AP Calculus BC
     Calculus  Welcome to AP Calculus BC.  This is the second of two calculus classes offered by WLHS.  The topics we cover are separable diff eqs, the logistic equation, infinite sequences and series, Taylor series, derivatives and integrals in polar notations and in multiple dimensions. We use the James Stewart Calculus: Concepts and Contexts as our textbook.  This class is an Advanced Placement class and will culminate in May with our AP test.  This is a dual credit class with Clackamas Community College.  Students can register for college credit and receive 5 credits through CCC.
    AP Calculus BC Syllabus
    AP Calculus Course Website on AP Central http://apstudent.collegeboard.org/apcourse/ap-calculus-bc

    Dual Credit Program with Clackamas Community College: https://www.clackamas.edu/acc/