RRMS Student Health & Safety

  • Student Health and Safety


    If a major health emergency occurs which requires immediate action, we will first attempt to notify parents/guardians and our district nurse. When necessary, an emergency rescue unit will be called.


    If a student becomes ill during school hours, they should come to the office.  The staff will determine whether to call the parent or have the student lie down in the health room for a short time.  Students are generally allowed to rest for 10 minutes. The health room cannot accommodate longer visits.  No student will be allowed to go home until a parent or an authorized person has been contacted and arrangements have been made to pick up the student.  It is IMPORTANT that we have names and phone numbers of people to contact during the day in case of an emergency when the parent cannot be reached. Changes to this policy may be made due to Covid concerns. Contact the office with questions.


    Medication administration in the school setting should be kept to a minimum.  When a medication must be given at school it must be given according to school district policy. For prescription and non-prescription medication, a form signed by the parent or doctor with complete directions and information must be submitted to the office.  The medication must be brought to school by the parent in the original container labeled with exact directions for administration. Homeopathic medications are not accepted. We are not allowed to accept expired medication. School personnel can take no verbal orders from the parent or doctor.  Students may self-administer medication at school with proper documentation on file and when appropriate.  For more complete information on medication please check the district website for the district policies.


    In emergency situations we will take phone messages and immediately contact the student. Non-emergency messages from parents will be delivered to students as soon as possible without disrupting classes.


    If a student needs to leave school during the day for an appointment, the parent or guardian should come to the office and a secretary will contact the classroom and have the student excused to leave. Parents are also welcome to call the office when they are on their way to school, and we will contact the classroom and have the student meet you in the office or out in front of the school. Five to ten minutes of notice is perfect. A parent may also call the office first thing in the morning to request that a release pass be prepared. The release pass will be given to the student at lunch. That will give the student permission to leave the classroom without a phone call.


    When it becomes necessary to close school because of weather, parents and students are requested to listen to one of the major radio stations. Closure information is usually available for broadcast by 6:30 a.m. and is also available on the school district website (www.wlwv.k12.or.us). Closure information will be for all West Linn-Wilsonville schools unless otherwise indicated.


    We want to create close relationships with our parents and families, and hope you stay in touch often. Teachers may be reached by calling the Rosemont Ridge office, 673-7550. These calls are transferred to teachers' voice mail. Teacher e-mail can also be used, and teacher's e-mail addresses are available on the school website. It is appropriate to use e-mail to ask questions and request appointments. Please do not use e-mail in place of discussing an issue that is better dealt with in person or on the phone. Though every effort will be made to return your call within 24 hours, we ask for your understanding of the professional judgments that teachers must make when dealing with multiple requests from students, colleagues and parents. Please use your child's conference teacher/advisory teacher whenever possible for general information and concerns.