Schedule Changes

  • Students can request a schedule change within the first two weeks of the first semester and within the first week of the second semester. This request begins with the student and their counselor. We understand there are times throughout a semester when situations arise and students or parents/guardians will initiate a schedule change. 

    Class Changes:

    • The counselor will meet with the student and contact parents/guardians on any possible class changes.
    • If the student wants to withdraw from a class and not enroll in a similar course, the student may receive an “F” for the withdrawn class.
    • If the student wants to change a class to a similar level course, the student will be transferred with the current grade. 

    Teacher Changes:

    • If the student or parent is requesting a teacher change, the counselor encourages the student to discuss their concern with the teacher involved.
    • If the concern for a change persists, then the parent needs to initiate written communication to the counselor and teacher regarding the concern so that the student, with guidance, can work through the concern in a meeting with all involved.
    • At  this meeting, a written plan should be put into place with enough time to occur for the plan to be implemented before re-evaluating the status with all parties.
    • If, for some reason, an impasse is reached after the plan has had time to be implemented, the team of the student, parent, counselor, and possibly an administrator, may decide that a schedule change is appropriate.
    • However, if the student changes to a different level course or drops the class entirely, the student will be dropped with an “F.”  If the student changes teachers while staying in the same course, the student’s grade will be transferred.
    • The parent or student can appeal a decision to an administrator.