RRMS Community Expectations



    We firmly believe that a strong community is one where all community members value and uphold the school-wide agreements. We have three simple rules known as The Rosemont Way.


    1. We take care of ourselves.
    2. We take care of each other.
    3. We take care of the environment.


    When our entire school community upholds the expectations in The Rosemont Way it makes it possible to achieve our school’s vision statement of striving to be a caring, joyful, healthy and inclusive learning community.




    We expect and encourage students to become involved in their school through a variety of opportunities. We also firmly believe that student voice and leadership must be integral components in a school community. There are three major avenues for student leadership involvement at Rosemont:


    1. VOTS-

    Voices of the Students (VOTS) is comprised of approximately thirty Rosemont Ridge student leaders and meets regularly with several teachers and the principal to plan a variety of school activities.  Activities may include spirit days, fundraisers, dances, movies, service projects and other extracurricular activities.  These activities are for all current Rosemont Ridge Middle School students only. Additionally, VOTS members allocate Student Body Funds, which are generated through PTO/VOTS sponsored fundraising events, to appropriate student causes. Students apply to become VOTS members in the first month of school and are selected by their team of students and teachers.


    1. Coyote Crew-

    Coyote Crew is comprised of approximately sixty 7th and 8th grade students who desire an opportunity to mentor incoming 6th graders and support them throughout the year. This leadership group works closely with two teachers to develop a program that nurtures our incoming 6th-grade students, fosters leadership abilities in the Coyote Crew members, and strengthens Rosemont’s community with meetings and interactions. This group of students applies to become a Coyote Crew member in the spring and begins their training in the summer before the new year.


          3. Club H.O.W.L -

    Club H.O.W.L members are student leaders who help to provide an exceptional learning experience for everyone. These students work with other Rosemont students who would benefit from additional support to have a successful learning experience. Club H.O.W.L stands for ‘Helping Others With Learning’ and provides students opportunities to learn about building relationships, stepping up to lead, and helping to foster a more inclusive learning community here at Rosemont Ridge!



    We believe students make incredible growth and contributions to their learning and the learning of others. During the year, teams have various methods of rewarding achievement.  Also, school Honors Assemblies are held each quarter to recognize student contributions and achievements.  Students can be recognized for improvement in grades, leadership, citizenship, and behavior.