RRMS Attendance Policies



    Absences: If a student is ill and will be absent from school, a parent/guardian needs to call the school to report the absence. If a student is absent for four or more consecutive days due to a communicable disease, a physician’s note may be required to return to school.  As a courtesy, we ask that a parent/guardian call the school at (503) 673-7575 by 9:20 AM to report a student’s absence or late arrival or enter it in ParentVue.  The automated phone system calls and emails each family when there is no report of an absence. When absent, students are required to make up any work they missed.  If students are absent for an extended period, they should make arrangements with their teachers regarding missing work and due dates.

    Late Arrival: If your student arrives at school after 9:15, there are a few options: 

     ► You can call the attendance line and leave a message.  Be sure to leave your child's name and when we should expect them at school.

     ► When your child arrives at school, they can bring a note from you to the office excusing their lateness.

     ► You can come in with your student and sign them in.

     ► Please be sure that your child checks in through the office!


    Early Departure: If your child leaves before 3:45, you can call 503-673-7575 in the morning or send your student to school with a note detailing when they will be picked up. The student should bring the note into the office before school starts.  We will send a pass to the student at the beginning of the period.  This process makes for less interruption in the classroom.When you arrive at school, please call the office, and we will send your child outside to meet you. 


    If someone other than a parent or guardian will pick up your students, we need a note or phone call authorizing this. It should include your child's name, what time they will be picked up, and who is picking them up. The person picking up your child will need to show a valid ID.

    For safety reasons, leaving school grounds to walk to the store or anywhere else at any time is not allowed.