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    99HinesDerek    Derek Hines     Lake Oswego, OR     drockhines@gmail.com

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    Favorite Memories:

    The time in history class when the sports star punched someone out of their seat and was holding them on the ground.  The teacher yelled at my friend for disrupting the class and the basketball player didn't get in trouble at all.  That about sums up WLHS.

    It's sad that at one point in my life I thought that the rest of my life would be like high school. 


    99MartinezBen     Ben Martinez     Marina, CA     matineb2013@yahoo.com

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    99DarrahEmily  Emily (Darrah) Pacher   Hillsboro, OR    ylime11381@yahoo.com

     Medical Assistant Student

    After high school, I tried a few careers, got married in 2003, and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl in 2005. Then in 2010, I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy! I am back in Oregon starting a new adventure as a single Mom. Currently in school. Only a couple weeks until I start extern as a medical assistant. Then hopefully, after 2 months, will get a permanent job.

     Favorite Memory

    Hanging out in the gym with Fritchie, Evans, Selena, Breezy, Amber, Kim, Shaylyn, and Jessica. Also had lots of fun in Early Morning Seminary! And being in the Music Man!

    Sorry about the 10-year reunion being kind of a bust. Here's hoping our 20-year will be better! Look for me on facebook!

        Julia Stimac Longbotham    New Mexico   JuliaLongbo@yahoo.com