergman 
    Rick Elliot
       Rick Elliot  Hillsboro, OR   rick.elliottsr@gmail.com
     Business owner
    Since graduating from WLHS, I have struggled to find my vocation and have worked as a Radio DJ, retail supervisor, stay-at-home Dad, Christian ministry call team supervisor, and a variety of customer service positions.  After we both lost our jobs last year (2009), my wife and I revived her residential cleaning business and I now scrub the toilets of the wealthy!  I married the love of my life in 1991 and we are about to celebrate 20 years together.  We have a 17 year old son (a senior at Century), a 15 year old daughter (a freshman), and a 10 year old son (a 4th grader at Ladd Acres).  We also have 3 angels already waiting for us in heaven.
    Favorite memory:  Friday night football games with the jazz band, performing a solo with the show choir, acting in Guys & Dolls, Of Mice & Men, Oklahoma!, Great Expectations, and Bierce Takes On The Railroad, going to see Stand By Me at the theater with a bunch of my friends, and senior prom (where I ended up having two dates for the night!).
    Kasey (Ernst) Edgar
                   Kasey (Ernst) Edgar  Waterville, WA  
    Becky (Fritchie) Garnett-Schnabel
             Becky (Fritchie) Garnett-Schnabel  Milwaukie, OR     
    Mentor Graphics
    Cheryl Hettick Koevoet
        Cheryl (Hettick) Koevoet   The Hague, The Netherlands  
    I met my husband Jan in 1989 and married him in 1992.  We moved to his home country of The Netherlands in 1994 and had four children.  After twelve years of being a stay-at-home mom, I went back to work and got a job with the U.S. Department of State at the U.S. Embassy in The Hague.  I am currently a member of the U.S. Delegation to the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and enjoy meeting interesting people from all over the world.
    I would love to reconnect with more high school friends -- please contact me via Facebook!
    Stacy (Irwin) Johnson
                       Stacy (Irwin) Johnson  Bend, OR 
    Materials Manager
    Recently married, two dogs, practicing for kids.  Love spending time with my husband and dogs camping or playing in the river. 
    After high school I graduated from OSU and moved back to California to practice sports medicine.  Burnt out on sports med after 7 years and got into materials management.  Moved to Bend three years ago and love it!  Looking forward to hearing from anyone out there that remembers me.
    Favorite memory:  Keeping baseball stats for coach Bailey.
              Caroline (Johnston) Black  Kiev, Ukraine  familiablack97@yahoo.com
     U.S. Diplomats, Educator.
    Currently, we are raising our three young girls abroad as diplomats for the U.S. State Department.  I am learning Russian, raising our children, teaching dance (just for fun!) and thoroughly enjoying the sights and arts of Kiev while my husband works as a Vice Consul in our Embassy.  We love sharing in the unique languages and cultures of our friends here, but occasionally we miss the stability and comfort of American hometown life.  All of my family (8) graduated from West Linn, and two siblings and our parents still claim West Linn as their home, so we gather yearly there.  To friends who are in town during the summer, we would truly love to see you.  We also divide our time in the states between San Diego and Washington, DC . . . If you are nearby, join us for lunch.
    Favorite memory: May Day each year was a treat.  Our queen, Michele Phillips and Maid Anne Marie Chaney, represented our year well... Of course, I remember Mr. Welty and Mr. "The Ward" Lewis expounding upon "proper wording", taboo words and concise prose; Mr. Hamm and Mrs. Herr uncovering the allegory and alliteration inside countless stories and poems; Mr. Sherman perching one-legged on his teacher's desk, giving an impression of an amoeba (Bless him), and Mr. Becker, blowing up Magnesium can bombs in the atrium between classrooms and dropping our eggs from the school roof.  (Did yours break? I think ours miraculously survived, thanks to Jell-O and some calculations on the aerodynamics of large Tupperware.)  I also remember many long hours in the 'Old Gym' and the Auditorium, practicing for Oklahoma and numerous Dance team championships. Mr. Welty and Ms. B created a dance dynasty that decade.  What a poignant, vulnerable, fantastic era that was. Was it really 20+ years ago?
    Mike Livermore
       Mike Livermore  Tualatin, OR  mglivermore@comcast.net
    Regional Business Manager, The Hain Celestial Group
    Happily married with 3 children (2 stepsons and our daughter) who keep me running with all of their activities.  Payback time from when we were doing all of this to our parents.  My wife and I just opened a Wetzels Pretzels in the new Bridgeport Village Mall in Tualatin (Feb '06) along with our jobs.  Keeps us busy, but still try to find time to keep from hitting 300 lbs and finding some trouble to stay young.
    Looking forward to catching up at the Reunion!
    Later, Mike
    Favorite memory: Mr. Rollins giving Kurt Schendle and me a choice of getting swats or giving ours to Mike McCleskey who was already bent over Rollins desk.  We went ahead and volunteered McCleskey to take our swats.  Also, great times with the Carlson, Coleman's, Kelly Floyd, Hille, Raugust, Zariwny, driving other people's cars, skipping class, being obnoxious . . . all the stuff I come down on our kids for doing!
    86Maycroft          Julie (Maycroft) McDevitt West Linn, OR                                                                            mcdevitj@wlwv.k12.or.us
    I am happily married to my husband, Shawn. I met Shawn in Rhode Island, moved out there, we were married in 1991, and we moved back to Oregon in 1993. I became a Physics and Chemistry teacher in 1995, and Shawn became a Physics and chemistry teacher in 1997, which is when we both started teaching at West Linn High School. 
    Favorite Memory:  I have many great memories of wonderful friends and inspiring teachers. WLHS was a great school back in the 80s, and it is even better today! 
    I have taught some of my classmate's children; it is always a huge privilege! I love West Linn!

    Kristin (Miller) Crites
         Kristin (Miller) Crites   Thorp, WA    thorpfrog@elltel.net
    Living in a small sleepy rural town and commuting to work 48 miles three days a week.  I'm raising two beautiful children, 7 and 9 years old, on my own; divorced.  I'm just getting them up to the mountain this year; they, however, prefer snowboarding!  I must be getting old.
                                 Kelly (Morrison) Frank  Scappoose, OR    kellyf@parr.com
    Jerry Nichlos
       Jerry Nichols  Happy Valley, OR  gerald_nichols37@hotmail.com
     Corporate Liaison (Ashford University) Oregon
    Home web page address:  www.ashford.edu
    I went right into the Navy after high school and ended up meeting and marrying my best friend in San Diego. We have been together for over 22 years have two great kids and enjoy living in Happy Valley.  My wife is a school counselor and I work for Ashford University.  We spent about five years in San Diego and moved back to the Clackamas Happy Valley area we settled in when we were first married.
    Favorite memory:  I enjoyed spending time with many different groups and had a great time.  I wish I would have kept up with more people in my class.  Most of my memories I would not want to comment about but they were fun and No I would not share them with my kids.  My son is currently at Clackamas High (sophomore) and my daughter is going into her second year of college at the AU Campus in Iowa.
    I remember hanging out with Doug Lassit, Alan Phillips and some of the other guys.  My memory is fading but I had a good time and enjoyed having many different groups of friends.  I try to tell my kids I was an angel in high school but I was not.  I encourage my kids to have fun and not to worry about working.  High school is about getting good grades and having fun with sports and preparing for college.
    Looking back on high school how did we make it without cell phones, or laptops times have certainly changed. I hope everyone is doing well!
      86Nuttbrock      Andy Nuttbrock  Portland, OR   nuttbrock@hotmail.com
     Landscape Architect
    Went skiing for three years after high school before I decided what to do in life.  Graduated from the University of Oregon in 1997 (with Honors).  Married for 4 years now and have a wonderful 1 year old daughter.  I have been a licensed Landscape Architect for three years and been in my current position for 2 1/2 years.
    Darla (Ouderkirk) Ensard
        Darla (Ouderkirk) Esnard  West Linn, OR  darlae@amaa.com
     I graduated from U of O in 1993 with a degree in Interior Architecture and have been working in the field ever since.  I have been married since 1993 and have two daughters ages four and seven months.  About four years ago I reconnected with alumni: Kristin Miller, Jenny Parson, Kristi Sheldon and Kelly Morrison.  We have been getting together about 3-4 times a year, and enjoying getting reconnected.  Old friends are the greatest.
    Jennifer (Parson) Trundy
        Jennifer (Parson) Trundy  Valrico (Tampa area) FL 
    Comment: After high school I went to U of O and after graduating moved to So. Cal with a hotel management group. Married a USAF officer in 1991, bounced around the country (Cal, Vegas, Ohio, Florida) and settled in the Tampa Bay area. I have 2 great girls: Caitlin (12) sings, acts and plays guitar and bass and is a great student. Colleen (10) sings, acts and twirls baton, we had a great time at the Jr. Olympics in New Orleans just before Katrina (they name hurricanes because you get to know them personally!). I sell real estate in Tampa Bay and love it. If I'm not working or running the girls around I try to spend time SCUBA diving (dang cell phone can't ring under water!)
    Favorite memory: Just doing fun stuff with Darla, Kristen, Kristy, Kelly and Nancy. Life was so much simpler then, I can believe how naive we all were compared to the kids today.
    Would love to hear from anyone, I get out to Oregon a few times a year to visit my parents in WL, if you ever get to Florida let me know!
    Michelle (Philips) Wilson
                    Michelle (Phillips) Wilson  West Linn, OR  
    Married sixteen years to high school sweetheart, three children, third grade teacher. 
    Favorite memory: May Day, choir performances and trips with the choir to the coast and Canada, football games.
    Dan Polidori
                            Dan Polidori  Happy Valley, OR     
    Facilities Manager
    My wife and I have a 15 month old daughter named Isabella.  We just bought a house in Happy Valley.  After working downtown for the past 9 years as an Operations Manager I left to take a Facilities Manager job in Beaverton.   I still play music on a regular basis and play a couple of weekends a month around town.  I would love to run into some old friends and reminisce.
    Favorite memory:  Where would I start?  I had a lot of wild times with a lot of different people (you know who you are!).  I enjoyed being able to hang out with just about anyone.
    I wasn't able to attend the reunion and since then I'm feeling a little nostalgic. 
    Michelle (Randall) Green
                   Michelle (Randall) Green  West Linn, OR  
    Realtor - John L. Scott
    I went to George Fox University, then got married in 1989 to Curt Green (a really cute guy from Bend:).  We finished college is Seattle where we lived for the first four and a half years of our marriage and had our first daughter, Julia, who now is a  student at West Linn High School!  Weird- Time Flies!!! :)  After Seattle we moved back to West Linn and had our second daughter Maria who attends Athey Creek.  Both my husband and I our full time realtors for John L. Scott (Cascade Summit), we work as a team and love it!  I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me from high school!  Hope you are all having a wonderful life!
    Favorite memory: Friends! The stuffed eagle above Mr. Johnson's desk - for some reason that really sticks in my head - haha.
                             Rick Reddaway  Salt Lake City, UT   rick.reddaway@thyssenkruppelevator.com
     Regional Coordination Manager (new elevator construction)
    A few years after graduation, I moved to Amsterdam for a couple of years.  Landed a job with Nike Europe.  Moved back and worked with Nike in Beaverton.  Switched careers and went into the new construction business involving elevators.  Transferred to the Seattle area for approximately seven months, and then recently relocated with the company to Salt Lake.  Shortly after arriving here, I was promoted to a Regional Manager with the company.
    I have been married to my beautiful wife Aimee for just over two years, and we are insanely in love!  It's wonderful.  We love living here in SLC.  Beautiful landscape, wonderful weather, great people!
    My passion lately involves racing go-karts, which sounds a little juvenile, but 100+ mph 2" off the ground can really get your blood pumping.  This coming spring I will be starting in the Rotax class and am shooting for Nationals next fall (Fingers crossed).
    Favorite memory:  The most memorable moment in high school was probably getting busted by DR for smoking!  "Reddaway! You're the first letterman I've caught smoking on campus in 23 years!  Get your a-- in my office!"
    Shouka Rezvani
                                 Shouka Rezvani  Portland, OR  
    Random to see some of your faces again after all of these years! It would be great to see updated shots! Since high school, went to Reed College and then to law school, and am now a partner at a law firm in Portland. I do wealth planning and also have a specialty in counseling nonprofits. I haven't kept up with anyone from high school but welcome any emails! I'm married and have no kids, but hope to in the future (better get cracking--can't believe it is going to be our 20-year reunion). 
    Favorite memory:  I was only at West Linn for two years, but had a lot of fun with the leadership and theater folks (the chic and the geeks). :)
    Jennifer (Roberts) Johnson
             Jennifer (Roberts) Johnson  Lake Oswego, OR                           
    I graduated from the U of O in 1990 with a degree in Journalism.  A few years later I became a 5th grade teacher.  I'm married and have three children, 10, 9, and 5. I'm busy with scouting, team sports, and orthodontic appointments!
                                                    Kristi (Sheldon) Moreland  Dayton, OR 
                                                        Dean Thiessen  Thiessensheltie@aol.com
    Mark Thompson
                               Mark Thompson  Portland, OR 
     Favorite memory: Wow! Getting into a lot of trouble with Rick and Andy...They were the best friends and I will love them forever!
    Carrie (Wallace) Fleisher
                      Carrie (Wallace) Fleisher  Portland, OR    
    Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer
    My life has been full since graduation.  I started working in the Securities Industry in 1987 and have been in the industry ever since. I currently work in NW Portland for M Holdings Securities, Inc., a subsidiary of M Financial Group, as Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer.  In 2000 I married my husband Drew.  We are very busy raising our two children, Triston (10) and Hailey (9).  Our children came to our family through adoption and we feel blessed every day to have them as part of our family.  -I was very hesitant to go to the class reunion, but am glad I went. It was great to catch up with so many people and was sorry others were not able to attend. 
    Favorite high school memory: Not having to attend full days of classes my senior year and being able to work a full-time job...and graduation, of course!
    Mona (Whisler) Smith
                         Mona (Whisler) Smith  Escondido, CA 
    Academic Department Assistant, Mathematics
    Divorced. Two smart, beautiful, and talented daughters 11 and 14 (yes, started HS this year!).  Worked in the jewelry industry for 10 years and spent the last part of it in management and moving around the Northwest and Northern California.  Took some time off to be at home with my children and then started back to school while working in education myself.  I graduated from CSUSM with BAs in Social Sciences and Communication and am hoping to continue my education, gaining my master's degree.  Hopefully, I will become involved in educational counseling and teaching at the Junior College level.
    Favorite memory:  My favorite high school memories come from the activities that I was involved with and the different people I met through them (sports, drama, etc).
    Drop me an email to say hi.  I've met up with a few other graduates over the years and it has been really great visiting and catching up with them!