Experience Points are homework and must be done outside of class time - students may pick from a range of projects or activities.  OEPs call for students to seek out experiences and information related to the course, and additionally, write thoughtful, in-depth analysis and reflection to demonstrate understanding of course concepts. 


    • 20 OE Points are required each semester. 10 points should be turned in approximately every two months.


    DUE DATES: Oct 24, 2017 & Jan 22, 2018


    • Extra OE points may be used to make up points (participation, assignments, group work) but not performances, quizzes or the final project. This applies to excused absences only.
    • Late OE Point projects will be accepted for partial credit.
    • Guidelines will be given for analysis depending on the nature of the project.
    • OE Points will only be awarded with a typed analysis. OEP analyses can be submitted in hard copy or as an email attachment from a student email account, or shared via Google Drive.
    • For each OEP, you will receive 10 points for simply doing the activity. Your essay will be graded out of 15 points. So, overall, ONE perfect OEP project would be 25/25 points.




    1. Attending a live performance of a play or musical. Need copy of ticket and program as evidence. (10 points)
    2. Reading a full-length play. Need to show copy of play as evidence. (10 points)  One-Act plays (5 points)
    • Rehearsing /performing in a school or community production as an actor, stage manager, or tech crew member. (20 points for full-length, 10 points for one-act)
    1. Auditioning for a play, film, or musical. (5 points)
    2. Reading a full book on acting or any other area of theatre. (20 points)
    3. Reading a magazine or journal article concerning issues in performing arts or theatre education. (5 points) – Online resources will count, but must print for evidence.
    • Taking acting classes or theatre workshops outside of class. (Negotiable)
    • Work party participation (points depend on hours)
    1. Any other project may be designed by the student to accommodate their interests or opportunities. Please present a proposal to the instructor.