• Geology  ROCKS!


    Instructor: Geoff Bingham

    Office Hours: Before school, at lunch and after school.  Understand that sometimes I may be in a meeting, but I have an open door policy!

    Contact Information:  Email: binghamg@wlwv.k12.or.us

     Web Site: Can be accessed through the schools web page under staff directory

    Academic Center: ERC TWTh 3:30-5pm.


    Course Overview: We will explore the systems and processes that have shaped (and continue to shape) this planet on which we live.  As you will discover, constant change is the rule, rather than the exception.  We will place special emphasis on the connections between the Earth and ourselves.  Geology is a field science, so we will spend considerable time investigating outside.  In addition to many short excursions (shuttles), we will take two full-day field trips (one to the Columbia River Gorge, one to Mt. St. Helens.)  In all that we do, we will study the clues the Earth provides to interpret the landscapes around us.

    Course Goal:  Geological literacy

     Course Outline: 

     Earth in perspective:  a comparison of planets

     Geology in action:  interpreting the Earth

     Building blocks of Earth:  minerals and rocks

     Plate Tectonics and the Rock Cycle

     Volcanoes (and igneous rocks)

     Geologic Time

     Erosion and Deposition:  the Water Cycle (and sedimentary rocks)

     Seismology (and metamorphic rocks)


     Student Expectations:

    1.      Students are expected to be in class everyday.  Geology is a field science and field work is a large component of the class.  This is a participation-based class and ATTENDANCE IS CRITICAL!

     2.      Students are expected to dress appropriately for field work and be aware of the elements to which they will be exposed.


     Grading will be based on tests and class performance (lab/field work;   involvement in activities/discussions; homework).  Cheating will result in a zero and any other discipline actions determined by myself and the administration

     General rules of engagement:  Golden Rule


    Recycling and composting

    Express your views

     Listen to and respect the views of others

    Take care of field equipment
     Respect:  yourself, other living creatures, and property

     Field Trip:  FREE