RRMS Technology Guidelines

  • Rosemont Technology Guidelines

     The West Linn-Wilsonville School District has a strong commitment to the use of computers to aid the educational process.  We expect all students to use the school computers and network privileges in an ethical and legal manner for educational purposes and to treat technology equipment with respect.  All students will be expected to use a school-issued Chromebook at school. Personal devices need to stay at home. We are using Google Drive for the sharing of work and email for the students.  Each student must have a signed agreement by their parents in order to participate.

    Acceptable Use:

    •  Students should use the school computers in an ethical, legal manner for educational purposes.

    • Students should treat all technology with respect.

    • Students should pay for any damage done to school equipment. An invoice will be sent home that details the fee for fixing the device. 

    •  Students should check your email at least twice a week.

    • Students should keep your password private and not share it with anyone.

    •  Students should conserve the printouts you send to the network printers.

    Unacceptable Use:

    • Disrupting or threatening the operation of the network

    • Violating others’ rights, i.e. bullying, accessing another person’s files

    •  Participating in socially inappropriate actions

    •  Participating in illegal actions

    • Downloading programs onto the network