RRMS Bus Regulations & Procedures

  • School Bus Behavior and Policies: 

    Riding a school bus is a privilege. The safety of all students riding to and from school is one of our most important priorities. Students who violate the transportation rules listed below will receive bus citations and appropriate consequences, including possible suspension from the bus.


    ●        The bus driver cannot stop to pick up students once the bus is in motion.

    ●        Unsafe behaviors such as fighting, wrestling, making loud noises and using inappropriate language are considered offenses that can result in suspended ridership and/or suspension from school.

    ●        The emergency door is to be used only in an emergency.

    ●        Students need to remain seated when the bus is in motion and not extend their hands, arms, or heads out of a window.

    ●        When necessary to cross the road, students shall cross in front of the bus.

    ●        The driver or a school staff person may assign students seats.

    ●        Students shall keep the bus clean and not damage the bus.


    The driver has the lives of all passengers on the bus in their hands. The safety of the bus is dependent upon respectful and positive behaviors.  For information about bus routes or to express concerns, please call the First Student Transportation Company at (503) 570-8604.


    Routes: You can find your student’s bus pick-up and drop-off location and times by logging into ParentVue.  Click the “Bus Information” tab on the left side.  Click the link “Click Here to Access Bus Information.” 

    Different Bus


    If your student needs to ride a bus that is not their usual, First Student no longer requires a note. However, the office would appreciate notice letting us know that YOU know your child is going somewhere different after school. Please send a note with your child that they can drop by the office before school.