Substance Free Parent Pledge

  • To All WLHS Parents: 

    During the past several years, the school administration has worked very closely and openly with staff, students, parents, the WL Police Department, and several healthcare organizations to form Community Living Above. Its’ purpose is to provide awareness and information regarding substance abuse/use issues in our school and community. The Community Task Force’s goal is straightforward – collaborators to support youth in the prevention, education, and influences of substance abuse and bullying.  We have strived to be very open, honest, and direct about our approach on behalf of our community.   

    The mission statement for this task force is: To inspire our youth, through community support and education, to Live Above the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol to create and foster strong role models with and amongst peers and adults.  

    The goals for this task force are:

    1. Maintaining a clear and purposeful message of our community’s drug/alcohol issues.
    2. Creating an open awareness in our community by using a parent-to-parent process.
    3. Educating parents on signs of use/abuse, resources available, and the risks and issues of drug/alcohol use and abuse.
    4. Building a strong partnership with the community, schools, and families through peer-to-peer supports.
    5. Implementing strong school awareness with our staff and using a peer-to-peer process. 

    CLA organizes several informational parent meetings on drug use, abuse, and supports/resources. Through the efforts of the CLA, we can bring in expert guest speakers to present to our students about the health issues, laws, and resources related to drug and alcohol use and addiction. Also, the CLA has successfully maintained the Teen Advisory Board a volunteer “all high school students welcome” group. These courageous, thoughtful, and supportive TAB students — today more than 200+strong — provide input and critical feedback to the CLA regarding teen activities and events that help with awareness, education, and advocacy for peers whose lives are affected by substance use/abuse. We believe the efforts of past school years have created a solid foundation for us to continue to move forward in a positive direction. CLA will again be working on expanding our message and involving more parents and more students.  

    The CTF has its own parent listserve as well, and you can join this listserv by subscribing through the ListServ Management. After logging in, subscribe to the WLHS-Sub-Free-Pledge group. CLA will be sending out parent information through this email listserv. 

    For more information visit our website or  

    As part of our continued efforts to support our parents and teens in our community, we will continue to use the Parent Pledge Form, found at the bottom of this page, and we will be listing the names of supporters on our website, Current List of Parent Pledges.

    The Parent Pledge is aimed at providing parents and students with the names of parents who believe in providing a safe, respectful and responsible environment for our students. By authorizing the placement of your name in the Parent List of Supporters, you will be pledging that your home will be chaperoned to provide a safe, drug and alcohol-free and legal atmosphere for students. It will also indicate that you are open to other parents calling to check in to ensure their child is involved in a function at your home. 

    To make the pledge and authorize the inclusion of your name in the Parent List of Supporters, as posted on the WLHS website, please scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the fields and click on the submit button to have your name listed. Thank you for joining our pledge to provide a safe and legal atmosphere for our students. 


    I pledge to other parents of students at West Linn High School that I will do my utmost to ensure that alcohol and other drugs will not be available at any social gatherings of youths in my home. Furthermore, I want other parents, whenever their child is coming to my home for a social gathering, to feel comfortable calling me to confirm that I will be home to follow through on this pledge. I will provide the proper chaperoned atmosphere for their student and I do not want alcoholic beverages or drugs served to underage students.