• Academic Expectations / Reporting / Grading


    The Oregon Education Reform Act calls for student work to be assessed in a variety of ways. Throughout the year each student will be given a variety of performance tasks and state benchmark assessments as well as traditional measures of achievement.

    The grading system for middle school students includes a letter grade for the academic grade and a P or NP (Pass/No Pass) for work completion and use of class time. The final grades at the end of the quarter will be an A, B, or C, to indicate their understanding of the concepts and standards covered, an NYM (Not Yet Meets) to indicate they are close to meeting the standard and concepts, or an NP to indicate they are clearly not meeting the standard.


    Homework at Rosemont is intended to complement classroom learning. We encourage students to read for pleasure and to make sure classwork is completed daily. Students may want to revise work and resubmit it to show improved comprehension or mastery of a topic. Homework is assigned at our teachers' discretion and never as a punishment.


    When students are absent from school it can have a major impact on their learning. We encourage students to develop some good learner habits so that absences do not have negative impacts on their learning. We encourage students to develop good learner habits so that absences do not have negative impacts on their learning or grades. Students should check their Google Classrooms for information about what they missed as assignments and notes may often be found there.  It is also a good idea for students to email teachers when they are absent and stay in contact with a friend who shares the same classes. The student should return to school with assignments completed when possible and reasonable, so they are ready to participate in new learning. The office should be notified of absences so they can be correctly coded. Absences can be submitted via ParentVue or the attendance line.

    REPORT CARDS (Quarter Grading)

    Report cards are issued every nine weeks (Four nine week grading periods.)  The report card will be mailed home at the end of each quarter.  Parents and students should use ParentVue and StudentVue (previously FamilyLink) to stay up to date with grades and to see if students have completed and turned in assignments during each quarter.  Students are directly involved in understanding and tracking their own progress in each class.  We encourage using the tables on pages 3-6 in this planner to help with tracking and organization.