RRMS General Policies

  • Other Rosemont Policies


    Students should be in the classroom ready to work at the beginning of class. If you are continually late to school or you miss school often, you can expect to meet with your team and the counselor to participate in an improvement plan.   Individual teams will create appropriate consequences for tardiness.

    Disruption in Class

    Instructional time is valuable time. When class disruptions occur, a teacher may:

    • speak with you personally
    • change the seating arrangement
    • meet with you or contact your parents
    • ask you to come in before or after school to work in the classroom
    • fill out an office referral and send you to see the counselor, assistant principal or principal for assistance

    Dress Grooming 

     Students are expected to dress in a fashion conducive to a positive learning environment and to meet health and safety standards.  Students are required, by law, to wear shirts at all times and bare feet are not permissible.  Dress should never disrupt school activities or prove a hazard to the student’s safety or the safety of others.

     The following articles are prohibited: 

    • Clothing that promotes the use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco

    • Clothing with abusive or suggestive language, or reflecting gang affiliations

    • Clothing, devices, identifying markings or paraphernalia that indicate membership or support for gangs.

    • Shorts are permitted, but students should exercise mature judgment on the selection of their length.

    • Clothing deemed disruptive to the educational process.

    Cell Phone Policy 

    Cell Phones & Air Pods: We have an ‘Away for the Day’ practice at Rosemont. We ask that students either leave their devices home or have them turned off and away for the school day (9:15-3:45). This means away where they are not seen. Classroom teachers have wired headphones available for use in class. Bluetooth ear buds/Air Pods are not allowed, but wired headphones are welcome. If students need to make a call, they are expected to call from the office. If you need to get a message to your student, we ask that you call the main office, and we will be happy to deliver a message. Rosemont Ridge is not responsible for a student’s personal device if it is damaged or stolen at school. 

    Here is our process for enforcing ‘Away for the Day’: 

    • 1st Offense (Phone is out or visible to staff after being reminded to put it away once): Device stays in the office and the student can pick it up at the end of the school day.

    • 2nd Offense: Device stays in the office and the student can pick it up at the end of the school day after calling parent/guardian to inform them this is their second misuse of their cellphone. The student will tell them, if there is another incident, a parent/guardian will have to come pick up the device from the office.

    • 3rd Offense: Device stays in the office until the parent/guardian comes to school to pick up the cell phone/electronic device.

    • 4th Offense: Device stays in the office until the parent/guardian comes to school to pick up the device and has a meeting/conversation with an administrator regarding technology privileges at school. 

    It is a misuse of technology and a violation of state and federal law to record a person’s actions and speech. Sharing a recording without consent will result in appropriate disciplinary action up to and including suspension, expulsion, or legal consequences according to the severity of the situation.

    Students and parents need to remember that hallways are narrow, classrooms can be crowded, and space for movement is restricted. In the past, students have been asked to use their lockers for storing books and backpacks. At the time of publication we are awaiting guidance regarding health and safety protocols regarding lockers and their use. Update: each student has been assigned a locker and may use it if they choose to. Students may bring their backpacks to class if they choose. Students have been assigned times to visit their lockers (3 times a day) in order to prevent congestion and crowding in the hallways.



    Bicycles are to be locked in the racks as soon as you arrive at school. No one is to visit these bike racks during the day until you are preparing to go home after school. Remember the helmet law!

    Selling items at School

    You will not be allowed to sell items for profit or private fundraising during the school hours of 9:15 a.am to 3:45 p.m


    Harassment / Bullying

    Harassment may occur in many forms: unwanted touching or physical contact; unwanted explicit sexual talk, comments, or jokes (locker room humor); making fun of others for any reason; embarrassing others such as by pantsing or mooning. Harassment is also bullying or simply trying to make someone else miserable. In general, harassment and bullying are characterized by the following three criteria: (a) it is aggressive behavior intentional "harm doing;" (b) it is carried out repeatedly and over time; and, (c) it occurs within a relationship with an imbalance of power. All forms of harassment are prohibited and will be dealt with immediately by school personnel. Please help us create a more positive learning environment by asking your classmates or an adult for help.