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    Rina Adegawa
         Rina Adegawa  Chiba,Japan pgarden2250@gmail.com
    Company president
    Home web page address:  http://www.pgarden.com
    Married and have two children.  Running Landscape design company.
    Favorite memory:  Great time with varsity tennis members.  Received sportsmanship award twice.
    Want to know reunion information.
    Kyston Anderson
                        Kyston Anderson  New Orleans, LA                
    Research Analyst - Space and Naval Warfare
    Michelle (Anderson) Daik
                         Michelle (Andersen) Daik  Cypress, TX  
     87Arthur   David Arthur  Mulino, Oregon       darthur@molalla.net
     Automation Controls
     Married to Sue Arthur. Daughter Jessica and Son Josh.

    Chris Bair
                   Chris Bair  Evergreen, CO  cbair91@yahoo.com
                                                         Janet Bany  West Linn, OR  janet_cote@comcast.net
    Mom, business owner
    Nicole (Beaston) Eaton
                  Nicole (Beaston) Eaton  Spokane, Washington
    Travel Manager
               Raymond Bremer           Hillsboro, OR  rbremer44@yahoo.com 
                     John Chappell  Albany, GA  john@imperiallogistics.net
     Own/Operate nationwide trade-show and exhibit transportation company
    I've been married for 16 years and have a 14 year old son.   We own a home in Albany, GA where we own and operate a transportation company that specializes in trade shows, concerts, and special events.  We operate throughout all of North America.  Life is interesting!
    Craig Clark
     Craig Clark  Washington   nwkitesurfer@hotmail.com 
    Application support analyst
    Married with four kids, two are now in High School
    Favorite memory:  late nights in Portland, and windy days in Hood River
    Thanks for this site and to everyone who posted so far, it's great!
    S. Casey Clark
      S. Casey Clark  West Linn, OR   casey.clark1@comcast.net 
     Disability Rating Specialist for the US Department of Veterans Affairs
    I got married to Daisy Farwell right after graduation; we have been happily married for 23 years.  Our two children, Mike & Marissa, are currently attending college.  Empty nesting is great!  I spent 10 years in the Army participating in Operation Just Cause (Panama), the first Gulf War, a UN peace-keeping mission in Haiti, Operations in support of Bosnia, and several other exciting activities in the Army.  I spent 5 years as a paratrooper and 5 years as a medical evacuation helicopter pilot.  Unfortunately a bad helicopter accident led to my exit from the military.  However, I got the chance to finally graduate from college and begin a second career with the Department of Veteran's Affairs.  We moved back to West Linn after the service where both my kids graduated from West Linn High.
    Favorite memory:  I can't say I had real favorable memories of high school. 
    Michael Darby
                         Michael Darby  Rexburg, ID   
    Systems Engineer
    Retired from Navy (submarine service) after 24 years. Currently working at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) as a Systems Engineer. 
    Michelle (Esnard) Hershman
                   Michelle (Esnard) Hershman  Atlanta, GA  
    I graduated from the University of Oregon in 1991 and then moved to Northern California where I married Brad Hershman, WLHS grad class of 1986.  We lived in California for 10 years then moved to Atlanta, where we currently live.  We have 2 kids, Jake-6 and Alexandra-2.
    I have so many memories of high school... Rally, May Day, student council and Mrs. Gano's leadership classes, pep rallies, the point, and wonderful friendships.
    Michael Galloway
                            Michael Galloway  West Linn, OR  
     Process Engineering
    What a long strange trip!  Just found this site while looking up the phone number for Rosemont  Ridge.  Nice to hear  what some of the "Gang " has been up to.  For me, after school, I did the CCC thing, then joined the Air Force reserves.  After 2 tours in the Gulf and 12 years of good times and lasting memories, I turned in my uniform.  Met my wife, Jennifer , 13 years ago and have been married 12 years this October.  We've got three wonderful kids. Tara 9, Samantha (Sam) 5, and Ian 3.  Tara and Sam are both following in the old mans footsteps at Cedar Oak Park.  Yes, I never fell far from the tree.  I bought the house up on Midhill from my mom after Dad died in 91.  For the past nine years I've been working  in the high tech industry, mainly process engineering (thanks to Bruce Anglin).  Life now seems to be going full tilt.  Between the kids and all their activities, remodeling the house, work, bike riding, hiking, etc...keeps us mighty busy.  To top it all off, Andy Hardwick, Chris Dryden , and I  still find time to raise hell almost every week (Now there are some stories to  tell!).
    Bruce and I  getting sick the night before the State CC meet and still beating a guy with  only one shoe.  Canada Band Trip.  My beat  up Ranchero.  All my friends (some I see everyday, some I haven't seen in 16 years).
    There are a few of you out  there that I would like to hear from.  Drop me a line and we'll meet for a beer.
               Douglas Greene    Oretgon   dgreeneus2@yahoo.com
    87Hagemeister           Susan (Hagemeister) Hardwick   West Linn, OR                                                           susanrhardwick@yahoo.com
    Dave Hughes
                            Dave Hughes  Beaverton, OR
     Sales - Biotech/Pharma
    Married to Carey, U of O and Tigard Grad. We have two kids, Carli 7 and Justin 4. Life is good.
    Leslie Hughes
                      Leslie Hughes  Scottsdale, Arizona
     Real Estate
    I currently live in Arizona and am happily married.  We have a a 21 year old son who is a journalism major in his junior year of college. We have Arabian horses and spend a lot of time traveling.
    My favorite high school memory would be playing basketball and going to the State Finals.
    Alice Huntley-Matthews
                            Alice Huntley-Matthews  Detroit, MI  
                                        Tauri (Izatt) Harrison  Portland, OR  tdelee@comcast.net
     Motive Power and Equipment Compliance Specialist
    Married my soulmate Pat Harrison in 1989, and had two beautiful children.  Our daughter Jocelyn (21) graduated HS early and has  finished med school and is now in Imaging Administration at Portland Adventist Hospital.  My son Cullen (19) graduated Benson HS and has moved on to become a Machinist and Gunsmith.  I had an amazing 17 year career "Working on the Railroad" and am now branching out into State Government Regulatory Services.
    Cynthia (Macom) Hilton
                         Cynthia (Macom) Hilton  West Linn, OR 
     Insurance Broker
    3 great kids, dynamic career & my oldest is starting at West Linn High this year! WoW!
                                             Mike Meyers  Chapel Hill, NC   mikemeyers@hotmail.com 
    After graduating from the University of Oregon, I moved to North Carolina to attend medical school at Wake Forest University. Since then I have lived in New Orleans and Philadelphia, but have now returned to North Carolina where I'm a surgeon specializing in cancer surgery at the University of North Carolina.
    Jason Moyer
                               Jason Moyer      Portland, OR   
    Software developer
    After about 10 years in various food service gigs (pastry chef, bartender) and a few years at PSU, I decided I'd need a better living to support myself and my daughter.  I taught myself computer programming 13 years ago and haven't looked back.  My daughter is 18 and off visiting a design school in Los Angeles this week.  Back in the early '90's, I ended up working in a place with 6 other Jasons... It was ridiculous!  I started using my middle name, Damion, and it stuck.  Nobody's called me Jason in... 10 years?  I found this site after learning about the tragic death of one of my favorite teachers, Candy Noye.  I'm glad she died doing what she loved.
    Favorite memory:  I recall high school as a bit of a mixed bag, but I'm fond of the times I spent hanging out with Mike, Don and the rest of the gang.
    Angel (Mroczek) Bell
                         Angel (Mroczek) Bell  Las Vegas, NV  
    Guest relations agent
                                                  Pat Mundy       mundy@wbcable.net
    John Nassief
                    John Nassief  McKinney, TX  
    National Manager- Corporate Accounts- Smith and Nephew
                                                Tony Nokes     Portland, OR   TonyNokes@Freightliner.com
    Regulatory Engineer
    Stephanie (Nutt) Duquette
                            Stephanie (Nutt) Duquette  Oregon  
    David Paris
                             David Paris  Offenburg, Germany    
    Senior Producer - Games Industry
    Did mainstream software development for a dozen or so years after high school, while always building games on the side.  Eventually decided working 2 full time jobs made it rough to ever see my wife & kids, so switched to the gaming industry as my career.  Pioneered massive multiplayer gaming, worked for several companies both big and small.  One year ago when the US economy tanked we decided to accept a strange job offer in Germany and enjoy a wild opportunity to move to Europe, learn new languages, see stuff we'd never seen, and live an adventure (think Lord of the Rings - long marches, short supplies, dragons, etc... It'll probably make a good story after the fact).  Still there now.  Always happy to hear from old friends.  Cheers!
    Sean Smith
                                 Sean Smith  San Diego, CA        
    Sales Manager, High School Basketball Coach
    Geoff Stephenson
                        Geoff Stephenson  Sydney, Australia 
    I was given the opportunity to go to Australia in 1995. So I decided to finally cash in my Australian Citizenship. It's been one of the best decisions of my life. I was in Oregon last Christmas. What a shock. I went from 90 degrees and swimming in the ocean to 40 degrees and in the Oregon rain.
    Oz has one major draw back, you can't find decent Mexican food, but the quality of life we have here I would exchange for anything.
    I moved to Sydney town nearly 5 1/2 years ago. I was down here visiting some rellies, and I decided to stay on.
    I went to uni in the LA area. After hanging out in Portland for a couple of years, I got the opportunity to come here.
    Life has been pretty good since then. Currently, I am working for one of the largest agencies in Oz as a freelancer. Absolut and Sony Playstation.
    Probably winning the district meet in the 110m hurdles. Going to "church" with the cast of "A Mid-summer's Night".
    If you are coming Down-under let me know, and I will show you around Sydney.
                                          Erik Stromquist   estromquist@ctlcorp.com
    Casey Stroupe
     Casey Stroupe  Sherwood, OR    Casey@shbark.com
    CEO S&H
    Home web page address:  Shbark.com
    Danielle (Thomas) Peterson
                   Danielle (Thomas) Peterson  West Linn, OR
    Flight Attendant, Business Owner
    Home web page address:  daniellepeterson@gotchacovered.com
    2 great boys, one in Rosemont and a 5-year-old
    Favorite memory:  Sneaking out for lunch
    Shanan (Thurston) Lattis
                         Shanan (Thurston) Lattis  Estacada, OR
    Long story, short version -- I moved to the Bay Area after graduation to nanny and go to school.  I met my soon to be husband.  We married in 1988, moved to Tennessee (Yucky!!)  then to Texas, back to California and eventually back to Oregon.  He was a navy man.
    In 2001 I became a widow due to a nasty car accident while he was visiting his mother in TN.
    since then, I met my real soul mate.  The man whose path I have crossed many times for many years and we never new it.  I have 3 step-children, Amara is 20, she lives with her fiancée, Jaime is 18, just graduated and is living with us while he attends college, and Shelby whew-15 years old and knows it all.  Jaime and Shelby have always lived with us - Bill was a single dad.  My children are chocolate labs, I have 5, and they all think they are really my kids.  Yes, I am one of those people,  uuuggghh
    I taught special ed for about 13 years and now I test metal - medical and aerospace mostly but there is lots of structural stuff too.  That about sums it up.
                                                Mark Ulrich  Lake Oswego, OR  markrulrich@msn.com
     Equipment Appraiser
    Graduated from the University of Oregon in 1992.  Worked in the appraisal industry over the years in the Portland area.  I have been married for 10 year to my wonderful wife Sharon (Grant High).  We have one daughter Samantha who is now a third grader at Forest Hills Elementary.
    Mike Van Lente
                               Mike Van Lente  Fort Worth, TX
    Sr. Manager Multimedia Productions
    After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1992, I began working for an ABC station as a writer / reporter.  Seven years ago I moved to Ft. Worth, Texas to work in the corporate headquarters of Pier 1 imports.  Today I manage the company's multimedia department.  We produce all the company's videos.  In addition we manage the companies intranet and computer based training programs.
    I played tennis for four years and have good memories of the team and coach Ward Lewis.  I can also think of some memorable times hanging out with good friends before, during, and after school hours.  (Club 7-11, the point and Kathy Wilder's house stick out!).
    I got married three years ago in Lima, Peru where my wife Fabiana is from.  (I now wish I had taken Spanish in high school and college instead of French!).  We don't have any children yet.  If any one is passing through the Dallas / Ft. Worth area, be sure to let us know.  We don't see many familiar faces from Oregon in this part of the country.
                                         Kikki Walter  Portland, OR  alohakikki@hotmail.com

                                    Karla West     Middletown , OH        karlathomas5@gmail.com


    Pete Wilkinson
             Pete Wilkinson   Eugene, OR               
    Mortgage Broker
    My daughter, Brooklyn, is now 5 and is in Kindergarten. The twin boys are 2.75 years old now and are completely Looney Tunes, they crack me up. Not much going on in the mortgage side of things but working with my brother on a monolithic dome patent, 14 years in the making. Stay tuned, this thing is cool.
    Favorite memory:  Again, would have to be Ben Cobb and the Golf sweater. Howdy! LOL.
    Anything else to share:  See Kurt Schendel, Jeff Minus and the BC often. Ben is now living in Roseburg.
    My head is not completely shaved, look like a cross between Michael Jordan and Kojak. LOL
    Peace out ya'll
          Chris (Willig) Mazelin  Tualatin, OR   Mazelin526@hotmail.com      
      Supply Analyst, Nike
    Mother of 2 boys, Dominic (10) and Ty (4).  Still play a lot of soccer and love to hang out with friends and family!!
    Justin B. Wright
                             Justin B Wright  Tumwater , WA     
    Clown and Comedy Consultant
    I finally went into business for myself!
    Trish and I welcomed our son, Orion Izaaq Kelso Wright to the world on Spring Equinox (March 19) 2004!
    I'll always remember our trip to the Thespian International Festival in Muncie, Indiana! I'm so thankful to Karen Mitchell for her guidance and direction in the world of theatre and language. I've got to thank Mom too. She just ordered me a plaque for the new theater. It will say "Your Bottom was here!"
    I'm thinking I better start my diet now for the 20 year reunion!
    Janene (Young) Larson
                         Janene (Young) Larson  Tigard, OR    
    Consumer strategist
    After high school I worked for a while and then attended and graduated from PSU.  I lived in Asia for a few years and loved it but missed my family and Oregon too much to stay.  I have been married for 16 years and we have Zachary (13), Sam (11) and Emily (8).  It has been fun connecting with people on Facebook so feel free to hunt me down there.  My career outside of my house has been with the big footwear brands in town and specializing in consumer behavior and consumer culture.  I just love me some good sneakers!  I have fond memories of high school but I do wish I had paid more attention to my every day life instead of trying to get out of high school.  My big goals now are to be the best mom and wife I can be while kicking butt in the footwear world and training for my second marathon.  Thanks for the space.
                                         Todd Zetter      Eugene, OR       todd.zetter@npe.com
    VP of transportation.
    Home web page:  www.npe.com