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  • Class of 2006
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     06BrownChristopher      Christopher G. Brown     Beaverton, OR  brownsbus@comcast.net
    Operations manager
    After graduating for U of O in 3 years I lived at home for a year and started working for my old boss at two Pizza Schmizzas.  Within the last year he has added two more stores - I now am Operations Manager of all four stores.  I lived at home for a year after graduating and am currently moving out of my Tualatin apartment, where I've lived the past year, into a new apartment in Beaverton by Big Al's.
     06ChangStephanie     Stephanie Chang  St. Louis, MO  skchang@wustl.edu 
    College student
      06CoatsJessie    Jessie Coats Radakovich   p   Rock Springs, WY    p   Jessie.coats@yahoo.com                                                                  
    I went to Portland Community College after high school then went on a whim and moved to Wyoming to be with my now husband. I went to Abraxas school of cosmetology and am loving it. 
     06DelashawPatrick      Patrick Delashaw  p   Portland, OR  p p   pdelasha@uoregon.edu
    After graduating I traveled to Haiti to learn about their rich culture of zombification.  I am currently using ancient voodoo techniques and modern medicine to create a race of mindless drones.  I will use these drones to play life size games of chess, break the record for tallest human pyramid, run a fast food franchise and destroy everything Ben Marchi-Young loves or holds dear.
    Favorite memory:  I loved the food fight that I didn't start or plan. I was always a fan of Gary Eppelsheimer AKA The Gare Bear. 
       06GettleJason       Jason Gettel p   Federal Way, WA p    MisterNutty@gmail.com
    Game and Simulation Programming Student
    I am currently attending DeVry University in Federal Way, WA learning to program video games. 
     2006GlennM   Michelle Glennp  Stillwater, OKp   michelle.glenn@okstate.edu

    OKlahoma State University College student

     06holtandrea  Andrea Holt p  stokedspicoli@gmail.com

    Halfway to our 10 year reunion.

     06jensenwendy  Wendy Jensen p  Portland, ORp   Wendy.Jensen1@gmail.com

    Attended Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon.  Obtained a BA in Political Science.

     p  Tessa Lewis p  Portland, ORp   tl103@excite.com 
     Fundraiser for Doernbecher Children's Hospital here in Portland.

     06marchi-youngben  Ben Marchi-Young p  bmarchiy@uoregon.edu


    Well, ever since my brain surgery I have become a fantastic dog trainer.  Although my talents exceed dog training I have found myself stuck in intergalactic travel attempting to harness the purity of animal behavior.  However, I have not found any form of life beyond that of fossilized poop, but my search continues.  I will never stop, never!

    Favorite memory:  To be honest my favorite memories were the fact that we got away with so much, but most of all being able to skate by for four years with my closest friends.  Thank you to those who actually taught me something such as specific English teachers and others.

    To anyone current member attending West Linn High School remember not to take this time too seriously, learn what you can, but don't stress yourself out and make sure to fool around with the administration (they are not the ones teaching you scholastic intelligence).  And please someone do an awesome senior prank that makes the news.


     06notdurftmatt Matt Notdurft p  Corvallis, OR  p  notdurfm@onid.orst.edu


     p  McKenzie Pricer Moos p  West Linn, OR p  mckenzie.moos@gmail.com

     06scottsterling Sterling Scott p  West Linn, OR p  stscott@linfield.edu


     06southworthcourtney Courtney Southworth  p  Greensboro, NCp  CBrookelynn@gmail.com


    Moved to North Carolina in 2007 to be with family, graduated cosmetology school at Aveda Institute Chapel Hill.  Now currently in an LPN program at Guilford Tech in Jamestown, NC.

    (picture) Jeannie Thorntonp  Springfield, Oregon p  Snedegars@ymail.com

    Student / mommy

    I have two beautiful kids.  One is only two weeks old now.  I am going to college for an accounting degree.

    06toydereck  Dereck Toy p  Lacey, WAp  Djamestoy87@yahoo.com

    06wattsaaron  Aaron Watts  p   Eugene, ORp  awatts@uoregon.edu


    06williamskendall  Kendall Williams Calvertp   Seattle, WA p  kendallcoup@gmail.com


    Current stay at home mom with 2 children while my husband attends med school at University of Washington. Graduated with a BS in Exercise and Wellness in December '11.