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    Christopher J. Anderson
                         Christopher J. Anderson  West Linn, OR
     Purchasing manager
    Angie (Baker) McNett
                            Angie (Baker) McNett  Gladstone, OR 
     High School Health Teacher
    After high school, I went to a few colleges before graduating from Linfield.  Met and married my husband over 11 years ago.  I have been teaching at Woodburn HS for 9 years.  I have 2 beautiful kids Brady (4) and Delaney (2).  Haven't coached in a few years, just waiting for the kids to get old enough to start coaching them.  I think I have a natural baseball player on my hands!
    Favorite memory:  Loved playing volleyball and softball, hanging out with friends and all the crazy things high school kids did in the '80s.  I am proud to be a product of the 80s!
    Bill Boozier
           Bill Boozier  Longview, TX bboozier@cablelynx.com
     Buyer/Planner for General Dynamics
    Married in 1993 -First daughter born in 1998 -Second daughter born in 2009 -Living in Texas since 2002
    Favorite memory: Spending hours in the photo lab -Milkshakes from the snack bar -Driving my '64 Nova
                                         Michele (Chambers) Rhoustsong   San Giovanni Di Polceingo, Italy 
    Program Coordinator for the University of Phoenix
    Due to my life back then, I graduated somewhere else.  But WL is home to me.  I am married to my best friend that I met in the Air Force at Eglin AFB, Fla.  We have a son named Chaz (10) and daughter named Shea (8).  We have lived in Italy for 4 years now and will remain for another 4.  Then we plan on moving back to the Portland area.  Cannot wait!  I miss Oregon terribly!
    My favorite memories were May Day, the football games, the pep rallies, the plays we put on - all the hours, sweat and tears we put into it... Eating lunch on the front lawn of the old building.
    Hope everyone who reads this is doing well in their lives!  My life definitely hasn't turned out the way I expected back in the 80's.  But I don't think I would change a thing!  Go Lions and GO Ducks!!!
                                     Michelle (Clancy) Johnson  Tualatin, OR  
     Title officer

                                    Shannon (Cook) Shipley  Milwaukie,OR   shannon_cook@yahoo.com

    Daytime manager and bartender

    Shannon (Cook) Garver
                     Shannon (Cook) Garver  Thornton, Colorado     
    Interior Decorator
    Richard Craghead II
                                  Richard Craghead II  Tualatin, OR               
     Self employed / WLHS Custodian
    I'm now working back at West Linn High School as well as running my own cleaning company. After many years at U.P.S. I have chosen to take a leap of faith and get out of a bad place to work. I'm a much happier person and have finally found someone to spend the rest of my life with. We plan to get married 7/8/06.
    Favorite memory: The thing I remember the most are all the hours I spent working on all the plays the school put on. We all had a great time in that old theater. Working at WLHS now helps bring back all the good times I had there. It is sad though, there is very little that is left of the old school.
    Anything else to share: There are still a few of the old staff here. Barb Murray, Clark Hoss, Ward Lewis just to name a few.
    Angela (Crawford) Bierman
                      Angela (Crawford) Bierman  Oregon City, OR
     EDI Analyst
    I have twin boys that are 20.  I have had the same job for over 10 years and have been married for 17.
    Favorite memory:  I didn't socialize enough or create enough memories.
    I own two English Bulldogs!
    Greg Crosby
                                     Greg Crosby  Salem, OR   
    Steve Delano
                               Steve Delano  Vancouver, WA      
     Chemical engineer / lab tech
    Well, it's been a long time since HS.  Started out getting married at the age of 23, I have three beautiful kids, Taylor 19, Trevor 16, and Tanner 11.  Wasn't really sure what I was going to do after HS.  Went to college for a few years, then started working at Intel as a chemical engineer.  Left Intel and started working for a company in Portland as a hazmat driver for four years.  Now I'm working as a chemical engineer, lab tech for a company in Hillsboro. I can't believe I ended up working with chemicals and in a lab, not what I had planned to do, but love it.  I still throw the baseball around a little, love the sport of baseball still.
    Favorite memory:  I have a lot of memories of HS, actually to many to write down.  I guess it would have to be playing baseball and football and hanging out after the games with friend at the 7-Eleven and Round Table pizza.
                                     Candice Dethlefs-Poling  Oregon City, OR   
    Enjoying life with great friends and family!
    Channon Dryden
                             Channon Dryden  Redondo Beach, CA                                                    
                                                      Matt   Germany  matthias@trueglobal.net
     Business consultant
    Hi West Linn - I actually haven't graduated from WLHS, but was an exchange student 86/87 attending junior year. Please feel free to post my photo from the yearbook 86/87. My best regards, especially to the staff members who are still around since then - Matt
    Favorite memory: Coach Ogan's comments how English grammar helped me to perform on the parallel bars in gymnastics class still works today:  Thinking "I don't want to hit the bars!" made me actually hit them.  The last fragment of this thought is "... hit the bars!" - and so I did.  Coach Ogan's advice consequently was to turn this thought into an effectively positive phrase like "I'll swing through the bars."  This has been a very useful key technique ever after.  Not only in sports, but in any given situation.
    Michelle Elliott
                                     Michelle Elliott  Molalla, OR  
     Bookkeeper & Payroll Specialist
    Randall Fish D C
                                  Randall Fish DC   Milwaukie, OR                                         
     Doctor of Chiropractic
    Moved back to Oregon in Nov. 04. ( live across the street from Nuttbrock in Milwaukie.) My wife Lori and I now have two kids, one dog and three practices around Portland. (Milwaukie, Irvington, & Cedar Hills)
    Favorite memory:  All of my favorite memories from HS have been data based on another hard drive to make room for new ones with old friends...
    Anything else to share: Seriously, I'd like to hear from many of you and catch up.
    Christi (Garr) Kalen
                        Christi (Garr) Kalen  Portland, OR (97211)                                          
    Massage Therapist, Graphic Designer
    1988GlanvilleMichelle    Michelle (Glanville) Brusa   West Linn, OR 
    I have 3 son's, all went to Bolton, Rosemont Ridge, and graduated from West Linn High School. Kai 22, Taylor 21, and Kaleb 20.

    Mary Henry
                                Mary Henry - Giulianelli  Acworth, GA                                                                                     
    Respiratory Therapy
    After graduation I sent 2 years in sunny southern California before joining the military (USMC). I was on active duty for 8 years. I then moved to the hometown of my husband, Erie, PA. We had lived there for 10 years and now (2008) recently relocated to the Atlanta, GA area. I work in healthcare, have young twins and a great husband. Would love to hear from old classmates.
    Lori Hoff
                   Lori Hoff  Portland, OR/Brussels, Belgium 
    I spend half of my time in Portland, after doing PhD work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in Germanic Linguistics, and half of my time in Brussels. I am a freelance German/Dutch/Flemish to English translator.
    Krissy (Jensen)  Edwards
                Krissy (Jensen)  Edwards  Eagle Creek, OR  
     Natural Horsemanship Trainer
    Married a former WLHS student (Rob Edwards) 18 years ago.  I have 3 wonderful children.  I have had my own business for about 10 years training horses.  My kids are very involved in horses and showing nationwide.  Not a whole lot going on in my life, just taking a break from training for a few months.
    Tracie (Jones) Weeks
                             Tracie (Jones) Weeks  Olympia, WA                                     
    Ronica Ludlow
                                  Ronica Ludlow  Wilsonville, OR  
    I have an 11 year old daughter named Skye.
    Diane (McKissick) Heimbiner
                       Diane (McKissick) Heimbigner  Randle, WA        
    Jana (Miller) Trueb
                                 Jana (Miller) Trueb  West Linn, OR
     Domestic Engineer
    Married former WLHS student Jon Trueb 6 years ago.  Have 4 children.  Two boys (stepchildren) 16 and 10.   Two girls, 4 and almost 3.  After high school I went off to college, was involved with a band, worked various jobs including a recording studio, met Jon--married him 9 months later.  We live back in West Linn now and love to have our kids go to West Linn schools again!
    Drama was one of my favorite courses.  It started with Mr. Welty in about 1st grade.  Karen Mitchell also had a great impact on my life.  Music was also important.  Just to show my era--I can still remember the Gym full of kids doing the "Rock Lobster" at a winter dance.  Nothing can replace the noise we made that night.
    Memories of high school have become very important to me.  I can't believe how much I missed out because of my stupidity.  I never took school seriously, just ask Dr. Hunt!  The friends I made at high school will last a lifetime!
    Mike Mitchell
           Mike Mitchell   Luanda, Angoal (Africa)  
     School Administration
     After 13 years in public education my wife and I decided to go overseas and teach. We initially took jobs in Lagos, Nigeria which was very different than anything we had done before. I took over as the athletic/activities director very soon after arrival and really enjoyed.
    Our next move came 3 years later where we moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It was very different from Africa but we found ourselves a bit restless and took jobs in Luanda, Angola this time. We are currently there where I work as the Business & Operations Principal and she is a Spanish teacher. 
    I make it back to Oregon each June/July. If you ever want to get in touch feel free. Hope everyone is doing well. 
    Dan Mueller
                   Dan Mueller  Portland, OR  vorlauf@comcast.net
    Systems Support Specialist
    Home web page:  http://www.myspace.com/danielmmueller
                                        Michael Nuttbrock  West Linn, OR  

    Rob Patrick
                                          Rob Patrick  Salem, OR    
    Sales Rep.
    Married 8 yrs, 2 year old son Duncan!, enjoying life and wondering when the 20 year reunion will be.
    Craig Pickard
                                  Craig Pickard  Columbia Falls, MT 
    Krista (Rice) Rowles
                                  Krista (Rice) Rowles  Vancouver, WA  
    Software Test Analyst
    Jacquie (Romine) Fitch
                               Jacquie (Romine) Fitch  Canby, OR  
    I'm a 10 year cancer survivor, have a 12 year old son named Cooper and have been married for 14 years to Wally.
    Favorite memories:  Softball of course.  Also, laughing so hard with Julie Graef that we got kicked out of class (We still laugh until we cry!).  Angie Baker and I spent a lot of time cruising around in her brown bomber.  We were so cool!  Hanging out at Lauri Weaver's house on the weekends her parents were out of town.  We were trouble!
    Rhonda (Runkle) Kennedy
                         Rhonda (Runkle) Kennedy  Vancouver, WA  
      Health coach
    Home web page address:  www.kenned.tsfl.com
    James Segalla
                                        James Segalla  Sanford, NC    
     Loadmaster, C-130 Hercules Cargo Aircraft, US Air Force
    22 years serving with the United States Air Force.

     88SmithT                                           Teresa (Smith) Nikkila  Sherwood, OR                                                                                                                       PDXmobilemusic444@gmail.com    


     Special Education Advocate for students with special needs, former ASD Specialist at NWRESD


    Mom to twins born in 1999.  Oregon State Universit degree, Portland State University masters.  Yes, that's right I'm a DJ!  I inherited Mobile Music Entertainment (now PDX Mobile Music Entertainment LLC), continuing Smitty, my brother Brian Smith's legacy for his only son Hunter.  When he turns 18 yrs old, he will be able to choose whether or not he wants to continue his Dads business.  Meanwhile 10% of the profits will go towards his trust fund.

    I'm married to Col. Sean Nikkila.  We are coming up on our 25th wedding anniversary.  We have twin girls who are both attending the University of Montana.  Lyndee is studying to be a tribal environmental lawyer.  Stephanie is studying Wildlife Biology.

    Memory: Well senior prom was the most memorable with Liz M., Wayne C., Heather Hughes, Doug Machado and a van full of clowns!   

    I am happy to give my fellow WLHS alumni a discount on DJ services  Connect with me.

    Bill "The Dude" Sorenson
                            Bill "The Dude" Sorenson  West Linn, OR 
     Vice President Logistics and Transportation, Polydyne Industries
    Living the single life, hanging back, still shredding every chance I get.
    Favorite memory: Skateboarding in the halls, riding around in old school '70's cars with Schmoe.
    Anything else to share: The dude abides.
                                               TerriAnn Sheckler Schiferl  Olympia, WA    onemouth2@aol.com
     Special Education Teacher
    Steven L. Streimer
                               Steven L. Streimer  Sherwood, OR 
     Business Owner
    Personal Web Site:  www.streimer.com
    Since Graduation spent one year at WOSC, transferred to Whitworth College (Spokane, WA).  Graduated BA in Business 1992.  Married in June 1992 to Cynthia (met Junior year of college).  After graduation went to work for Streimer Sheet Metal Works, Inc. (family mechanical contracting business).  Currently, Vice President and part owner.  Have one daughter Leslie (born 1998).
    Donalda (Sugden) Wengel
                             Donalda (Sugden)-Wengel  San Diego  
     Profession: Executive Assistant and Culinary Chef
    Still competing in local races & doing Crossfit with my husband.  A board member to San Diego's Naval Officers Spouses Club and supporting my husband who is a Special Intelligence Naval Officer.  Our family does a lot of exploring in the area around us... Taking trips into Baja Cal/Mexico; driving in the mountains North of us, taking trips back home to Chicago and Oregon to visit family.
    Favorite memory: Like everyone else there are so many.  I miss having lunch with Tracie Jones, Melissa Belcher, and Jill Anderson (we were so die hard into rice cakes, tuna, and grapefruits).  Driving around in the monster car I got before the Volvo and stealing construction cones in Downtown Portland and hiding them in my trunk!  Man was my dad mad!
    I am really excited to see if we are having a 20 year reunion.  I can't say if we'll be in the states since we are due to an overseas deployment but I can always try.
    Darrell Thorpe
                                   Darrell Thorpe  Gladstone, OR    
    Custodian at Lakeridge High School... Sorry...
    Still single, living in Gladstone with my 2 dogs... Mya, 11 year old Jack Russell Terrier & Max, 16 week old Lhasa Apso.
    Favorite memory:  Break and lunchtime basketball... Graduating & getting the hell outta there...
    Great to find lotsa old WLHS friends on Facebook... Anyone else, come find me there.
    Darcie Tiederman
                                  Darcie Tiedeman  West Linn, OR  
     Credit analyst

    1988TrautmanTara   Tara (Trautman) Davidson  Tehachapi, CA  davodsonsx4@sbcglobal.net
    Wyatt Webb
                                            Wyatt Webb  Beaverton, OR 
    I married after my freshman year of college, but still graduated MIT in 1992.  Our son was born later that year.  After spending 1994 - 2002 in the Seattle area, I have taken a new job in Raleigh Hills and we are living happily in Beaverton, OR.
    Co-Founding and being active with the Computer Club (yep, I'm still a geek today)
    My date to the Prom our senior year was the woman I would eventually marry.  Pretty cool!
    Jennifer (Wells) Barry
                                 Jennifer (Wells) Barry  Poway, CA 
    Graduated from Skidmore College with a B.S. in Business in 1992. Graduated from the University of Southern California Law Center with a J.D. and passed the California Bar Exam in 1995. Moved to San Diego and started working as an attorney.
    Got married in 1998 to Hawk Barry, also a lawyer, whom I met in law school. Retired from full time practice when our first of 3 daughters were born (as of 2009 they are 8, 5 and 3).  I am actively saving money for college, horses and high school jeans!
    Started my own small law practice (business transactions and contracts) a few years ago and currently work for a few clients on a part time basis from home, in between child-rearing duties.
    Like visiting Oregon once a year or so, but am happy to spend more of the year wearing shorts than a rain slicker!
    Favorite memory:  Sneaking off campus for lunch, getting stuck in the McDonald's drive-through with Heather Hughes while off campus for lunch, driving my Dad's pick-up and listening to the Top Gun soundtrack at top volume with Lori Hoff, finally sitting on the senior bench with Tara Trautman and Eila Cooper.
    Deannie (Winkel) Darrow
                                Deannie (Winkel) Darrow  Turner, OR 
    US Army Purchasing and Contracting with Government Purchase Cards
    I got married out of high school and had a son. Alex is 18 this year and is a Sr. at Cascade High School but will graduate early. (He leaves for Boot Camp in December) My daughter is 13 and will be in 8th grade. My husband and I are both in the military and switch off between deployments for our kids. My husband (1SG)just got back from Afghanistan last year. I have been to Egypt and all over the states. I Love my work helping soldiers recover from injuries. Other than the military, we raise and sell purebred Beagles, that is when I am not being taxi driver for the kids' functions.
    My favorite high school memory is just hanging out with my friends, without a care in the world and going to track meets. Boy do I miss those days (before bills).
    If you want to get in touch, please e-mail me or call me.  Would love to hear how everyone is doing.
    Ross Wood
                                              Ross Wood  Camas, WA