RRMS Athletics

  • Rosemont Ridge Athletics


    Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students may participate in our athletic offerings.  Cross Country and Track will continue to be offered as competitive inter-scholastic sports.  Fees are set by the district and scholarships may be requested. Wrestling is available to students through the West Linn High School Wrestling Program. This will allow all students who wish to participate to engage in a sports experience that includes skill building, teamwork, and competition. 


    Sign ups are taken care of by using a Google Form that you will find active on the school website when the season is ready to begin.  Students participating in any extracurricular athletics must have a physical examination before they are allowed to practice or play.  Physical exam forms are available from the school office or on our school website and must be signed by both the parent/guardian and doctor and remain on file at the school.  Physical exams obtained from the family physician are valid for two years.  (If the student has a physical at the beginning of 6th grade, he/she will have to have another one at the beginning of 8th.)


    Activity buses are available to transport students home from practices.  Coaches will not leave until all athletes have gone, so we encourage parents to assist the school in this matter. Loitering in the school building or on campus should not occur.


    The athletic program provides age appropriate activities, which stress positive social and skill development, sportsmanship, and participation. We have a "no cut" policy and all students are encouraged to participate.


    School hours for students are from 9:15 a.m. until 3:45 p.m. All students should leave the building immediately after school unless engaged in an organized activity under adult supervision. Students who want to watch an athletic game are expect to report home first, as games do not begin until after 4:00 p.m. Spectators are expected to remain in the event area only (field or gym) and are not to loiter in the building or on other parts of the school campus. Spectators should have arranged transportation home and are to be off campus by the end of the athletic game or contest. Parents will be notified if supervision of student spectators becomes a problem.


    Team uniforms will be loaned to students participating on athletic teams. Students are expected to take proper care of school uniforms and equipment. The coach will collect uniforms at the end of the season, and students are responsible to return them clean and in good condition. If lost or destroyed a fee will be accessed.


    We are dedicated to the academic, athletic, and personal success of each child at Rosemont Ridge Middle School. In an effort to provide leadership, consistency and support for these expectations, there will be an eligibility policy for extracurricular activities.

    A.  Students must attend school all day to be eligible to play or practice unless excused for pre-arranged medical appointments or school field trips. If a student misses a practice or game, they need to notify the coach in advance or bring a written note from the parent/guardian when returning to practice. As a general rule, if a student misses a practice and is unexcused, he/she will not participate in the next contest. The second unexcused absence within a season will usually result in team membership being forfeited.

    B.  Students are expected to follow all school rules and demonstrate appropriate behavior. A student will lose eligibility if suspended or expelled, or if it is determined that student behavior is below an acceptable level to merit participation.