RRMS Attendance Policies

  • Rosemont Attendance Policies



    Parents or Guardians of students new to the West Linn - Wilsonville School District will register their student using Parenvue, or parent portal.

    There is a link to ParentVue in the top right hand corner of the RRMS website's home page.

    Registration will include:

    1. Student and parent/guardian information (to be updated yearly).
    2. An Authorization for Release of Confidential Information form which allows the previous school to send all records to Rosemont Ridge.
    3. Vaccination information
    4. Google Apps agreement
    5. Language Use survey
    6. Health form
    7. Document that shows residence is in RRMS attendance boundary.
    8. Birth certificate or passport (or other official document) showing student name and date of birth.

    Items 1-6 may be obtained in the office at Rosemont Ridge as well as on the RRMS website.


    Parents are asked to notify the school office prior to a student's withdrawal from school. The student should come to the office the morning of their last day, and they will be given a Withdrawal Form to take around to all their classes. This form should be turned in to the office at the end of the day. Students are expected to pay all fines and turn in all textbooks and materials.


    Oregon Law requires regular attendance. The only excused absences are for illness, medical appointments, and special circumstances pre-arranged and approved by the office. The Rosemont Ridge faculty and administration place a very high priority on regular and punctual school attendance. An accurate attendance record is kept and becomes a part of all permanent files.


    For safety reasons we would like parents to call in when their student will miss school. Please call the office or leave a message in the "General Delivery" voice mailbox by 9:00 a.m. to report absences. If we do not receive a call, a written excuse must be brought to the office upon their return to school or the absence will be considered an unexcused absence.


    Students are NOT allowed to go off campus after arriving at school unless accompanied by a parent and after the student signs out in the office. Students leaving school for any part of the day must be signed out in the office. This can be done by the parent, or by office staff when we receive a phone call from the parent with directions for a student to be excused from school.  If they return during the same day, they need to sign in at the office. Students will only be released to parents or guardians as listed on their registration card, or when written permission from a parent is received.


    Students who are late in arriving to school must sign in at the office to receive an admit slip before going to class. Repeated tardiness to school will lead to parent contact, counseling referral and action to remedy the cause. Students who accrue tardies during the day will also be held responsible for this behavior. If necessary, steps will be taken by the grade level team and the office to ensure prompt and regular attendance. NOTE: Students are to be in attendance the full day to be eligible to participate in after school activities that day.


    At the middle school level, we trust students will follow their parent’s/guardians instructions regarding their going home plans for the day whether walking, bike riding, taking their assigned bus or waiting for pick-up by car at the shelter in our parking lot. If a parent would like their student to ride a bus home other than their assigned bus (for example to visit a friend), the parent should write a note stating the details. The student will bring the note to the office that morning to be signed by a secretary, and the student will present the note to the bus driver that afternoon upon entering the bus. It is possible that no changes of bus will be allowed for social reasons, due to cohorting. Please contact the school office with questions.