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    95hannah   Tony Hanna     Rathdrum, ID    tonyhanna3@gmail.com 

    Teacher and Coach

    Married for 14 years with 2 beautiful kids.


    Round Table Pizza on Friday night after the football games.

    95Cara     Cara Monaco Jacobsen    Gladstone, OR    carajacobsen33@gmail.com


    Domestic Engineer


    95peterson   Michel Peterson     Tigard, OR    dolandius@yahoo.com
    Software Engineer

     paw  Jeff Amato paw  Portland, OR paw  jeff_amato@yahoo.com

     Group Sales Representative

    Working for Genworth Financial as the Oregon Group Sales Representative.

    Married in July 2004


     paw  Kelly (Amey) Marty paw  Portland, OR paw  kellyscookie@hotmail.com

    Graduated from UCSB in 2000.  Married in 2005.  Living in SW Portland.  We have two beautiful daughters and a crazy black lab.

    paw  Heidi (Becker) Nelsen paw  Tigard, OR paw  heidinelsen@hotmail.com


    paw  Lacy (Belhumeur) Serber paw  California

    Pilates instructor

    paw  Erik Berg paw  San Diego, CA paw  erikjberg@gmail.com

    Reese Blahuta paw   reeseblahuta@hotmail.com 

    paw  Laura (Boergadine) Sapp paw  Houston, TX paw  laura.sapp@gmail.com


    I've been married since 1998, and have 2 boys ages 8 and 3. If I haven't heard from you in a long time, drop me an email.

    Favorite memory: My crazy friends and the stuff we did at the place with the people, you know?  Yeah.  Good times...good times.

    paw  Erica Breland paw  Vancouver, WA paw  goofygirl7779@hotmail.com

    Home Health Care For Handicapped Adults

    Favorite memory: Choir and the friends that I made in it. Friends that I now miss.

    paw  Holly Brownridge-Teters Fay paw  Lake Oswego, OR paw  brian.holly.fay@comcast.net

    Oncology nurse

    paw  Kindra (Buchanan) McLennan paw  Chicago, IL paw  kindramclennan@hotmail.com

     Child and Family Therapist

    paw  Travis Christensen paw  Daejon, South Korea paw  travislchristensen@gmail.com

    Accounting Lecturer

    paw  Amy Clark paw  Oregon City, OR paw  tigerpawspc@ccwebster.net

    About two years ago after graduation, I went on a moving spree with my husband Jim. I got to experience a lot of wonderful things. We lived in Denver, Chicago, and Florida, and now as of last spring are back living in Oregon.

    paw  Jami (Clark) Tompson paw  Phoenix, AZ paw  jami.clark@hotmail.com
    Director of Brand PR


    paw  Jennifer (Coleman) Pierce paw  Beaverton, OR paw  piercejl15@hotmail.com


    I married my husband Joel in 2006, and we now live in Beaverton with our dog Kirby. I work at EPIC Imaging as an ultrasound tech and am having a blast.

     95agee  Jon Ageepaw  Portland, ORpaw  ageejon@hotmail.com


    Just bought the first house.  Got a boxer puppy.

    Favorite memory: Lunch

     95amestoy  Jennie Amestoy (Cihigoyenetche)paw  Nampa, IDpaw jenniecihi@gmail.com

    Clinical research

    I met my husband at a barbecue in 2003 . . . and moved to Idaho in 2004 . . . got married in 2006, bought a house in 2007 and had our baby boy, Cameron, in 2009 . . . We've been busy!  We are huge BSU fans and love hanging out at home with our dog Chloe and watching Cameron grow and change every day. . . life is great!

    Favorite memory:  Going bowling and out for frozen yogurt with the girls.  Slumber parties and watching corny Tom Cruise movies.

    Looking back at high school, I have great memories and am glad that we all made it through those 4 years!

     95Barnes  Tara L Barnespaw  West Linn, ORpaw  tara050377@aol.com

     95Bararro  Elise (Barrero) Matthewsp  Tualatin Oregonp  sassyqat@yahoo.com

    I graduated from George Fox with a Business/Arts degree and worked for a local sculptor.  For some reason, corporate life sounded appealing and I was sucked in for a couple of years.

    Favorite memory: Going to the games with my friends

    I married Brian 01/02 and we have a little girl, Madeleine, born 2/04. She keeps us on our toes and is so amazing to watch.


     95Becker  Michelle (Becker) Fletcher p Yuma, AZ p  unifletch@yahoo.com


    My husband and I just celebrated 7 years of marriage on June 08. I spend my days with Johnny (age 4), Emily (age 1.5) and am waiting for Robbie (to be born in Sept).  I am playing the piano, singing, and giving piano lessons and enjoy every minute of it.  My husband will be applying for medical school this summer and we hope to get back to the Pacific NW by the time it gets to be 125 degrees next summer.  Hope you are all well.

    Favorite memory: German class, Jennifer Kahre, Emily Notter, Band, and graduation. : )

     95Beier  Jamie (Beier)  Maulpaw  Portland, OR p jamiebeier@hotmail.com

    Office Manager

    I went to college in Claremont, CA.  Got married and moved to San Diego.  Got divorced and moved home to Portland 3 years ago.  Now, I am an office manager for a small engineering firm in the Pearl, doing some volunteer work and slowly familiarizing myself with local politics.  Oregon is so interesting!!  I am also singing with a band called The Trouble With Girls.  Check out our website, which will be updated soon.  right now, there are no pictures and the songs are their last singer . . . but soon! 

    I'm very happy living in SE with my 3 cats and riding my bike all around.

    Favorite memory:  Driving around in Hayley Montgomery's dad's pick up truck, blaring country music and singing along at the top of our lungs.  "That ain't my truck in her driveway . . ."

    I had a great time at the reunion.  Anyone who wants to catch up, please email me.  I'd love to hear from you.

     95Brinkman  Jenny Brinkman paw  Gladstone, OR paw

    Telephone bank financial operator

    Well, I have 2 beautiful boys, Tyler, and Trenton Holt.  I have a wonderful fiancée named Michael.

    Favorite memory: Lunch time and hanging out with friends.

     95Buerk  Joshua Buerkp  Oak Harbor, WA p  joshua.buerk@comcast.net

    U.S. Navy

    I've made it 10 years in the Navy and am still charging along with my wife Wendy, daughter Olivia and son Noah.

    Favorite memory:  Couldn't go without mentioning choir--thank you Candy . . . also Marvin Walker and the '95 Chess Team; also being casual and free in the parks around the city.

    I wish you all the best--if you need prayer or someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'll do my best to reply to you, although I deploy frequently.


     95Buffington  Aaron Buffington P  Beaverton, OR P  aaronbuffington@yahoo.com

    Printing ink technician/Musician

    Married with three daughters.  Lead singer in the rock band Detour Effect.

     95buoy  Diana Buoy (Liz) P  Houston, TX P   elizabeth31@comcast.net

    United States Navy-and Culinary School

    I have been in the Navy for seven years.  I have been to Iraq and Afghanistan twice.  I am now stationed in Houston, TX, doing administrative work for the district office.

    Favorite memory:  Cheerleading and dance team

    If anyone knows when the next class reunion will be please let me know and if any help is needed in planning one.

     95cannon  Vikki (Cannon) Modjeski p  Happy Valley, OR p  vikkimodjeski@yahoo.com


    In winter of '95. I met Steve who was playing football at Western with Brad Bacon, Bryan Reed, Jeff Williams,...etc. We got married 3 years later. We now have 3 little boys: Mitchell 5, Parker 3, and Cooper 2 months. Needless to say my time is spent playing T-ball, going to the park, and changing diapers. I love it!

     95carroll  Matthew Carroll paw  Government Camp, ORpaw  mthoodmc@gmail.com

    Residential Home Design / Webmaster / Auditor

    Home web page address:  http://www.cdihomeplans.com/

    Finished college in 2001 at Portland State.  Straight out of school started working in website development, then after a brief stint at Intel decided the cubicle corporate 9-5 life was not for me.  Now I live on the slopes of Mt. Hood working for Timberline Lodge and the family home design business.  I snowboard all winter, surf all summer, and travel year round. I've climbed to the top of Mt. Hood (2x), Jefferson, St. Helens (2x) & the South Sister.  I'm running in the Hood to Coast this year (2009) & am stoked to be going to the Olympics in BC Feb 2010!!!

    Favorite memory:  State playoffs in football (player) and baseball (spectator) senior year, and seeing Wayne come back from a head injury to play basketball again.

    Livin' the dream!

     95Ebert  Shannon (Egbert) Rainspaw  Wilsonville, ORpaw  agentscullyeyore@aol.com

    Elementary Teacher

     95eisilematt  Matt Eisele paw  West Linn, ORpaw backstop06@hotmail.com

    Branch Manager for Electrical Distributor

    Graduated From St. Martin's University in 2000 with BA in Business/Marketing and then finally hung up my spikes. Married since 6/2003. Enjoying Life.

    Favorite memory: State title game in '95 for baseball.

     95fiewegerthomas  Tommy Fiewegerpaw  Lake Oswego, ORpaw  tommyfieweger@hotmail.com


    95finnestadbridget  Bridget (Finnestad) Keyte paw  twoprincessesmomma@yahoo.com

    Customer Relations

    I am happily married for almost 10 years now.  We have 3 wonderful children:  Lily born 12/02, Haley 3/04, and our newest edition Owen 3/09.  Our family is complete.  I work full time, at the office and then again at home :)  I'm surprised I haven't kept in contact with a single person from high school.

    Favorite memory:  Hanging out in the choir building, upstairs sorting sheet music.  Choir trips to BC and Disneyland.

    95furstnatalie  Natalie (Furst )Shaw paw  Virginia Beach, Virginia paw  blondernbsn@msn.com

    Trauma RN

    Living in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  I have been living in Virginia for a few years now and live on the beach.  Nothing like Oregon, that is for sure.  Living the military life - gotta love it.  This is fighter town and Navy Atlantic Fleet Central always fun going on.

    Favorite memory:  I look like such a dork, ha ha.  Too funny.  Lunch.  The crowds, friends and all the fun we had.  There were so many of us that hung out.  The choir, our trip to Victoria B.C., Brigadoon musical, lots of things.  Volleyball, still play it actually.   More fond memories than I thought I had.  Although it feels like 20 years ago.

    I guess we will be having our ten-year reunion this summer, I can't believe we are already this old. 


     95gatessean  Sean Gates p  West Linn, OR p  g8s@comcast.net

    Application Software Engineer/Web Developer


    Working for ADP Dealer Services in Portland.  Bought a house in West Linn.  Have two beautiful daughters (Fiona and Aida) and am busy with life.  Contact me if you want to play soccer :-)

    95gavinjennifer  Jennifer (Gavin) Burghardt p  Oregon p   jburghardt@gmail.com

    Loss Mitigation Consultant/business owner

    Married and I have a set of twins one boy one girl.  I am a consultant that saves homes from foreclosure.  Very happy and healthy.  I am in a great place finally!  I will hopefully be moving back to WL soon.  Go figure.  I couldn't wait to get out of the place not too long ago.

     p  Todd Gerlach p  Fort Collins, COp   tgerlach@cbwautomation.com

    Mechanical Engineer

    I graduated from OSU and moved to Colorado about a year and a half ago.  I am recently engaged to be married September '02.  I hope all is well with everyone.

    95gordonjesse  Jesse Gordon p  Newberg, OR p  jiffyjoe@gmail.com


    Married, 2 children, Joseph (2) and Faith (not quite born yet).  Livin' the dream!

    Favorite memory:  The picture in our senior yearbook.

     95grassmanemily  Emily Grassmanp  West Linn, OR West Linn, OR   egrassman@hotmail.com

    Special Education Teacher

    95hannatony  Tony HannaTony Hanna   Post Falls, ID  Post Falls, ID  TonyHanna@Windermere.com

    Teacher and Coach

    Married with two children, Brady (6) and Alexis (3).

    95haycrafttravis  Travis Haycraft Travis Haycraft   Shoreline, WAShoreline, WA   travish@mayfieldcompanies.com

    Superintendent for Mayfield construction

    My life has been a whirlwind of ups and downs but I am on a steady pace of happiness.

    Favorite memory:  Well, I wasn't a very good student but I did enjoy the parties and all the friends I met along the way.  All the parties were really fun but I would say my best memories were all the life long friends I met along the way.

    See ya in a couple of years.

    95heislerjason  Jason Heisler Jason Heisler  Tigard, OR p   jasonheisler@comcast.net

    Mechanical Engineer


      p  Lindsay Herronn p  Denver, CO p   Lindsay_Herron@hotmail.com

     95hildnerben  Ben Hildner p   Portland, OR p  notaslavetofashion@gmail.com

    School counselor

    Peace Corps Honduras ('02-'04).  Married Tatiana (2004).  Moved back to USA with Tatiana (2005).  Lucas was born (2007).  Bought a house in Portland (2008).

    Favorite memory:  Hacky-sacking in the commons; smoking in the senior parking lot; skating by on grades and slacking any responsibility . . .

     95houckandrea  Andrea Houck p  Cabo San Lucas, BCS, Mexicop  andrea@frasconefamily.com

    95jonesjennifer  Jennifer Jones p  Redmond, Washington Redmond, Washington  ashleyz@verizon.net

     95johnsonsuzanne  Suzie (Johnson) Clenaghen paw  Lake Oswego, ORLake Oswego, OR  suzbrogus@yahoo.com

     kaufmannrenee  Renee (Kaufman) McKechnie Renee (Kaufman) McKechnie  Portland, ORPortland, OR   reneemckechnie@yahoo.com

     95koellemeirkelly   Kelly Koellermeier p  Albany, OR p catlov12000@yahoo.com


     95lenhartandrea  Andrea Lenhart p  Boston, MA p

     95lewissonja Sonja Lewis p   Oregonp    foxybear1@hotmail.com

    95lintonerica  Erica (Linton) Denton p   Hillsboro, ORp   erica.denton@gmail.com

    Clinical Analyst

     95magnussonkrista  Krista Magnusson p  Floridap   krista.magnusson@gmail.com

    Computer Programmer

    Graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2002 - BS Management Info. Systems.  Currently pursuing Masters in MIS, graduating in December 2006 at USF in Tampa, FL.

     95makuakanemichelle  Michelle (Makuakane) Bungay p  Issaquah, WA p  mbungay@tcco.com

    Purchasing Manager for a General Contractor

      95mamulaaaron  Aaron Mamula p  Santa Cruz, CA p  aaron.mams@gmail.com

    Home web page address:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/aaron-mamula/10/586/132


     95meilingkaren  Karen (Meiling) Hardyp  Miami, FL p karen@karenandlyle.com

    Operational Finance

     95monacocara  Cara Monaco p  Milwaukie, OR p  camona5@aim.com

    Student / Caregiver / Mom

    My son just turned 6 and I can't believe how fast time is going by.  I have never been married, thank God, and I am waiting patiently to get into nursing school.  I'm going to start at PSU to work on my Bachelors then Masters.  I'm basically going to be a student for the next twelve years, but I'm loving school.  That's about it for me. 

    Favorite memory:  My favorite high school moments were every morning taking early period weight training with the majority of the football team. 


     95moorechuck  Chuck Moore p  Bellevue, WAp  chuckmoore99@hotmail.com

    Product Manager

      95mutermegan Megan Muter p  Chicago, IL p   mutermeg@hotmail.com

    Marketing Manager

    After graduating from Michigan State University in 2000 (Basketball National Champs!) I am working for an Architectural/Engineering firm in Michigan as a Marketing Coordinator. (www.ftch.com)

     95notteremily  Emily (Notter) Randall p  West Linn, OR p  emilyrandall5@yahoo.com

    Junior high English teacher and assistant administrator

    Todd ('93) and I married almost six years ago this June.  I'm in my first year as a half-and-half teacher/principal.  It's my tenth year teaching, and I still love junior highers.

    Favorite memory:  Jazz and chamber choir, German class, and hanging at lunchtime

    p  Deanna (Ralls) McCarty p  Fayetteville, North Carolina p  autemangel@earthlink.net


    I am a mom of 3 great kids: Zachariah, Zoe & Ava.   I am in the Air Force Reserves and currently finishing my BS in English Education.   I plan on teaching high school English when I am done.

    p Cleo F. Ramsey p  Peru  cramsey2010@hotmail.com

    Business administration

    Well after finishing the sophomore year in WLHS I got my GED and went back to Lima, Peru (South America) and start my own business.  I went to L.A. California and stated a Loan Officer Job there, this was in 2004 and all was very in till the international crisis and you know the rest of it.  At the moment I am in Lima, things here are doing very good . . . I am the father of a 4-year-old little girl.

    I would like it if the people who have the yearbook of 1992 - 1993 can scan it and send to me by e-mail . . . I would love to get in touch with some of my friends.


     95robertsonstacey Stacey (Robertson) Silva p   stacey-silva@comcast.net

    95robinsonjulie  Julie Robinson p  Oregon City, OR p   julles888@hotmail.com

    Special Education Teacher (Self Contained Behavioral Classroom)

    95sathertyler  Tyler Sather  p  Portland, OR p    tylersather@hotmail.com

    Dating and got a house

    Doing sales now for a company in Portland, OR

    Favorite memory: Parties

     p  Gabriel (Saurage) Feltonp  Lake Oswego, OR p  gabrielfelton@hotmail.com

    Professional adventurer; Privateer

    Married 2004, studying for degree in Elementary Education

    95shrockcarolyn Carolyn Schrock p  Wilsonville, OR p  carolynthevandal@yahoo.com

    Digital Archive Manager

    95sedlakdana  Dana Sedlak Voelker p  Hillsboro, OR p  dana.c.voelker@gmail.com

    Professional Fundraiser

    I am currently the district director for the Portland south Muscular Dystrophy Association.  I have a beautiful puppy named Sydney and amazing friends.

    95smithnathan  Nathan M. Smith p  Portland, ORp  scorpiopsych@gmail.com

    MH therapist

    95smithryan  Ryan Smith p   smithrt@gmail.com

    95spicerphyllis  Phyllis (Spicer) Hayes p  Portland, OR p   savvysailor@mac.com

    Group Fitness Instructor

    Graduated from OSU and landed my dream [nightmare] job in the Buying Office of M&F.  Played the corporate game processing mortgages.  Now I teach aerobics and love my job!  Married in 2004 to my best friend!

    Favorite memory:  My friends and some of my teachers are parts of my favorite memories from back then.

    95st.mariejamie  Jaime St. Marie  p  Beaverton, OR p  jaimestm2@hotmail.com

    Regional Sales Manager

    95streimersusan Susan (Streimer) Van Sickle p  Bow, WA  p  vansicklefamily@wildblue.net


    My husband (since 1999) and I moved to the Puget Sound area nearly three years ago.  He works for Paccar Corporation, and I stay home with our five kids aged 7, 6, 4, 2, and 1.  We're a homeschooling family that stays busy with church and home projects

    95swickardjesse Jesse Swickard  p  Sherwood, ORp   jesseswickard@hotmail.com

    Artist, snowboarder


    Living in a yurt, living working artist, snowboard lifestyle, enjoying freedom from the man!  I take winter off to snowboard around the NW, take trips to Chile to ride there.  Work some in the summer to afford my time off.  I love my life.

    Favorite memory:  Friends, cars, fixing my friends' cars, hanging out, miss some of the no stress I have to go to school life, miss the group of friends I use to run with.  Times change.

    I have so much to tell about my life, many changes, live everyday with respect and freedom, try not to get stuck in something you don't want, most of the time you don't need that junk around anyway, I live with no TV, no cell phone.  Very nice to have these things out of my life!

    p  Dannielle Tucker p Beaverton, ORp   dtmanaga247@aol.com

    95vilendredawn  Dawn (Vilendre) Cheungp  Beaverton, ORp   dvilendre@hotmail.com


    A lot has happened since graduation.  The best life-changing experience for me was getting married in October of '02.  No kids yet but we are hoping that will change soon.

    My favorite memory is spending time with friends and everything social.

    95wallicksuzanda  Suzanda (Wallick) Sterrettp  West Linn, ORp  suzandasterrett@yahoo.com

    Warranty Administrator

    95wolfjustin Justin Wolfp  Oregon City, ORp  cobrapower1@aol.com

    95zetterryan  Ryan Zetter p  Oregon City, ORp   olzZetter.aol.com

    Brick/stone mason

    I built my first house right out of high school then got married 2 years later.  I've got 4 kids: Britney 8, Cortney 7, Regan 5, and my son Rocco 2.  I've taken over my dad's business and I'm doing great.