• Students in French 3 and French 4 or AP French are eligible to earn college credit through CCC. 

      Students in French 3 may register for FR101, FR102, and FR103.

      Students in French 4 or AP French may register for FR201, FR202, and FR203.

      Please note that we articluate the same course for FR4 and AP French so a student will only be able to earn the CCC credit one of the years. 

      Students earn 4 credits for each course, so by the end of each year they will have earned 12 college credits. Each credit costs $10.00 ($120.00 for the year).


      The grade a student earns in their class at WLHS is the same that will appear on their CCC College Transcript. 

      Registration will occur twice each year (in the Fall/Winter and Spring). I will announce the dates in class. 

      For more information about ACC at CCC, please click here