RRMS Technology Guidelines

  • Rosemont Technology Guidelines

    1. The purpose of the computer network and Internet connection at RRMS is to support learning and teaching. The internet allows people to interact with hundreds of thousands of other networks and people. It is the Rosemont Ridge Middle School Policy that all computers be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner. Students and staff are reminded that whenever they have interaction through the Internet from RRMS they do so as a member of the Rosemont Ridge community.

    2. Acceptable uses and etiquette on the Internet must be maintained by all users. Users are responsible to study, know, and adhere to the guidelines.
      Destructive practices include:
      -  Using profanity, obscenity, and language offensive to other users at any time.
      -  Downloading, storing and/or printing files or messages that are profane, obscene, pornographic, or offensive to others.
      -  Violating the rights of privacy of students and employees in the District.
      -  Copying commercial software thereby violating copyright laws.
      -  Spreading computer viruses from downloading files; deliberate attempts to degrade, corrupt, or disrupt computers and/or systems will be viewed as criminal activity under applicable state and federal law.
      -  Reposting personal communication or photos without the author's or subject's prior consent.
      -  Using the network for financial gain or for any commercial or illegal activity.
      -  Using chat rooms, gaming sites, or e-mail without permission.
      -  Using Instagram or other social networks in a manner that can be interpreted as bullying or harassing.

    3. Proper techniques and standards on the Internet will be taught to all students and staff. Students will sign a Technology Contract at the beginning of the year. Intentional misuse of any RRMS computers or network will violate the contract and result in a loss of computer privileges and/or other consequences. Additionally, students will be expected to use any personal technology devices in keeping with the above-mentioned guidelines. Time, place, and manner must always be considered for use. Please see the "6 Rules of Cell Phone Etiquette" for further details regarding appropriate cell phone use.