Here at West Linn, we offer an SAT prep class before school twice a week for ten weeks.  There are sessions for fall, winter and spring and each one is designed to prepare you for a specific SAT date.  
    The winter session starts January 7th!!  I am teaching the Math sections on Tuesdays in room B101, and Mr. West is teaching the English section on Thursdays in room E203.   All homework assignments will be listed on the guided notes and I strongly encourage you to do these small assignments...this practice will really improve your test taking skills!!
    Link to the information sheet:  SAT Course Information Sheet
    Weekly Assignments:
    12/16 - Please complete the 2 math sections of the Diagnostic Test before the first class and record your results on the sheet provided at the end of the test.  I will collect your scores and use the results to formulate a plan for our remaining sessions together.