• Senior Parking Permit Registration Instructions

    Parking Info for 2020-2021

    (updated 3/3/2021) 

    Thank you for your patience as we sort out our parking situation for the remainder of the school year. All seniors who went through the parking lottery in Spring of 2020 will need to come by the high school the week of March 8th to retrieve their parking pass for the year, according to the following schedule: 

    Seniors A - J   Tuesday        3/9      2pm - 4pm 

    Seniors K - S  Wednesday   3/10    2pm - 4pm

    Seniors T - Z  Thursday        3/11    2pm - 4pm

    Please note that the Parking fee has been waived for this year.

    We are not doing assigned parking this year and all parking spots will be first come first serve on individual cohort days. For example: If a student is in cohort A they will receive a parking tag that is designated for cohort A. If a student is in the B cohort, they will receive a parking pass that is designated for the B cohort. Again there will be no pre-assigned spots this year, a parking tag will enable a student to park anywhere in the Senior Lot or in the Tripp Lot in student-designated parking spaces.

    Seeing that we’ve split things in half for the rest of the school year, there will be an opportunity for other students to acquire a parking pass as well. As soon the parking passes for seniors who went through the parking lottery have been distributed, we will determine how many spots we have left and we will follow up with additional information in The ROAR on how other students can acquire a cohort designated parking pass for the remainder of the school year. 

    Please read The ROAR in upcoming weeks for the latest updates on Parking Pass distribution for students who still would like a parking pass.



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