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    Public schools are responsible for enforcing the compulsory school attendance laws of the State of Oregon. Every effort shall be made to keep every student in school. Students shall be punctual in reporting to school and to classes and shall attend regularly throughout the year.


    Students are expected to be to every class on time. EVERYONE is to remain in the classroom for the first 20 minutes (Aides included). The beginning of each class period is a critical time to be IN CLASS. Students will not be excused for bathroom breaks, porch use, pop machine, “visiting”, working on computers, etc. This time is essential for accurate attendance taking (ORS 339-065).

    Exceptions to this Policy : Emergencies from the Counseling, Attendance or Administration offices only that need to see the student right away.


    According to ORS 339.065 excused absences are :

    • Personal illness; including medical, psychological and dental care

    • Illness or death in family

    • Family emergencies or other compelling circumstances, as determined by
       the administration

    • Pre-arranged absences

    • School sponsored activities

    Unless the absence is for a school sponsored activity, students are not allowed on campus during an excused absence. Make-up work for excused absences will be completed in a reasonable amount of time. This time period will be decided at the discretion of the teacher. The faculty will provide assistance needed for the student to complete all advance, or on a make-up basis, work missed through excused absences. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all make-up work from his/her teachers immediately upon returning to school. Failure to obtain make-up work is no excuse for not doing work missed.


    Pre-arranged absences are those arranged prior to the student’s actual absence. Pre-arranged forms are available in the Student Services Office.

    Part Day Absences : West Linn High School requires that for students to be eligible to participate in any activity, (e.g., athletic teams, band, cheerleading, speech or drama programs) they be in attendance for the entire school day. (Prearranged absences are permitted if consistent with school policies, for example: medical/dental appointments, school-related field experiences.)

    Make-up Work for Pre-Arranged Absences : Work resulting from absences for school-related activities is allowed to be made up. Examples of school-related absences are field experiences, early release for participants in sports events and student council meetings.


    Any absence that has not been excused by the office in accordance with ORS 339-065 will be an unexcused absence. STUDENTS HAVE 24 HOURS TO HAVE UNEXCUSED ABSENCES EXCUSED. Students may lose the opportunity to make up work for credit due to unexcused absences.
    Truancy may result in suspension and/or expulsion from school.
     In compliance with ORS 339-065 a student whose attendance pattern is not progressing academically may be assigned an alternative educational placement. If the nonattendance is seriously affecting the student’s achievement, options other than continued enrollment in the regular program will be considered. The parent/guardian notification will include a written description of available state registered alternative educational programs, including district-operated alternative programs or private instruction, application and placement procedures, plus district and parent financial responsibilities if an alternative program is recommended.
     After 10 consecutive days of absence from school, the administration is required by law to notify parents that their student will be withdrawn from West Linn High School. Prior to re-enrollment, parents/guardian must schedule a re-entry meeting with a school administrator and counselor.
     In-School Suspension : A student may receive an in-school suspension for a variety of infractions, including, but not limited to unexcused absences, skipping classes and behavioral issues.
     In-School Suspension Procedure : 

    • A suspended student must report to the Student Services secretary prior to the first
      scheduled class of the day.

    • A suspended student may be assigned to one of his/her regular class teachers or an
      administrator with whom to spend the day.

    • A suspended student will collect all of his/her homework assignments before the school
      day begins by picking up a "Homework Form" from the Student Services
      secretary, visiting each of his/her regular class teachers to obtain the day’s work
      and homework assignments and each teacher’s signature on the "Homework Form."

    • A suspended student will report to the assigned teacher and will work quietly in that
      teacher’s classroom on their assignments and homework throughout the day.

    • If the suspended student completes his/her assignments, he/she must sit quietly and
      not disrupt the class.

    • A suspended student may not be excused during class time for any reason, including
      working on a porch computer. Restroom or refreshment breaks must be taken during
      class and the student is expected to return promptly to the assigned teacher classroom
      (this time is not to be used as a break for the suspended student to be out in the halls
      visiting with friends).

    • If the suspended student has the assigned teacher’s class on the suspended day,
      the student may participate in the class as normal.

    • A suspended student will bring a sack lunch from home and report to a designated
      detention room for lunch.

    • If the suspended student disrupts class at any time during the day, he, she will
      be sent to the Student Services secretary and will be assigned to serve an out-of-school
      suspension the following day.

    • At the end of the school day, the assigned teacher will sign the "Homework Form" and the
      suspended student must return it to the student services secretary before leaving the building on the day serving the suspension.


    Our Attendance Policy demonstrates to students...

    • That good attendance and punctuality are fundamental to success in life.

    • That a significant part of a student’s experience in any given subject area is derived from
       being in attendance for classroom instruction, discussion, and participation.

    • That good attendance reduces the amount of make-up work to be completed;
       reduces the stress of upcoming tests; optimizes opportunities to be involved in review work;
       and students to work collaboratively with peers.

    • That future employers consider good attendance and punctuality to be a critical job skill
       in the work world.

    Parents are requested to call the attendance office at 503-673-7812 between 7:00 am – 8:00 am on the morning of each student absence.

    For Example : If your child is ill for five days, please call each day that your child stays home. If parents are not able to call the school, they must provide a note the day the student returns to school explaining the absence. Parents may not excuse individual class absences except for prearranged contract absences. When it is necessary to leave campus for any reason THE STUDENT MUST SIGN OUT AT THE STUDENT SERVICES OFFICE. Failure to do as will result in an unexcused absence.


    If the student comes to school anytime after the start of first period, he/she should report to the attendance office to check in and receive a pass slip to class. If the student leaves school for any reason and then returns before the end of the scheduled day, he/she must check back in through the attendance office.

    Extended Illness : Home instruction may be provided in cases of prolonged illness or injury.

    Final Exams & Absences : It is the policy of the school that there be no early semester exams unless as a result of a scheduled school activity. Those students who receive permission to miss exams will have to take them at a later date. Students who fail to show up for exams will receive a zero. Exams missed at the end of the second semester will be scheduled for completion during the summer vacation.

    Tardies : A student is considered to have an unexcused tardy if he/she is not in the instruction area designated by the teacher at the time class begins and does not have an excuse deemed valid by the teacher. After 10 unexcused minutes, the tardy will become an unexcused absence. Students are responsible for reconciling absences/tardies with their instructor.


    At 18 years of age a student MAY obtain permission to account for his/her absences. To obtain this privilege, the student shall demonstrate that the following criteria will be met :

    • The students must complete application and have Administrative approval
    • The student has demonstrated and maintains a successful academic program
    • The student historically presents a regular and successful attendance program
    • The student recognizes that the privilege may be revoked for failure to abide by the
       previous standards.