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           paw          Christa Allen paw  christaallen@yahoo.com




     Justin Ament paw  West Linn, OR and Los Angeles, CA paw  justinament@aol.com





    Self Employed

     94AndersonJon         Jon Anderson paw  Waltham, MA paw andersoj@mitre.org

    Systems Engineer 

    Graduated from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy (BC Math/Physics) Part time student at Northeastern University, working on a Masters in Physics. Currently employed by the Air Force Center at the MITRE Corporation (www.mitre.org) doing research work in real-time distributed software systems.

     94BakerA                                  Adrienne (Baker) Stearns paw  Molalla, OR paw                                                                                                      dnastearns@wmconnect.com

    Orthodontic Assistant

    Since completing the PCC dental assisting program in 1999, I have been working for Dr. Cook in WL & OC. I married in 1999, we have two kids Natalie (2003) & Owen (2005). We love living in Molalla, our families are close, kids go to grandparents for daycare 4days/wk. We go camping, and boating when we can. Home Depot is our favorite store, love those home improvement projects. I hope to see more of you at the 20 year reunion!

     94BarkusN                               Nathan Barkus paw  New York, NY paw  nbarkus@yahoo.com

    Implementation/project manager

    Graduated from Washington University in 1998 in political science, moved to NYC and have lived there for about 5 years working for Reuters on currency trading software.

    Other stuff I do - travel when I can, run, enjoy New York, and think about moving back west someday.

    Currently (Spring 2006) taking a leave of absence to work as campaign manager for classmate Ben Cannon's run for State Representative.

    Favorite memory: going for coffee, skiing, cross country, and the newspaper.

    94BenevidesZ                       Zac Benevides paw  Philadelphia, PA paw  glife5@yahoo.com

    Physical Therapist

    94BlodgettC                               Carman (Blodgett) Gerlach paw  Clackamas, OR paw  cblodgett76@hotmail.com

    Therapeutic Assistant

    I went to Oregon State University where I graduated in 1999. I married Scott Gerlach in October of 2000. And I am a proud aunt of twins.

    I really enjoyed my friendships in high school, and have lots of happy memories when we were always laughing about something.

    94BrownK                                 Kelly (Brown) Wells paw  Camp Rudder, FL paw  dkkswells@earthlink.net

    7th Grade Teacher

    My husband recently returned from a year in Iraq and we were transferred to Camp Rudder in the Panhandle of Florida.  I will continue to teach here in Florida and our oldest daughter will attend pre-K at the same Prep School.  Our youngest daughter will be 2 in May.  Traveling from Washington to Florida with 2 toddlers and a cat in a minivan is not something I would recommend but it was an adventure! We are settling in and enjoying the beautiful weather.  Home is where the Army sends us...


     94BuchananT                              Tarra Buchanan paw  Beaverton, OR paw  tarrajb@hotmail.com

    Park Maintenance

    I graduated  from Oregon State in 2000 in Horticulture and am working for the City of West Linn.  I am getting married in the summer of 2003.

    My favorite memory was when we would skip class and make a slurpee run to 7-Eleven.

    94BurkhartsmeierT         Terese (Burkhartsmeier) Ferguson paw  Vancouver, WA paw  terri.ferg@comcast.net

    Housewife and Graphic Artist

    I have been taking care of my family and having fun!

    94BurnsJ                              Jacoby Burns paw  Los Angeles, CA paw   jacobyb@gmail.com

    Police Sergeant

    Between the gangs and the illegal immigrants, I hardly have time for myself.

    94BurnumJ                       Jamie Burnum paw  Petaluma, CA paw  jamiegirl1976@yahoo.com

    94CalderH                                         Heather (Calder) Roberts paw  Oregon City, OR paw  heathertr@comcast.net

    Stay at home mom

    I graduated Cum Laude from Emerson College in Boston in December, 1997. I met and married my husband shortly after. We now have a beautiful adopted daughter (born 2000) and a wonderful son who was born in 2002. I currently live in Oregon City but we are building a house in Redmond, OR and plan to move Summer '06. I stay at home with my kids and am currently caring for a medical foster child who will be leaving for an adoptive home soon.

     94ClowR                                Reesa (Clow) McTavish paw  Oregon City, OR paw  rees2n1@yahoo.com

    Administrative Assistant

    So much to say...I have a beautiful daughter, Ashlee, who turned 7 in April 2002 and a son Timothy who turned 3 in February 2002.  I'm currently not seeking work...I love being a mother.  My husband Chris and I met when I attended Canby High my Junior year, and we rekindled after I left my first husband.

    There are really too many to recall, but I do miss all my Jazz Choir buddies.

    And baby boy Joshua makes 3!!!  He was born July 15, 2003.  Looks just like me!

    Joseph Robert was born April 11, 2005. We call him little Joe. Who would have thought I'd have 4 kids?!!!

    94CoxM                            Molly (Cox) Richardson paw  Milwaukee, OR paw                                                                                                   gmharichardson@netzero.com

    Office Manager & Self Employed.

    I have been married to my husband for four years, but together for six. I have a wonderful little two year old boy named Austin and a wonderful eight year old stepdaughter named Hailey. Between work and kids I am always on the run.

    My favorite memory is hanging out with my friends.

    94DostalF                           Frederik Dostal paw  Phoenix, AZ paw  fdostal@cox.net

    Applications Engineer for Semiconductors

    I have moved to live in Phoenix, AZ with the whole family.  Even though we still have our roots in Germany, we decided to pack up and move to a sunny climate.  We have been in Phoenix for over a year now and so far we have enjoying our time.  In September we are expecting our third child.  This time it will be a boy and a US citizen.!!

     94DownsH                   Andrea (Downs) Hobi paw  West Linn, OR paw  hobiga@comcast.net

    Mom and Accounting

    94DrozD                     Dawnelle (Droz) Breum paw  Ontario, Canada paw  dawnelle@symp+atico.ca

    Currently at home with kids!

    I graduated from George Fox in 1997 with a degree in Elementary Education, and got married that spring to Jason Breum (also WL alumni- class of '88!).

    I taught first grade for a year before having my daughter, and then had two boys- our kids are now 6,4 and 2. I'm still at home with them, and we're actually living in Canada (for 2 years) for a project with the company he works for, and then we'll be back in the USA.

    I loved jazz choir. And, looking back, I wish I would have appreciated all the free time I had!

                paw                          Aaron Durham paw  South Bend, Indiana paw  aaronpb2004@yahoo.com


    Current college student in Computer Networking & Information Systems.

    I miss so much--the friends I had--and wish to reconnect.

    94DykehouseR                  Robert Dykehouse paw  Atlanta, Georgia paw  k94rd01@aol.com

    Flight Attendant

    94ElliottA                  Allison Elliot paw  Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada paw                                                                                            elliott.allison@gmail.com


    I'm about to begin my thesis at University of British Columbia's Master's of Architecture program ("programme," if you're Canadian). I should be graduating in January, 2008, at which point I will move...somewhere, or perhaps stay in Vancouver, and practice architecture.

    I am happily single, am even more happily child-free. I love the freedom of traveling, and I'm very happy to be working in a field that is so exciting and creative.

    94EliottK                 Kyle Elliot paw  Boise, ID paw  wardenpug@msn.com

    Restaurant Manager

    Married in March `02

    94EnfieldS                   Stacey (Enfield) Hedges paw  Portland, OR paw  stasia99@aol.com

    Behavior Analyst

    My husband, Jason Hedges and I live in Portland with our two beautiful daughters, Audrey Elizabeth who is 18 months and Chelsey, who is almost 8 years old! I have been working as a Behavior Analyst, setting up treatment programs for children with Autism for the past 11 years, but now my focus is my husband and our daughters! Jesus has blessed us so abundantly and we are so happy!

    Favorite memory: I loved being a Debutante and cheering on our football team! My favorite memories are with my friends, especially Dawnelle (Droz) Breum! I can't believe how quickly time has passed...

    Sorry I missed our 10 year reunion...hope to come to the next one :)

    94GardnerC                  Carrie Gardner paw  New York, NY paw  

    Casting Director

    No wonderful husband, no beautiful children...amen.

    Favorite memory: Pizza Pockets

    94GastonB                 Brent Gaston paw  Durham, OR paw  gaston_breant@hotmail.com

    Geologist, dad.

    94GiammancoI                  Ian Giammanco paw  Spokane, WA paw  i.giammanco@comcast.net


    Married 5 years to my wonderful wife Sara, just had our first munchkin this past year, Sophia. She is the best thing ever and shares my sense of humor: fart jokes, coarse language, and loud inappropriate yelling.

    Favorite memory: My favorite memories from high school are Jimmy's chicken heart, Gabe Datsun's pickup (the Deathson), and the Ring of Terror.

    94GibsonS               Summer (Gibson) Bateman paw  Oregon City, OR paw  henwyr@msn.com

    Oral Surgery Assistant and mom

    In February of our senior year, I moved back to Hood River and graduated there. I stayed for a few years, before moving back to WL. I went through the Dental Assisting program at PCC and am very happy I did. I now have been doing oral surgery for 5 years. My baby girl, Callysta was born in November 2000. I am married to a great guy who grew up in Sandy, Oregon who I met through a friend that I met in Dental Assisting. We live in Oregon City - The Rival!!

    Coming from a place where everyone went four-wheeling, I missed that greatly. I was thrilled to be able to get Brent Gaston to take me out so we could drive in the mud!!

    94GomezM                 Mike Gomez paw  West Linn, OR paw  pickleandbug@netzero.com

    Self-Employed, PFA

    Hi everyone!!! I was married in May of 1998 to a beautiful girl from McMinnville and we currently live in West Linn again near the High School.  Oh, to be young and in high school!  I can't believe we looked that young back then.  Currently, I have decided to return to school to finish my pre req.'s for the Radiography program at PCC.  Photography was always my thing in school- now it will be slightly different type of picture taking.  Once I get my AA degree, I'll transfer my credits to a 4-year school and finish it out for the BS.  Busy, huh?

    I really enjoyed the time I could spend in the old photography lab in the "new building."  It was a great experience at WLHS and I look forward to seeing you all at the ten year!!!!!

    Does anyone remember Chainsaw, Cortez, Wad, Smitty, Yonareth, "e-bra", Bails, or Big Wave Dave?  E-mail me if you can identify them... 

                      paw                    David Christopher Gravellepaw  Westminster, CO paw  davidcgravelle@msn.com

    Quallity Assurance Manager - White Wave Foods

    94HartensteinA              Aaron Einstein Hartenstein paw  Keizer, OR paw  Aaron@eternalimpact.org

    Bus Driver

    Life has been crazy. Have been playing worship music for the last ten years all over the place. I have been driving a bus for the N. Clackamas School District for two years now and recently bought a home in Keizer.

    Favorite memory: Jazz Choir. All my favorite memories are of choir and Canada. Yoooooouuuuuu Guuuyyyysss!!!! For you Tim, Andy and Jack.

    94HiattS  Sarah (Hiatt) Miller paw  Vancouver, WA paw  wlhs1994@hotmail.com


    I graduated from Washington State University in 1998 with a degree in Elementary Education/Early Childhood and quickly went back to work on my Masters in Ed. In 1999 I married my husband, a fellow Coug, and settled in the Portland area. We have a wonderful daughter named Molly who was born in 2002. I am a part-time Kindergarten teacher and love both my mornings at home with Molly and my afternoons with my Kindergarteners! I feel very fortunate to have maintained many close relationships with WLHS friends.

     94HillM Mandi Hill paw  Beaverton, OR paw  jbmh@verizon.net 


    94hoffkami  Kami Hoff  paw  Portland, OR paw   KCady460@msn.com

    PacLease Rental Manager


    94HovekeE          Liz Hoveke paw  Wilsonville, OR paw  lizhoveke@hotmail.com

    Sales Administration

     Stephanie Jordan  Stephanie Jordan paw  Gladstone, OR paw  stephrj76@aol.com

    Travel Agent for World Travel BTI

    I finished up travel school and started working at Rail Europe selling European Rail passes to travelers. I have since moved on to World Travel BTI working as a travel agent helping corporate travelers with their itineraries. I hope to start enjoying the benefits of working in the travel industry within the coming year. :-)

    JusticeT  Tara Justice paw  Wilsonville, OR paw  tarajustice@hotmail.com


    Mary Lee  Mary Lee paw  LA, CA paw maryleepdx@yahoo.com

    My Life

    Living free and happy.  Living for myself and not for the grid...

    Favorite memory:  Ms. Murray's English class

    Life Rules, I laugh everyday.

     Long Adrianna Arianna Long paw  Portland, OR paw  acl926@yahoo.com

    Human Resources

    I am currently working at Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc and I have a little girl, Teagan Marley, who just turned 2 in August 2003.

     Ludlow  Rhiannon Ludlow paw  Atlanta, GA paw  rludlow76@yahoo.com

    Stay at Home Mom

    In 1998 I graduated from Portland State with a BS in Social Science. 2 weeks later I married my husband whom I met over the internet and moved to Georgia. I recently had our first child (May).  A baby boy named Reece.  I am now staying at home to take care of him.

    My favorite high school memories were getting off campus to go to lunch with friends and independent study in Art with Mrs. Pass.

     Magnusson Ryan Magnusson paw  Columbus, GA paw  davinci357@hotmail.com

    Computer Programmer

     Marchant Nicole (Marchant) Fischer paw  Poulsbo, WA paw  fischersid@yahoo.com

    Momma mia

    Home web page address:  www.thedelifamily.blogspot.com

    I attended LDS Business college right after high school.  I married my soul mate in 1996.  We had our first child in '98, second in' 99.  We both graduated in 2000.  I graduated with my associate’s degree in general studies.  After graduation my husband took a job that brought us to Bremerton WA.  We have had 3 more children since then.  I love being a stay at home mom.  My number one joy in life is my family.  My current interests include working on our house, gardening, visiting farmer's markets, running, and listening to NPR to name a few.

    Favorite high school memories?  Choir trip to Victoria, Canada.  Miss Murray's English class.  I think of her every time I see a red telephone booth.  Journalism class my senior year (translated to lots of Slurpee runs).  Outdoor school.  Eating lunch in the commons at the "Mormon table."  Mr. Level singing "Juan Paco."  Mr. Bailey and all his motivational business quotes that always followed with a gum smack and a cheesy grin.  Playing volleyball on the "Z" team my freshman year.  When I was carrying around the stupid doll for the required family class and my doll's head rolled off the flour sack and on to the floor.  I am happy to report that so far, I have not had that happen to any of my kids.

     94marquartjtyler  Jtyler Marquart paw  jtylermarquart@hotmail.com

    (picture coming)  Jaime McLawhorn paw  West Linn, OR paw  jmm_pdx@yahoo.com

    Patient Service Assistant

    McMullen Summer (McMullen) Fife paw  NJ paw  forevrmyne@aol.com

     94milleremilie Emilie Miller paw  Portland, OR paw  millerem@ohsu.edu

    Grad Student

    Currently working towards a PhD in Neuroscience at OHSU, running marathons, and playing soccer.

     notter  Joe Notter paw  Denver, CO paw  j_notter@hotmail.com

    Musician (Wireless Engineer to pay the bills)

    Proud daddy to a cute little girl born in August. My wife makes such a great mother to her. I am playing bass in the church band every week. Working for Cingular Wireless as an RF Engineer.

    Favorite Memory: My favorite parts of high school were playing in jazz and pep band.

    It was so cool to catch up with some of you at the reunion... so neat to see how some peoples' lives have changed while others haven't changed much at all. Amazes me how we've ended up all over the world with so many different life experiences. 

     Ogle Jen Ogle paw  Atlanta, GA paw  jogle@peoplepc.com

    Pfannensteil   Dana (Pfannenstiel) Sullivan paw  Beaverton, Oregon paw  dana.sullivan@nike.com

    Graphic Design

     I graduated from Maine College of art in 1998 with a BFA in graphic design, soon after graduation I moved back to Oregon, and have worked at Nike since.

     94pixtoncourtney Courtney Pixton paw  West Linn, OR paw  courtney@pixtonfamily.com

    Private Voice Teacher/Performer/Mom

    (picture coming) Kelley (Powelll) Calkins paw  Clinton, MT paw  kelleyanddon@blackfoot.net


    Stay at home with 3 kids, Mikayla is almost 7, Craig is 3, and the baby, Isabella, is 3 months old. Have been married to my husband Don for 7 years and just moved to Montana.

    Ramage ) David Ramage paw  Wilsonville, OR paw  daveramage@hotmail.com

    Bus Driver

    I just wanted to let everybody know what has been going on with Big Dave.  I married Amy Dublin and we have 3 kids Tyler, Erin, and Jordan.  Life has been very good to us.  But nothing was as good as me coming to Christ.

    Favorite Memory: 1994 Varsity Basketball BABY.  GO LIONS!

    My relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.  I just wanted everybody to know that I am going back to school to become a youth pastor.  Take care everyone and god bless.

    Big Dave

    rudis  Michael Rudis paw  Portland, OR paw  michaelrudis@comcast.net

    Most recently I moved back to Portland to be with my significant other and her two children. I had been in Houston, TX on an internship (Lunar Architecture) at NASA's Johnson Space Center until our project was deferred by congress (you gotta love 'em). So I decided to return to my favorite part of the country and begin my career in a more conventional practice of Architecture while I finish a Master's degree in space architecture and extreme environments through the Univ. Houston. What a ride the last few years have been. I still love to get out and hike and now that I'm back in the NW I can't wait to get back up on the Mountain. I try to find time to get into the city and I still enjoy stopping off at the Pied Cow or the Rimsky-Korsakoffee House. Maybe I'll see you there sometime.

    Favorite memory:  It would have to be the people, and the things we came up with to leave campus....from the theatre to concerts and the model democratic convention to conversations over coffee and exploring the city. One of my most favorite spontaneous experiences was when Beth, April, myself and a couple other's headed down town right after school for the impromptu "Forest Summit Concert". That was a great way to end another ordinary day of classes.

    Keep in touch, never hesitate to take a chance and be good humans.

    schaefer  Brett Schaefer paw  Fort Huachuca, AZ paw  bschaefe@hotmail.com

    US Intel Analyst / Counter-Intelligence Analyst

    I'm doing fine.  I hope everyone is in good health; time goes way too fast.

    Favorite high school memories?  Oh no, those go to the grave.

     94schwindtkristi Kristi (Schwindt) Alford paw  Bend, OR paw  gknalford@yahoo.com


    Married in June 2001 to Garrett, who I met at Western.  We have two boys, Noah born in December 2004 and Jonah born in June 2008.  Living in Bend and loving it.

    94sherrisregan  Regan Sherris paw  San Francisco, CA paw  rsherris@hotmail.com


    (picture coming) Amber Shorthill paw  PDX, OR paw  madtreehugger@comcast.net 

    Full time student, part-time bar tender 


    paw           Rob Smith   paw          robertdwnsmith@gmail.com



    sobieczyk Beth (Sobiesczyk) Schreck paw  Portland, OR paw  beaverbethhome@aol.com

    Owner and Operator of a Big Town Hero

    I graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. in Speech Communication.  After graduation I went into project management/event and meeting planning.  I got married in May of 2003 to a wonderful man and fellow OSU Beaver.  Now I am managing our Big Town Hero sub shop located in Beaverton.

    stewart Stephanie (Stewart) Esquivel paw  Phoenix, AZ paw  bikopiggy@yahoo.com

    Kindergarten Teacher

    I've been living in Phoenix, Arizona for the last ten years.  I'm married and I have an 8 month old daughter named Emma.

    I loved Jazz Choir with Candy.  We always had such a great time.  She taught me so many things. 

    templeton Tracy (Templeton) Normoyle paw  Tualatin, OR paw  tracynormoyle@hotmail.com

    Advertising Sales

    I graduated from U of O in 1998 and worked for the Trail Blazers until 2003.  Recently I began working in radio advertising sales.  I married Chad Normoyle in 1998 and we live in Tualatin.  My mom still works at the high school and I keep in touch with lots of my WLHS friends.

    My favorite high school memories are of Ms. Murray's AP English class and of Friday night football games!

    tiderman Jaime (Tiderman) Qual paw  Sunriver, OR paw  Jtid@earthlink.net


    I've been married for almost seven years and live in Sunriver.  I graduated from Eastern Oregon University with a Masters Degree in Teacher Education.

    (picture coming) Nina Toscana paw  Italy paw  ninat13648@hotmail.com

    fancy livin'

    Home web page:  www.myspace.com/rawrasaur

    Favorite Memory:  emo children

     trask Bren Trask paw  Portland, OR paw  girrlscout@yahoo.com


     tribou Trent Tribou paw  West Linn, OR paw  TrentTribou@Hotmail.com

    Medical Sales

    Graduated from Oregon State University. Married in 2004. My wife and I are expecting our first child in Feb. 2008.

    All my memories are good.

    wahrgren  Lora Wahrgen paw  Milwaukie, OR paw  Sukibailey@yahoo.com

    Full time college student, work part time.

    I went to college for a year after graduating and I didn't know what I wanted to do with school so I quit and started living on my own and worked different jobs.  Just this last September I started going back to school to finish my degree I started in Elementary Education.  I am working part-time at Unifed, or most people know it as United Grocers, in their warehouse packing orders.  I live with a guy that I met through my work.  We live in a house in Milwaukie.  We've been living together for almost 4 yrs. now and have one cat.  Other than doing homework lately I spend my time going mt. biking, running, hiking, camping and anything else outdoors.  I hope all of you are happy with life and doing well.  I am looking forward to getting caught up and maybe seeing some of you at the reunion in a few years.  Take care! - Lora.

    waite  Lindsay (Waite) Sanders paw  Tualatin, OR paw   linnyjs@hotmail.com

     Educational Research

    In August 2001 I got married to Shaun Sanders and we have lived in Tualatin ever since. We have a beautiful son, Jackson, who turned 2 in July 2007. I work full time for an educational research organization, NWEA, in Lake Oswego. I love my family and try to celebrate life each day!

    Favorite memory: I love my memories of Jazz Choir, Debs, and all of the great friendships

     94walcyzkjanelle Janelle (Walczyk) Brannan paw


    warren Stacey (Warren) Gould paw   West Linn, OR paw   stacey6@aol.com

    Office Manager

    After high school I attended Clackamas Community College for a while taking business classes. Went to work full time and have been at the same job for the last five as an office manager for a company in West Linn. I have a three year old son. Still enjoying the same things now as I did in HS... camping, country music, antiques and fun in the outdoors. Look forward to seeing everyone!

    Favorite memory: Four-wheeling, forestry competitions, Taco-Bell runs, Goat Mtn. trips, and country concerts.

    winter Elise (Winter) Ellsworth paw  Provo, UT paw   eaw2@lawgate.byu.edu

    Stay at Home Mom

    I graduated from BYU two years ago in English Teaching and completed one and a half years of law school.  I married a wonderful man - Kyle Ellsworth - from Arizona, and we have a baby boy who is named Ethan.  Now I am a stay at home mom.  Kyle is starting a Master's of Engineering/MBA program in the fall.  Kyle and I love to travel.  We spent last summer working at internships in Frankfurt, Germany and this summer we will travel to Kumi, Korea. 

     woebke Brian Woebke paw  Seattle, WA paw  brian.woebke@verizon.net

     Mechanical Engineer

     wright Marci (Wright) Althorp paw  West Linn, OR paw  allegs14@hotmail.com