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    Donald Austin
     Donald Austin  Ekalaka, MT 
    Bank Manager
                                                         Erica (Baisch) Lutz  Gladstone, OR    
     Pediatric Dental Assistant
    I attended West Linn schools from 1-11 grade and finished my diploma up at CCC.  I had taken night classes my sophomore and junior year so I could finish high school early.  Not long after high school I had a beautiful daughter who is now a sophomore in high school.   I married a wonderful man who is a pilot for Dulcich Jets and I have been working for a pediatric dentist for over 10 years in Portland.
    Lots of my friends were older than I was so I just wanted to graduate early.
    Chris Beko
                                  Chris Beko  Milwaukie, OR  
     My family keeps me busy!  I have an awesome wife and been married for 15 years.  Two kids, Olivia and Logan.  We all ride dirt bikes, and going to the river!
    Favorite memory:  Football!!!! My yellow truck. skipping school to go fishing.
    I just wish we had cell phones!
    Shawn Benefiel
                               Shawn Benefiel  Gresham, OR 
    Security Consultant with Sonitrol Pacific
    Comment: I married my wonderful wife, Brandy, on Cinco de Mayo in 2001. I have a stepson, Zac, who is 9. In June of 2002 we welcomed Joey to the family, and recently added another child, our lab puppy Morgan - We purchased a home in Gresham in 2003, and I hope to be back to WL soon! I am very active in my boys' activities, both school and sports, and continue to be a rabid Duck fan in all aspects!
    My favorite times in school were in sports and band. The trips we took to Canada were a blast, and I will never forget my first car, a bright orange Camaro that lit up the lot in all its glory!
    Anything else to share: It would be great to hear from anyone, as I missed the reunion, but look forward to the 20th.
    Mikel Burkhead
                           Mikel Burkhead  Oregon City, OR 
    Technical Analyst
    I've been happily married since June 2001, with a beautiful daughter, Isabela, born February 2003.
    Favorite memory: Fondest memory is of Jammin Quinn on Halloween driving his white Toyota truck in Lake Oswego, and smashing into every parked vehicle in the entire town, with one hand on the steering wheel, and the other throwing eggs at people from the driver's side window.
    Russ McLean is an outstanding dance instructor!
    Michelle (Chrysler
                   Michelle (Chrysler) Haney  Vancouver, WA  
     Stylist, Stella and Dot
    I have been married almost 8 years and with my hunny for 11.  We have 3 amazing girls, Audrey 6, Emerson 4, and Maddie 15 months.  I stay at home with my girls during the day and I am a Stella and Dot stylist by night!
    Favorite memory:  I wore all black and thought I was really cool, and found out that maybe I wasn't so cool!!  LOL! LOL!  But LOVED going dancing at confetti's, shopping at the Big Bang, and in general I got grounded a lot for having too many parties at my house!!!
                                                Heather C. Dahl  Washington, D.C. 
    Foreign Affairs & Defense Reporter
    Jennifer (Darcy) Ludemann
                         Jennifer (Darcy) Ludemann  Canby, OR  
    Project Manager
    Christopher DeGroat
                         Christopher DeGroat  Wilsonville, OR  
    Senior Investment Manager
    Got married in 1996, been living in Wilsonville since 1997, when we had our first of 2 sons.
    Favorite memory:  When Stew ditched his car & 4 of us climbed out, each grabbed a corner & lifted it back onto Rosemont.
    Kimberly Dryden
                               Kimberly Dryden  Oregon City, OR 
    Home web page address:  myspace_kiminbill
    Married, teenage step-kids and 2003 had my 1st child who is 4 now.
    Favorite memory:  Friends, sports and some of the teachers. Hmmm, running down the halls when all was quiet. (shh don't tell mr rubble rock or winnifred!) hansen/nunan.
    Hey, I married a rival from Oregon City!!! Please don't treat me bad for it!  =)
    LauRena "Lauren" "Thor" Gallegos
                   LauRena "Lauren" "Thor" Gallegos  Medford, OR 
    I moved to Wilsonville from Medford my Junior year then in February of my Senior year I moved to Colton.  So I only went to West Linn High School for approximately a year and a half though I have fond memories.  After high school I went to Southern Oregon University and Lewis and Clark College and worked for years in the legal field.  I owned my own database design company for a short time and I have traveled the world.  I even lived in Pakistan for a while.  For the past 3 years I have been back in Medford, Oregon.  I do freelance legal work, translating and some computer work.  I also manage our rental house. My passion is Dobermans and I breed Dobermans and train service dogs and compete in Schutzhund, the police dog sport.  I got married last month and hope soon to add children to our family that includes two dogs and two cats and my loving husband.
    My favorite memories are dancing with our teacher/coach Robin in our dance troupe.  She had a wonderful influence on me and I would love to know she is doing well.  Also many crazy times with Ujahn and Babar (Ujabrew = eww) and my high school bestie Heidi Doebel as she was a transplant like myself in high school.  Also Erika Rickets in Wilsonville kept me laughing.  I have one particular memory of me and a very sweet, tall beautiful classmate (I don’t want to mention her name), we both went to the same church and we spent on Sunday morning in the church bathroom throwing up from some teenage drinking.  We were just being experimental teenagers and quite naughty but we both found it quite hysterical and ironic (obviously guilty) in between the nausea.  Also many good times with Todd Hutchins and his lovely family.  And maybe some skipping class and walking down to the little coffee shop above the grocery store.  And thanks to Round Table Pizza and my first and last case of food poisoning, I still do not like pizza.  Hit me up on Facebook, I would love to reconnect!
    Staci (Haffner) Uechtritz
                               Staci (Haffner) Uechtritz   Australia
    I got married in July of 1998 to Anthony Uechtritz in Sydney, Australia.  I have a  daughter named Rylie Baye, and and son named Tristin
    Jessica (Hall) Christopherson
                Jessica (Hall) Christopherson  Lake Oswego, OR 
    Real estate agent
    Terri (Harmon) Turner
                           Terri (Harmon) Turner  West Linn, OR 
    I have a 4 year old boy. I love being a Mom. I am an AVP Compliance Dept. of a Bank in town. It is a great job, and I love it. Since High School I moved around a little, I lived in Washington then Florida and now I am back in West Linn. I can't believe how much it has changed.
    Favorite memory:  Working in the office with Patty Haffner
    Dana (Head) Strawn
                               Dana (Head) Strawn  Ashton, ID  
    I just got married in 2009 to my amazing and wonderful husband Keith Strawn.
                                           Joanna (Houser) Bewley  Oregon City, OR 
     Public Administration
    MBA 2010!  FINALLY!  I have been serving on a Clackamas County board, an allocation committee in Portland, and in my AWESOME church singing on the worship team.  My oldest moved out of the house--how strange is that?  I am looking to make a career change but it is difficult in this economy.  I just celebrated my 18- year anniversary with my husband with a stop at Hopworks Urban Brewery for some great beer and Duff's garage for some great blues!  Life is good.
    My favorite memories are road- tripping to Canada with Choir and kicking tail in Jazz festival!  Ditching school with my brother Ken.  Mayday 1991-- watching the court dance in the gym to "Kiss the Girl."  Kickin' it with our bassist, Josh Farley, on choir trips.
    Find me on Facebook!  Keep me updated on our 20 yr reunion!  See you there.
    Ken Huelsman
                               Ken Huelsman  Portland, OR  
    Since high school, I jumped around colleges until I finally completed my "degree quilt."  I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Oregon and went on to teach in elementary special education.  Ready for a larger stage, I accepted a position as an account manager in San Francisco.  That was an amazing time.  I spent most of my free time on Ocean Beach, at Golden Gate Park, or in the city.  I loved it!  Eventually, I moved back to Portland and worked as a counselor for abused and neglected children in a day treatment setting.  Getting to know each of these kids and their families was humbling and helped me keep my own life in perspective.  Working in Social Services has so many intangible rewards, but lacks in other areas.  In order achieve those goals, I had to make some changes.  Now, I am an advisor for college students and enjoy wearing the many different "hats" to support students and their dreams.
    I will never forget English with Mrs. Grew (sorry for being such an imp), JVII baseball road trips (and Alex Weisensee asking coach Chapin to stop at Jiggles), the amazing run to the championship for WLHS basketball, Friday nights at Round Table pizza, and upper lot shenanigans.
    Todd Inman
                                     Todd Inman  Tigard, OR  
    Commercial Banking
    I graduated with degree in Finance from SMU in 1995. Moved speedily away from Texas and worked at Merrill Lynch in Portland for 6 years. Took some time off and met my wife, now of 4 years. Got into banking in 2005. Jodie and I have a two year old son named Street (after my great grandfather). Still am pals with Templeton, Wahrgren, McLean, Lyman, Sauber and Nutt.
    Favorite memory:  Running Mrs. Huggins out of town. Playing quarters with the fellas. Hanging at 7-11 and Roundtable. McLean putting the hockey beat down on Tucker at some field party.
    Becky Johnson
                                  Becky Johnson  Beaverton,OR  
    Stay-at-home mom
    I have two wonderful daughters ages 5 and 8 that keep me busy.  My days are filled with volunteering at school, helping out at church, exercising, and seeing friends.
    Favorite memory:  Hanging out with my friends, and playing varsity tennis.  I also enjoyed going off campus for lunch with friends, and not getting caught!
    Jerry Johnson
                                     Jerry Johnson  Elko, NV  
     Mine engineer
    After graduation I went to the University of Idaho for an 8 year party.  Somewhere along the way I picked up BS Degrees in Geological Engineering and Geology.  Thanks to some summer internships doing exploration geology for a molybdenum mine in Challis, Idaho, I fell in love with mining.  In 2000 I went to work for a small gold mine in the Mojave Desert in CA (right next to Death Valley).  Married Mica, my best friend and drinking buddy from the U of I, in 2002.  No kids for us.  I've been working for Barrick Gold in Nevada for the last 7 years and am currently Chief Engineer for the Ruby Hill Gold Mine near Eureka, NV.
    Favorite memory:  Can't say I miss the nerd stuff.  I drank that guy to death in college.  AC\DC Razor's Edge - Mica tries to introduce me to new bands, but I always come back to AC\DC.  Getting arrested with Jason Anderson trying to put the devil horns on the copper dome.
    Have not really kept in touch with anyone since graduation.  Worked summers with Erin Walsh at the West Linn Parks while we were in school and kept touch for a couple of years after that.  Don't really make it home much anymore and when I do family hogs up all the time.
    Bill Koellermeier
                                 Bill Koellermeier  Clayton, OH  
    Professional Driver
    Holli (Kriesel) Gagliardi
                          Holli (Kriesel) Gagliardi  New Jersey  
    Wife, House Executive, (AKA Mother) and a Business Owner
    I have a wonderful husband, two cutie kids... 5 years and 2 1/2 years. We just moved back to NJ (where my husband is from) after living in Clackamas for 6 years. We miss the Northwest but love it on the East Coast too.
    Favorite memory: Being on the Dance Team, and singing in the choir. I have many good memories of high school, good friends, good laughs and GOOD TIMES!
    Danijela Kvrgic
                      Danijela Kvrgic  Belgrade, Yugoslavia 
    HR Manager
    I graduated English language and Literature here in Yugoslavia and I am currently working in a French bank.  I did not get married.
    My English teacher Mrs. Hartfeil is one of my best memories.  She taught me how to think about literature and I am very grateful to her for that.
    Derek Lang
                                  Derek Lang  Elk River, MN   
    Process owner, Target Corp.
    Management I received my BS in mechanical engineering in'95 and took a job with Precision Castparts in Portland.  I met my wife, Jenny, shortly after returning and we were married in August of '98.  In 2001, after a couple of job changes, we quit our jobs and moved to the New York Capitol District for grad school.  I received my MBA in 2003 started working in a management position at Target's distribution center just outside of Saratoga Springs, NY.  Jenny gave birth to beautiful twin girls, Ainsley and Kendall, in October 2005.  In 2007 I received a promotion and we moved to Minneapolis where I work at Target's HQ.
    Jennifer (LeVee) Oace
                           Jennifer (LeVee) Oace  Dallas, OR  
     Homemaker, home school mom, and RN
    Well, after high school, I attended OSU for 3 years where I met my (then) future husband.  I then transferred to PSU where I graduated with a BS in Psych.  Medicine was always my goal in childhood/adolescence.... So after PSU, I went to Nursing school and became and RN.  During the last year of nursing school, I married Cory Oace and have been happily married since 1996.  We have 4 children, 2 boys: 0 and 2, and 2 girls: 7 and 5.  I have worked in Long-Term Care and in Public Health, but have mainly specialized in Pediatric Home Health.  Currently, I am extremely busy as a home school mom and work weekend rotations to alleviate call for the nurse manager in an assisted Living Facility.  I guess that pretty much sums up my current life.  Other than spending time with my kids/family, which I obviously do a lot of, my favorite thing to do is work in the yard and namely, mowing our field with the John Deere, what peace!
    Favorite memory:  Wow, there are so many different kinds of memories to choose from.  I definitely cherish the memories that my friends Minday, Melissa, and I shared in the earlier years.  Partying senior year was pretty fun, and chaotic, too.  Yikes, I haven't thought about those memories in awhile!!
    Life is short and who you were in high school, or who people thought you were doesn't matter!!!!
    Phil Lyman
                                     Phil Lyman  StrazPortland, OR  
    Troy MacKenzie
                                 Troy MacKenzie  West Linn, OR 
     Civil Engineer
                                                          Jeremy McDonald  Portland, OR 
     Flagger for 10 years
    Russell McLean
            Russell McLean    Portland, OR
    Financial Advisor
    Comment: Graduate from Iowa State in 1996.  Added a MBA in 2004. Married a terrific woman in 05. Expecting first child Valentine's Day 07.
    Favorite memory: Laughing with Mr. Welty.  Wreaking havoc on Mrs. Huggins's class with the likes of big Dave Templeton, Fruity Phil Lyman, and Inman.
        Renee (St. Marie) Hashbarger  West Linn, OR                                        hashbarger4@msn.com
    Married to Chad since 1998. Three amazing children. Balancing work, home,, and keeping up with all the constant activities.