RRMS Behavior Expectations



    RRMS Behavior Expectations and Policies


    Our district's vision theme of Educating the Whole Child encourages that each school community create a "school culture including student management that reflects respect and responsibility." Our school is committed to working as a community to uphold the Vision Statement - We strive to be a caring, joyful, healthy and inclusive learning community - and the expectations outlined in The Rosemont Way: We take care of ourselves; we take care of each other; we take care of our environment. We devote a great deal of time to helping students understand our vision and expectations so they will be able to demonstrate the positive behaviors these guidelines describe. To that end, we also hold students accountable for upholding our school community through the use of Restorative Practices.


    Restorative practices is an approach to school-wide discipline that focuses on the relationships within a school community and/or classroom. This approach is designed to promote positive relationships between students and teachers, and between students, to result in the creation of a caring and respectful community. When a wrongdoing does occur the affected parties are brought together, in a supervised environment, for amends to be made. The focus is on repairing the relationships and moving forward. When necessary, appropriate consequences that provide meaningful learning, as well as accountability, will be given to the student or students.


    On school grounds.....In school.....At the bus stop.....On the bus.....A all school-sponsored events.....On the way to school.....On the way home from school.....With all staff, guest teachers, assistants and parent volunteers.