RRMS Student Health & Safety

  • Student Health and Safety

    Illness or Accident at School:

    If a student is not feeling well, they may ask their  teacher  to go to the Health Room located in the office, at which time they may rest for 15 mins. If, after 15 mins, they still do not feel well, the student or office staff will call to arrange for the student to go home. We ask that students call from the office rather than calling or texting from class. If the student feels better after 15 minutes, they will return to class.

     If a student has a fever above 100°F or has vomited, the office staff will call a parent/guardian to arrange for the student to be picked up from school. The student will not be allowed back in class and must go home.

     If a student is injured while at school, parents/guardians are notified, an investigation is completed, and emergency protocols are put into place.



     All medication must be kept in the office unless specific requirements have been met. Please call the office for further information if you wish your student to self-medicate. The school cannot dispense any prescription medication without a physician’s note.  All medications must be brought to the school office by an adult in their original containers. 


    We practice security and evacuation procedures so students and staff remain safe. We practice fire, earthquake, lock-down, and lock-out drills throughout the school year. Our team is prepared with protocols in case a particular need arises. Emergency handbooks are posted in each classroom, so procedures are readily available. In an emergency requiring students to go home during the school day or an individual medical emergency, our team will follow the information on student registration forms. Therefore, be sure the phone numbers and adults you trust your child(ren) with are up to date in our records. All doors to the building will remain locked during school hours. 

    Students Leaving Early for the Day:

    If a student needs to leave school during the day for an appointment, the parent or guardian should come to the office and a secretary will contact the classroom and have the student excused to leave. Parents are also welcome to call the office when they are on their way to school, and we will contact the classroom and have the student meet you in the office or out in front of the school. Five to ten minutes of notice is perfect. A parent may also call the office first thing in the morning to request that a release pass be prepared. The release pass will be given to the student at lunch. That will give the student permission to leave the classroom without a phone call.

    Weather Reladed Closures :

    When it becomes necessary to close school because of the weather, parents and students are asked to listen to one of the major radio stations. Closure information is usually available for broadcast by 6:30 a.m. and is also available on the school district website (www.wlwv.k12.or.us). Closure information will be for all West Linn-Wilsonville schools unless otherwise indicated.


    It is legal in Oregon for students to ride eBikes when they are 16 and students need to comply with state law when they are at school. Ebikes and similar motorized vehicles are prohibited on school grounds.