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    Jennifer (Allen) Davis
                               Jennifer (Allen) Davis  Lake Oswego, OR  
    Bank of America Home Loans
    Working and playing hard , traveling around the world enjoying life : )
    Favorite memory:  Ward Lewis is to blame for my love of classic authors, Mrs. Panichello opened my eyes to the world of cooking.  My family and friends should thank her.
    Matt Banks
                                        Matt Banks  Provo, UT  
     Systems engineer
    Home web page address: http://hp13.com
    Comment:  Work...
    Recently had twins (well, my wife did anyway...)
    Kimberly Burke Aanderud
                       Kimberly (Burke) Aanderud  Sherwood, OR   
     Full-time Mom
    I have a Bachelor's in English from BYU and a Master of Arts in Secondary Education from Lewis & Clark.  I have been married to my sweetheart for 15 years and I have five children.  I am a full-time mom, have taught co-op preschool with friends for 6 1/2 years, and enjoy teaching Art Literacy in my kids' classrooms.  I have sung with the Sherwood Chorale for the past 5 years, and am active in my church.
    Favorite memory:  Hanging out at Round Table after football games (back when the booths were private), cheerleading, dancing with my sisters on Debs, singing in Jazz Choir and winning nationals Senior Year (1989), Musicals: Oklahoma, Guys & Dolls, The Sound of Music, Once Upon a Mattress & Grease, Mr. Lewis' Advanced Lit. Class, Mr. Hunt's AP US History, Mr. Welty's Freshman English, Mrs. Noye & lots of singing, Leadership fun, side ponytails...
    Chelan (Burns) Allen
                                  Chelan (Burns) Allen  Portland, OR 
     Allen Family manager
    Tim and I married in May 1991. We have 5 delightful children: Aubrey, 12; Matthew, 10; Emily, 5; Luke, 3; and Logan 10 months.  I earned a B.A. in English from BYU.  We lived in Texas during Tim's internship, but have called Bethany home for 11 years.  I've turned into Becky HomeEcky - I  love to cook, bake, can, and quilt - and I enjoy NASCAR, basketball, reading, organizing, financial planning, and serving in church.
    Favorite Memory: Debs! Ward Lewis English class (it's entirely his fault I have an English degree!) Amplifier paste-ups, lunch in the hall with dear friends, AP History with Dr. Hunt, and seminary.
    Andy Callum
                                  Andy Callum  Sydney, Australia 
     Hardwood installer
    Enjoying my life to the fullest with no baggage.
    Favorite memory:  Graduating
    High school is only 4 years. Way too long.
    Lea Conner
                                      Lea Conner  Spokane, WA 
    Currently working in private practice as a family law attorney.  No kids, but I do have a really cute dog, who is now 15 years old.  My father passed away in 1999.  Found out (confirmed) in 2007 that I have two older half brothers, one of whom found me via MySpace.  I absolutely adore Larry Jr. and my two nieces, and it's like I have known them my whole life.
    I loved Ms. Murray's English class and Ms. Miller's political science class.  Ms. Miller's mock trial was a blast.  (Can't recall what the issue was, but I remember cross examining Blue Drews.)  Ms. Murray's Beowulf project was memorable, and my mom still has the doll (Beowulf) I made in her curio cabinet.
    Douglas Connors
                            Douglas Connors  Oregon City, OR                               
     Software Quality Assurance Engineer
    Married for 18 yrs, 11 yr old daughter, cruising the US on my Harley.
    Favorite memory:  Jazz choir performances led by Candy Noye.
    Track competitions in the pole vault.
    Angie Cushman
                               Angie (Cushman) Weber  Canby, OR  
    Stay at home Mom
    I worked in the travel industry for approx. 12 years and then decided to go back to school to become a Physical Therapist Asst.  I married Matt in 1999 and we have 3 beautiful children (Michael 6, Carly 4 and Allison 2).
    Favorite Memory:  there were so many things I enjoyed about high school.  I can't believe it's been almost 20 years since graduation!  I'm starting to realize how old I'm getting.
    Caitlin Dempsey
                               Caitlin Dempsey  Los Angeles, CA                
     GIS Coordinator
    Personal Web Site:  http://gislounge.com
    Received my Bachelors and Masters from UCLA.  currently working in the field of Geographic Information Systems.
    Favorite Memory:  Going to football games.
    Nancee (Dunwoodie) Weisser
                Nancee (Dunwoodie) Weisser  Oregon City, OR  
    Office manager
    Been married to Dennis for 22 years and we have 3 daughters.  Kylee is 20 & in her third year of college, Katee is 18 & is in her first year of college, and Jaymee is 16 and a Junior at OCHS. Can't complain, life is good!
    Favorite memory: There is way too much! Wish we could all go back.
                                              Dan Dyern  Sherwood, OR  dan@fujimiam.com
     Semi-conductor Industry
    Todd Erickson
                                     Todd Erickson  West Linn, OR   
    Excavation construction, family business 25 yrs
    Played college basketball at George Fox and Linfield.  Married college sweetheart.  I have two beautiful girls, 9 and 5.  I love to play golf when the opportunity arises, and I stay busy maintaining the five acres we own in West Linn.
    Favorite memory:  Too many to list, but hanging out and playing sports alongside my good friends.
    Joseph Fasano
                                     Joseph Fasano  Gresham, OR                                  
     Master Planner Scheduler
    I am married to a wonderful woman Named Cindi.  We have 3 kids, Johua, Kelsi, and Rachael.  We love to play hard and be a family.
    Favorite Memory: I would have to say that my favorite memories are the pranks we played while in Jazz choir.
                                                             Jeremy Fogle  Camas, WA
                                                     Craig (Amaya) Forbes  Lake Oswego, OR  
     Sales - Landscape Company (18 yrs)
    Married to Tami (Myer) Forbes. Work for a landscape company doing sales for the past 18 years. One child (Nicole - age 10) and one foster child (Nicole also - age 15). Been with Tami since 1988 and we've been married since 1994.
                                                     Laura (Fry) Ashton  Seattle, WA                                                                                                              laura@ashtonfamily.net                                                                             
    Graduated from Oregon State, married, had 3 kids, own accounting business in Seattle, WA.
    Favorite memory:  Football games
    Dean Hardwick
                                  Dean Hardwick  Jackson Hole, WY          
                       Barry (Heaton) DeLaczay  Oregon City, OR   bingojed@gmail.com
    Senior Systems Engineer / Business Owner
    Married w/two girls 4 + 6. Have a nice business that lets me travel around the world.
    Favorite memory:  The teachers, the old building, the old lion.
    Lisa Hogan
                                          Lisa Hogan  Portland, OR 
     PhD Candidate in English
    I have a wonderful two-year-old daughter!
    Favorite Memories: Theatre, theatre, theatre.
    Troy Inman
                               Troy Inman  troycinman5@yahoo.com
    Dean Jones
                                  Dean Jones  Prineville, OR 
    Juvenile Corrections Counselor
    Jamie (Kaplan) Conner
                            Jamie (Kaplan) Conner  West Linn, OR   
     Director Of Human Resources
    Troy Kazebee
                          Troy Kazebee  JTaiwan (as of April 2010)  
     Footwear Category Manager for Nike
    I have been married since 1997 and we have three kids ages 9, 7, and 6 (as of the summer of 2010).  I have been working in the shoe business since starting with Nike in 1996.  We have had the opportunity to live and work overseas in Korea ('99-'02) and now as of April 2010 we are in Taiwan.  Eventually we'll make it back to our home in Sherwood, OR.
    Kristin Kiesel Meisner
                            Kristin (Kiesel) Meisner  Oregon City, OR    
    Real Estate Broker
    Retired from flying at Southwest Airlines after 20 years in 2016.  I currently work at Redfin as a real estate agent.
    Have a son, Cash, born 3-31-07
    Jason Keesee
                               Jason Keesee  Vancouver, Wa 
     I am married with 3 children and living happily in Vancouver. I decided to return to college to get a degree in Accounting because it's never too late to do so.
    Favorite Memory: Sports were my definitely my most fond memory of school. I value the learning that was provided to me in sports by Gene Davis and Ron Chappell. I also enjoyed all of the friends that I had all through school.
    Joshua Lamb
                         Joshua Lamb  Rumford, RI    
    Toy Designer
    Life- Met and married my wife Cindy Pierce while at U of O. We have lived in Arizona, Manhattan and Brooklyn New York. Currently living in Rhode Island (but we visit Oregon twice a year and I still consider it my home). I am a Design Director for Hasbro. Designing toys is an absolute blast.
    Favorite Memory: It was all fun. Growing up with the same people from 1st to 12th grade was fascinating! Drama, Art, and Math were the best. All around, no complaints. Met a lot of great people that had a big influence in my life.
    We also have a wonderful daughter and another one on the way! Take Care!
                      Jose Leon  Guadlajara, Jalisco, Mexico    ppleon13@hotmail.com 
    Well, I became a lawyer.  I was an exchange student in 1989.
    I remember Mr. Leavell, Mrs. Tanebaum
    Jodi (Major) Kennedy
                         Jodie (Major) Kennedy  Lake Mary, FL 
    Loan Officer Assistant
    Recently got married to my wonderful husband, Randy.  No children.  We enjoy traveling and riding our Harley Davidson motorcycle.
                                     Heather (McLain) Giltner  Portland, OR hrgilt@quest.net
     Homemaker, Dental Receptionist
    Lots!  I don't think there is enough space on this web site.  LOL.
    Would I still get detention!
    I did not graduate from this high school, but I went to grade school and my Freshman year here.
                                     David Miller  Tigard, OR david_tango2@yahoo.com
    Kristin Miller
                                         Kristin Miller  Vancouver, WA 
    Jason Mitchell
                                     Jason Mitchell Downers Grove, IL  
    Account Manager
    My wife, Sandy, son, Colin and I live in the Chicago area, where we have lived for the past 9 years. I am the Lucent Account Manager here and have been with Intel 9 years. I am going to school at DePaul University part-time getting an MBA at nights.
    Favorite Memory: running track.
                                Ann (Moffitt) Whitson  Portland, OR  annwhitson@comcast.net
    Respiratory therapist
                                    Tami (Myer) Forbes  Lake Oswego, OR  
     Administrative Assistant - Accounting Firm
    Married to Craig (Amaya) Forbes. We have one child of our own (ago 10 girl named Nicole) and one foster child (age 15 girl named Nicole). Craig and I started dating in 1988 and are still together. Married since 1994.
    Susan (Nichols) Jones
                             Susan (Nichols) Jones  EaEl Dorado, AR 
    I've had the privilege to travel to Eldoret, Kenya, Romania and all over the US sharing God's love and now I can do it with my best friend!
    My favorite memories are in choir.  Great friends and fun!
    Jeff Pettijohn
                      Jeff Pettijohn  Wilsoncille, OR  
    Purchasing Agent
    I have an eleven year old son, Ryan. I am happily divorced and have been working at Wilsonville Electric since 1991. As of April 2005 I will be 35 years old. While in high school I would never have imagined being this old.
    Favorite Memory: I enjoyed lifting weights in that small weight room under the supervision of Coach Chappell. I remember taking drafting classes with Mr. Espino (we students called him Mr. E. for short). First in the old building and then in the woodshop building. Just remembering the sights and sounds make me kind of wish I could relive one of my high school days over again.
    Tell the students to savor the time they're in high school because it lasts only but a short while. Be respectful to the teachers, and so their best in their classes.
    Kelly Pickard
                                  Kelly (Pickard) Siler  Culver, OR  
    Medical assistant
    Tammy (Rich) McKay
                         Tammy (Rich) McKay  West Linn, OR                                
    At home mother
    Attended OSU from 1989-1993 and joined Alpha Delta Pi Sorority.  Graduated from OSU in 1993 with an Early childhood education degree.  Married Ryan McKay (a 1992 graduate from WL) and met him at OSU in 1993.  Married since 1995, we now have 3 children (9 yr old son, 7 yr old daughter and a 2 1/2 old daughter).
    I am using my education degree to home school our oldest child (who had a stroke in utero).  Our middle child is attending Sunset Elementary school here in West Linn.
    We love living back in West Linn.  It's such a wonderful place to raise children.  We're currently having a house built on Sherry Hale's parents' old property sold to Renaissance Homes.
    Yoshie (Saijo) Oike
                         Yoshie (Saijo) Oike  San Hizuoka, Japan      
    Office worker
    I married with my wonderful husband, Eijiro, in November 2008. I work at Nestle Japan as an administrator since 2009.
    Favorite memory:  I played at GREASE.  It was so much fun to me!  I was an assistant of Japanese class of Ms. Tamura.  Favorite class--choir, home economic, PE.
    Hi!  I was an exchange student from Japan.   It has been many years since I left West Linn.  In August 2007, I visited my host family Hansens for 10 days.   It was so much fun and everybody's still so nice to me!  I am extremely thankful to them.  Anyone who knows me, please contact to my e-mail address.  It would be fun!

    89stuartamy  Amy Stuart   Temple Terrace, FL  amyl.stuart@gmail.com


    I am married and have 2 teenage daughters. Our eldest started college this year. We’ve lived in Florida for about 15 years — we enjoy the winters here, but really miss the west coast during summer. I teach and do research at the Univ. of South Florida, where I specialize in air quality and other environmental health engineering topics. Outside of work, my life is mostly focused on my daughters, so I spend a lot of time on soccer fields. When I get a chance, I like to travel to new places with my family. My favorite adventure was living and working in Australia for 9 months.

                              Matt Tabor  Vancouver, WA       matt@taborrallyteam.com    
    Business Owner
    Married, 1 child (3 years old)
    Favorite Memory: Singing in the choirs, playing soccer, hanging out with friends.
    I am the chairman of the Oregon Trail Rally, a performance car rally event that is part of the Rally America National Championship, and takes place each year in April. I'd invite you all out to see the event! For more information visit www.oregontrailrally.com
                                               Hans Tabojer  Hamburg, Germany 
    Jennifer (Zuercher) Campbell
                   Jennifer (Zuercher) Campbell  Sherwood, OR