Attendance Procedures

    • If your student is late for school/class:

      • Parents will need to send in a note, email or call the attendance line at 503-673-7812 and leave a message to excuse the student’s tardiness.
      • Students should check into the attendance office when they arrive at school.

      If your student needs to leave school early:

      • Please send a note, email or call the attendance line at 503-673-7812 first thing in the morning.
      • If your student brings in a note, have them stop by the attendance office and get a note excusing them from class.  We expect that students will keep track of time and, using the note that they have, leave class at the appropriate time.
      • If you leave a message that your student needs to leave early, we will get a note to the student at the appropriate time.  If there is an emergency or an appointment was forgotten, parents can call from the parking lot and we will arrange for your student to come out to you.  Please be aware that last minute calls can take some time for your student to come out to the parking lot.


      Excusing Absences
      Parents/guardians are requested to call the Attendance Hotline at 503-673-7812, notify through ParentView between 7:00 am – 8:00 am on the morning of each absence. Automated Attendance calls go out late morning. You may get a notification for an absence if you have notified the attendance office after 8 am. Excused absences include:

      • Personal illness, medical, psychological, and dental care
      • Illness or death in family
      • Family emergencies 
      • Release time for religious instruction
      • Observance of religious holidays
      • Pre-arranged absences
      • School sponsored activities

Attendance Information

  • Unexcused Absences
    A student who is absent or tardy from school for any class without permission will be considered unexcused and will be subject to disciplinary action. Students are ineligible to participate in athletics or activities on the day the unexcused absence occurs. Students have 24 hours to have unexcused absences excused. Students may lose the opportunity to make up work for credit due to unexcused absences. 

    Regular Attendance and Chronic Absenteeism
    West Linn High School believes attending school regularly is important to give students the best opportunity to learn the skills necessary for success in their future. One of our top priorities is supporting all students in developing regular attendance. If a student is struggling with regular attendance (<90%), we will provide supports.

    Athletic/Activity Participation
    A student must be in attendance for a full day of school to participate in athletics and/or activities. Policies related to valid pre-arranged, excused, (e.g. medical appointments), and unexcused absences apply to participation, as well.
    Truancy A student whose attendance pattern is not progressing academically may be assigned an alternative educational placement. If the nonattendance is seriously affecting the student’s achievement, options other than continued enrollment in the regular program will be considered.

    Ten-Day Withdrawal
    Oregon State Law requires that we withdraw students who miss 10 consecutive days of school. To re-enroll, parents/guardians can schedule a re-entry meeting with a school administrator and counselor.

    Attendance - 18 Year Olds
    At 18 years of age a student may obtain permission to account for their absences. To obtain this privilege, the student shall demonstrate that the following criteria will be met:

    • The student has demonstrated and maintains a successful academic record
    • The student has regular attendance (&gt;90%)
    • The student recognizes that the privilege may be revoked for failure to abide by the previous standards.

    Parents/Guardians must call within 24 hours to excuse an absence or tardy.

Using ParentVUE

  • Use ParentVue to:

    • Check Attendance
    • Excuse absences
    • See grades
    • See schedules

    Need help getting logged into ParentVue?
    If you completed Online Registration, you created an account at that time and that account works for OLR and for ParentVue. You can access ParentVUE at:

    If you are unsure of your ParentVUE account, it is most likely the same email address that you
    used to access the old FamilyLink system. If you are unsure, you may need to submit a tech
    ticket or call the school. Please be sure to include your name and your children's name(s).

Contact Us

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