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    Jennifer (Aviles) King
                  Jennifer (Aviles) King  Port Angeles, WA      
     Real Estate Investor/Dance Coach
    I attended Walla Walla College where I met my husband, Lance, that November. He is my soul mate and best friend. We were married in May 1994 and now have 3 children, Alexandra (10), Dylan (8), and Ashley(5). Since Lance and I are self employed, we work side-by-side 24-7. I home school our children which to me is a great joy and opportunity. I also started a new dance program at Peninsula College and am having a blast watching the program grow and working with the students. My life is busy but happy and full!
    Favorite memory: Dance Team with Ms. B and B.J., Ms. Murray's English class, & Ms. Lukens Social Studies classes.
    Keith Bacon
                                  Keith Bacon  Phoenix, AZ      
     High School Math Teacher
    Here is the short version:
    1990 - Graduation
    1990 - 1993 Oregon State
    1993 - 1996 Northern Arizona University ( yes I crammed 4 years into 5.5)
    1996 - 2003 High School Math teacher at Sinagua High School, Cross-Country Coach, Track Coach, Soccer Coach Ran a few marathons
    2003- Moved to Phoenix, got married and I am currently working at Ironwood High School.
    Currently working on my Masters.
    Favorite memory: Track and Cross Country...and of course Senior English with Ms. Murray...she is the reason I am a teacher today.  Thanks Captain.
    Drop me a line.
    Lisa (Barber) Furner
                      Lisa (Barber) Furner  Salt Lake City, UT  
    Customer Service Supervisor JetBlue Airways
                                                  Scott Bay  West Linn, OR  dscottbY@yahoo.com
    Restaurant management
    I'm on Facebook.
    Peter Belfanti
                              Peter Belfanti  Washougal, WA
    Sr. Mechanical Design Engineer
    1995 BS. Mechanical Engineering Technology from OIT
    1999 Won ICSCC racing season championship
    2008 Built my new home
    Karen (Benson) Wegner
                         Karen (Benson) Wegner  Beaverton, OR       
    Mortgage Loan Officer
    I graduated in 1990, attended Clackamas Community College for a year in the music program and worked a restaurant job for a few years, where I met my husband. We married in 1996 and have a four year old son named Isaac, and are expecting our second child in May 2006. I have been in the mortgage/real estate industry for nine years, and work as a loan officer for a local brokerage in Beaverton.
    Favorite memory: Dance class, and singing in Choir- the only two classes I knew would miss me (and suspend me) if I skipped them!
    Mike Bogle
                                  Mike Bogle  Sherwood, OR
    Product Manager and Small Business Owner
                                   Steve Burkhead   Black Diamond, WA   steveburkhead@hotmail.com

                                               Brad Caviness  Tigard, OR  caviness4@att.net
     Account Manager
    Jill Cone
          Jill Cone  Clackamas, OR   conejill@aol.com
    Gladstone High School English teacher
    Katy Connell
                                    Katy Connell   Portland, OR    
     Computer consultant and teacher
    Currently, live in SW Portland with my 3.5-year-old daughter. I primarily work from home so I can be with her. I do however teach pre-school one day a week during the school year and I LOVE it!
    Heather (Covey) Cooper-Krossman
               Heather (Covey) Cooper-Krossman   Beaverton, OR    
     Client Service Manager
    I've been married for four years to my wonderful husband that I met on a camping trip with some friends.  We have a 2-year-old son, Chase and I have a ten-year-old daughter, Briar, from a previous marriage and he has a 12-year-old daughter, Victoria.  I'm a client service manager for a financial consultant in the Pearl District part time and a mom full time!  I am also an independent consultant for Creative Memories which I have been doing for two years.
    Favorite memory:  All the drama classes I took with Karen Mitchell. Children's Theater was great!
    Shannon (Crabb) Cheeseman
                   Shannon (Crabb) Cheeseman  El Paso, Tx 
                                        Corrin (Crone) Phillips    Hood River, OR  ziel@lclark.edu
    I am still in school and hope to remain so.  I travel every winter with my husband when I can get the semester off.  I love to cook; my happy place is in the kitchen so I write a food column to justify the hours spent.  We live in Hood River with our flock of chickens...Paradisimo.
    I didn't graduate with you all, but would love to keep in touch with all of my old WL friends from primary and middle school.
        Michele (Daly) Wheeler   West LInn, OR                                                     wheelerwakeboarders@gmail.com
    Registered Nurse 

    Ryan DuChene
             Ryan DuChene   Tigard, OR    ryan.duchene@nike.com
     Nike Golf Sports Marketing
    Home Web Page:  www.caddies4cure.com
    Have worked at Nike for 11 years, 6 of those in Nike Golf.  Married my wife Marci in 2002, we have 2 boys, Kaden born June 04 and Landon born May 07.  Longtime friend Justin Marquart and I founded a Non Profit called Caddies 4 Cure.  We raise money for the National MS Society and Emmanuel Children's Hospital through an annual celebrity golf tournament.  We have raised over $150,000 in 3 years.  Check out our website and make a donation  www.caddies4cure.com
                                      Gary Ellingson      Portland, OR   garye@tripwire.com
     Federal Account Executive
    Mark Erskine
        Mark Erskine   Vancouver, WA   
    Sales Manager
    Hope everyone is doing well.  Drop me a line sometime.
    Favorite memory:  Graduating
    Kimberly (Glanville) Hottel
           Kimberly (Glanville) Hottel   Tualatin, OR 
     Athletic Academic Advisor
    Attended Washington State University (90-94) and earned my Bachelors. Went to Bowling Green State University, Ohio (95-97) and earned my master's in athletic administration.  I have been working at Portland State University as athletic academic advisor since 1997.
    Got married in 2004, we have one daughter, Kennady (16 mo).
                               Jennifer Harding  Tualatin, OR  jen@cdscandoit.com
     Vinyl Lead for commercial sign company
    I moved down to San Diego the summer before my Junior year but then after graduation, I moved back up here to Oregon and spent it working in the Aloha to West Linn areas and now am living in Tualatin for the last 6 years. Work, schooling and life is here.
    Favorite memory:  Being such a rebel with Janelle and sneaking out with Kim and Brock. Oh and don't forget the fashion statements with Rach and goofin' with Tally! Can't forget the graveyard or partying with Stephanie. :-) Loved it all!
    Anything else to share:   I have been married since 2001 and have 2 boys: Ty (11) and Trevor (7). My husband (Jon) and I sort of put the cart before the horse. Very happy with my life but would love to hear from some old familiar faces from the "good old days."
    Lanz Hartfeil
                               Lanz Hartfeil   Philadelphia, PA  
     District Manager
    Michael Hiller
       Michael Hiller   Frankfurt, Germany     m.hiller@arcor.de
     Your profession:  Not any more, the high taxrates ;-)
    Back to Frankfurt the "Small Apple of Germany" called "Main-Hatten"
    Still interesting job and stressful (The life is not kindergarten)
    Favorite memory:  Beginning & advanced food with Mrs. Panic-Hello;  Beginning & advanced photography with Mr. Stevens;  my normal milk (hate low fat milk);  the slow school bus, so I decided to ride with the bike
    Cort Horner
             Cort Horner  Sisters, OR   corthorner@gmail.com
     Financial / Mortgage Banking   www.corthorner.com
    Happily married for 12 years now with three kids in the WL system this year -- Emma (5), Ty (7), and Nina (9) who will all be at my alma mater Stafford of all things. That's what you get when you move FAR too close to the grandparents... Been in the mortgage industry for 7 years now after stints in dot com and semiconductor manufacturing after learning Chinese in the Air Force. I now only use Chinese when I want to mess with the waiter, but used it extensively in the semicon biz when traveling all over SE Asia. Graduated U of O in 1996 after getting our of the USAF.
    Favorite memory:  It's a little blurry
    I'm proud to say I no longer sport the mullet you see up there and haven't since that time.
    Curtis Keller
     Curtis Keller      West Linn, OR   curt_keller@yahoo.com
     Electrical engineer
    I have been working at Xerox (Tektronix) in Wilsonville since 1996. Married with 2 kids. We like to camp and I spend a lot of time working in the yard and on our house.
                                         Monique Keihm  Santa Monica, CA 
                                                           Steven Langella  Beaverton, OR    
    Sanh Sonny Lim
                               Sanh Sonny Lim  Switzerland  
    Athletic Director
    I've been teaching abroad for the last 18 years.  Most recently in China, Jordan, and now I am in Switzerland.  I am currently the Athletic Director at the school here in Lugano, Switzerland.
    Favorite memory:  My friends, sports and interesting teachers that made it memorable!
    Justin Marquart
                               Justin Marquart  Pullman, WA  
     Director of Development and College Relations at Washington State University
    Home Web Page:  www.caddies4cure.com
    Kevin Menten
                                       Kevin Menten  Oregon 
    Medical Technician
    Favorite memory:  The students and senior year... Just kickin' it!
    I wish the best for all of class of 1990 and hope lives are well and blessed!
    Ben Merritt
                                         Ben Merritt  Portland, OR 
     Certified Public Accountant
    Kym Nichols
                                         Kym Nichols  Portland, OR  
                                                        Gloria (Patino) Tipton  Clackamas, OR  
    Dawn Ramage
                           Dawn Ramage  Portland, OR  
     Technical consultant
    Robb Reed
                                           Robb Reed  Bend, OR 
    Sales rep
    I moved to North Carolina just after high school.  After 5 years of playing it was time to come home, finish my college degree, meet my wife and start a family.  Lora and I met in 1998, had our first child in 2002, graduated from PSU (business school) in 2003, our second child in 2004, moved to Bend in 2004, our third child in 2005 and now it's 2010.  Where has the time gone?
    Favorite memory:  Having a full head of hair!  It was spiked with gel and I was so picky about how it laid on my head.  Those days are long gone!
    The memories are faint!  I'm sure I wouldn't recognize many of you today.  I would sure be tough for you to recall, betcha!
    Kara (Reid) Steffek
                           Kara (Reid) Steffek  Milwaukie, OR 
    Gretchen (Ressler) Capogna
                    Gretchen (Ressler) Capogna  Las Vegas, NV 
    Married since 1992 and have 4 kids. Have been traveling and seeing different parts of the world!
                                                  Becky (Roth) Rice  Yakima, WA
    Elementary reading teacher
    Married 19 years, four kids (Garrett 16, Astoria 15, Ian 12 and Eve 8). Working for West Valley School District in Yakima, WA.
    Favorite memory:  Band and Choir and early period Biology (probably not the teacher's best memory)
                                          Jess Ruppe  West Linn, OR  jess.t.ruppe@intel.com
                                                       Aimee Ryser Craven  West Linn, OR  
    Kevin Schultz
                    Kevin Schultz  Aiea, HI  schultzkp-at-gmail.com
     U.S. Navy Submarine Officer
    After leaving West Linn, I went to University of San Diego on a Navy scholarship.  I've been a submarine officer in the Navy for 13 years now.  I was on a submarine out of Groton, Connecticut for 3 1/2 years.  Then went and spent 2 years getting a masters degree.  Spent 3 years as Navigator and Operations Officer on a submarine out of San Diego.  Went to shore duty in Washington, D.C. for two years.  Now, my wife, Amy, and our two sons, Brian (6) and Greg (3) live in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where I'm the Executive Officer ("XO") of a submarine.
    Favorite memory:  In school, my favorite memories are of photography class and developing film in the dark room.  It seems like nobody uses film anymore - it's all digital (don't I sound like an old fogey).  Outside of school, my favorite memories are getting away from West Linn to the Oregon Coast to go scuba diving in Tillamook and Newport.  I make it back to West Linn once every few years to visit my parents, and it's amazing to see how much changes each time I go back.
    Matt St. Marie
                                     Matt St. Mari  West Linn, OR 
     I have lived in the same house since 1974!
    I have pictures of the school under construction during my junior and senior years. E-mail me if you care to see them. I can bring them by. If you wish I can let you copy new ones from the negatives (if returned). I may be able to find others. I also have issues of the Amplifier from when I went to school.
    John Stromquist
                             John Stromquist  jstromquist@ctlcorp.com
                                                 Stephanie (Sumner) Wardrip  Eugene, OR  
    Domestic Engineer
    I am still living in Eugene... Deciding to go back to school, love being at home with the kids and of course my hubby...
    Favorite memory:  Friends
    I am on Facebook.

    (picture coming)      Kathryn Taylor      Mt Hood Parkdale, Oregon  prairiedaisy72@gmail.com

    Office Manager

                                         David Turrell  Las Cruces, NM  turrell@sprynet.com
     U.S. Coast Guard
    Well, just looking up old friends, I attended WLHS until my Sophomore year and transferred to Harbor High in Santa Cruz, CA.  I am married and have two wonderful children.  I have been in the USCG for almost 11 years and have enjoyed every minute of it.
    Favorite memories, hmmm... The TP trips, Keith I still owe you!  Oh, and that great party I decided to have... Think every cop in West Linn showed up for that one, funny my parents still remind me of that after 13 years...

    90Ulmer              Elise Ulmer     Portland, OR     ekulmer@msn.com



    Scott Wamser
                                   Scott Wamser     Tigard, OR  
     Medical Sales Territory Manager
    Kristen Waters
                                  Kristen Waters  San Diego, CA  
    Shortly after graduation, I moved to San Diego to attend SDSU. I graduated ( Finally!) in 1997 and have been working as an ER Nurse at a Children's Hospital here in San Diego ever since. I have two fabulous children ages 6 and 7. I miss Oregon terribly, but really would hate to leave the sun and surf of San Diego behind!
    Daryl Wheeler
                                   Daryl Wheeler  Milwaukee, WI 
     Financial Services
    Moved to Milwaukee, WI; got married and had some kids.
    Favorite memory:  Too many to recount.
    I'm on Facebook.
    David Wilson
                                 David Wilson  West Linn, OR 
    Professor of Theology, George Fox University; Pastor
    Home web page address:  www.thefletcherpage.org
    Studied Human Development at OSU, Divinity at George Fox, and finished a Ph.D. at the University of Manchester (UK) in Theology.  I am a pastor and teach theology and church history courses at George Fox University.  Moved back to Oregon a couple of years ago from the UK.  Living in West Linn with my wife and best friend, Lisa.