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     Instructor: Geoff Bingham

     Email: binghamg@wlwv.k12.or.us

     Web Site: Can be accessed through the schools web page under staff directory.

     Office Hours: Before school, at lunch and after school.  Understand that sometimes I may be in a meeting, but I have an open door policy!


     1.      Forces of change in the Pacific Northwest

    a.       Water cycle

    b.      Plate Tectonics

    c.       Human Activity

    2.      The formations of the Pacific Northwest landforms

    a.       Local area

    b.      Accretions of N.E. Oregon

    c.       Era of the Great Deltas

    d.      Coast Range

    e.       Clarno Formations

    f.       John Day Formation

    g.      Western Cascades

    h.      Modern Cascades

    i.        Cascadia Subduction Zone (Mega Thrust)

    Essential Questions:

     1.      What are the forces that have shaped (and continue to shape) the familiar     landscapes of the Pacific Northwest?

    2.      How can we interpret causal mechanisms and infer relationships from exploring these landforms?

    3.      What are the implications for human societies of an understanding of geologic processes in the Northwest?

    Class Goals:

    1.      Students will become geologically literate.

    2.      Students will become informed citizens. This includes a geographic awareness of Oregon!

    3.      Students will compose a geologic investigation / fieldguide.

    Student Expectations:

     1.      Students are expected to be in class everyday.  Geology is a field science and field work is a large component of the class.  This is a participation-based class and ATTENDANCE IS CRITICAL!

     2.      Students are expected to dress appropriately for field work and be aware of the elements to which they will be exposed!



     1.      Columbia River Gorge

    2.      Oregon Coast



    Shuttles (Including but not limited to):

     1.      Lake Oswego

    2.      See the Mastodon and Tonquin Scablands

    3.      Elk Rock Island

    4.      River Delta (location to be determined)

    5.      Powell Butte (pack a lunch)/Mount Tabor

    6.      To be determined

    Class Rules:

    1.      Respect yourself

    2.      Respect others(both human and animals)

    3.      Respect property (both school and other locations we visit)

    4.   Take care of field equipment

    5.   Safety

    6.   Recycling

    7.   Express your views
    8.   Listen to and respect the views of others

     9.   No driving on field trips

     Grading:   Your grade will be based on tests and class performance (lab/field work;   involvement in activities/discussions; homework).  Cheating will result in a zero and any other discipline actions determined by myself and the administration.

     Field Trip:  $10 covers two field trips