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     2005AshScott         Scott Ash pawprint      West Linn, OR  pawprint      Rhcpblink@hotmail.com
    Graduated from Southern Oregon University in 2009 in with a double major in Video Production and Film Studies. Looking for work in the video/film industry.
    05BaysCameron    Cameron Bays  pawprint   Portland, OR pawprint     cameron.bays4@gmail.com
     Account Coordinator at Public Relations /Ad Agency 
    2005brownchris pawprint   Chris Brown  pawprint    Klamath Falls, OR  pawprint   ibanezstangman51@hotmail.com 
    I'm in my 3rd year of college, getting my Bachelor of Science in Surveying 
    durocher  pawprint  Katy Durocher  pawprint    McMinnville, OR   pawprint   kduroch@linfield.edu 
    College student (which isn't really a profession but it's my life)
    I'm a student at Linfield College in McMinnville.  I am majoring in Mass Communications and Psychology.  I love college.  I am involved in the sorority Alpha Phi, which has been a lot of fun.  I somehow manage to get all of my work done and still have time for fun. 
    Favorite memory:  I have so many good memories from high school it's hard to pick.  State band competition my senior year was so much fun, and the band retreats.  I also loved Honors Humanities.  Ms. Murray is a wonderful teacher and a good friend.
     05EatonLauren      Lauren Eaton pawprint     Tacoma, WA  pawprint  eatonla1@gmail.com 
    Oncology nurse
    Graduated from PLU in 2009 with my Bachelors in nursing.  Been working in a Tacoma hospital on the oncology floor for the past year and a half.
    Favorite memory:  Band class and band retreats were the greatest.  I miss Mr. Cumpston so much and every time I listen to classical music I think of high school band.
    Anything else to share:  Ran my first marathon last year! 
     05EdgertonMarie      Marie Edgerton   pawprint   marie.edgerton@hotmail.com
    05grantlora  pawprint  Lora Grant  pawprint   Los Angeles, CA   pawprint  loragrant03@yahoo.com
    Same ol' same ol'.  Same me, just the number change.
    Favorite memory:  Last day in the halls, everyone was CRAZY happy!  HEY hey hey!
     05horngmichelle pawprint  Michelle Horng  pawprint     Houston, TX  pawprint     angelpow07@gmail.com
     pawprint   Michael Inabnitt   pawprint   Honolulu, HI pawprint     michael.inabnitt@inbox.com 
     pawprint   Chrissy Koob pawprint    Chicago, IL  pawprint   chrissy.koob@gmail.com
    Financial analyst
     2005LawrenceDennis      Dennis Lawrence   pawprint   Calabasas, CA pawprint   dennisryanlawrence@gmail.com
    Actor / musician
     2005MaleikeMegan    Megan Kay Maleike pawprint   Eugene, OR   pawprint    mmaleike@uoregon.edu
    Graduating student at UO
    Life is going well. I am graduating this June, which is kind of scary, but I am still Ballroom dancing and hoping to travel all over the world with friends.
    Favorite memory:  Sextet, eating lunch in Kellogg's room, Hartmann's Geology trips, Mrs. Murray's AMAZING-ness, "borrowing" Yorick's skull from Mr. West with TOTALLY class related intentions (which shocked him in the end when he found out who did it), Grad Night, getting to know the librarians, Swing Club, musicals, and receiving Jazz Choir Member of the Year award.
    And yes, Mrs. Murray is *still* my White Crow~!
     pawprint      Christopher Manuel   pawprint    Portland, OR   pawprint          OniLink2323@gmail.com
    Call Center Representative
    I have been living my life, and trying to achieve my dream of becoming a singer.
    2005RattnerEvin     Evin Rattner  pawprint  Salem, OR     pawprint         erattner@willamette.edu
    Fulltime college student
    Transferred to Willamette University in fall, 2009 from Oregon State University.  Go Bearcats!  Looking to finish undergrad in 2010 and continue on to complete MBA at Willamette as well. 
    Favorite memory:  Egg drop experiment in Mr.Delfatti's Physics class--orchestra experience with Mr.Cumpston--English with Mr.Lewis--trips to elementary schools with Carlos Sequeira to teach Spanish.
    Miss all the West Linn friends.  If you're not on Facebook, get on so we can connect!
     2005RattnerNoah      Noah Rattner     pawprint   Corvallis, OR      pawprint  rattnern@onid.orst.edu 
    I am still a student at OSU and will be graduating Spring '10.  Took a year off of college to help take care of my mom as she underwent treatment for aggressive breast cancer.  Now that she's in remission, I'm back at school, finishing my degree.  I currently serve the OSU College of Business as President of the AMA@OSU Marketing Group and the President of the OSU Chapter of Mortar Board Senior National Honors Society.  I'm looking forward to graduating and starting my 
    MBA!  Best to all in 2010! --- can you believe it has already been five years since WLHS!!!
    Favorite memory:  May Court/May Day was always fun.  Singing in the choirs, boys' sextet, jazz choir, all of them were so much fun!  Mock Trial was great, Mr. Kellogg rules.  (Everyone should take Honors Law! )  I will never forget senior year of Mr. Welty's final class (2005).  What a great time at WLHS!  I will miss you all!
    It is through the hard work and determination of the faculty at WLHS that we all succeed and become the vision of the future!
    Anything else to share:  One word: Facebook!
     05rencherjuliana   pawprint      Juliana Rencher   pawprint  London, England   pawprint  RencherJ@gmail.com 
     robinson   pawprint    David Kyle Robinson   pawprint  Corvallis, Oregon   pawprint   robinsd2@onid.orst.edu
        pawprint       Kimberly Rowning    pawprint     Portland, OR   pawprint   lovebug503@yahoo.com
    2005ShortAdam     Adam Short   pawprint   Portland, OR   pawprint    adamshort@comcast.net  
    ITT Technician
    Been working steadily as an IT Tech, have been able to enjoy the musical stylings of our classmates bands Travoltage and Volifonix, snowboarding but who doesn't, joined Atheism.  Go see the bands! http://www.facebook.com/travoltage http://www.facebook.com/volifonix 
    Favorite memory:  When I was able to get Gary Eppelsheimer to laugh at how bad and dumb a video I submitted to his class had been. He tried to criticize it but started chuckling when he saw that I was already grinning and told me to sit down. That or the ret streng in the photo room. Steven broke the metal off a desk just standing up.  We got him!
     2005SmithSarah     Sarah Smith   pawprint    Seattle, WA    pawprint  smiths2@spu.edu
    Student, WyldLife Leader
    School, work, Wyldlife, church, music
    Favorite memory:  WL Football games and Girls' Sextet