• Tips for Success in Spanish Class
    (And really, all your classes!)

    1. Come to class prepared and ready to learn! Make sure you have a pencil, paper, any work that's due that day, etc.
    2. Ask questions! Learning a language can be difficult and the best way to clarify grammatical concepts is to ask. Don't ever hesitate to ask for help during class, before or after school, via email, whatever works best, which leads me to my next tip...

    3. Communicate with me! Don't let yourself get in a hole of confusion and frustration. Connect with me for extra help, resources, clarification, etc. Sometimes it's hard for teachers to tell who might need some extra support, or when they need it. The sooner you come talk to me, the better chance we have of getting you the help you need and getting you up to speed.
    4. Practice vocabulary often and for short periods of time. The absolute best way to learn new vocabulary is to practice it frequently, through the use of flash cards, Quizlet (my username: rodrigul), Conjuguemos, games, etc. rather than trying to cram it in before a quiz or test. I recommend practicing chapter vocabulary (and filtering in old vocab as well) at least every other day, even on the weekends, for 10-15 minute sessions. You will be amazed how many words you'll learn with a more consistent schedule of studying.
    5. We have tutors available, if you're interested. We normally have a FREE peer tutoring service on campus several days a week in the afteroon at WLHS. Dates/Times TBD when school starts. There will be a FREE Activity Bus available if you need a ride home.