• World 9 assignments and test dates! 
    Please feel free to submit work by email:emerickm@wlwv.k12.or.us
    Please make sure you have reviewed your Course Guidelines and know that I don't accept late work.  You need to turn in the work that you have completed for an assignment on the day that it is due.  All your other grade questions should be answered there.  You will be quizzed on these.
    2/24  Annotated bibliography and annotated bibliography prep sheet  Annotation prep sheet  sample annotated citation
    2/25  Turn in BEFORE unit one test:  text work, questions of the day, and study guide read before test  complete before test  study guide due before test
    2/25  Unit one test
    3/9   Africa quiz for 20 places
      Africa Test for 40 places
      Collapse slide show and annotated bibliography Collapse slide show
      Agriculture test, all unit work due before test: 2 textbook chapters, questions of the day, Collapse video notes, Gallery Walk, Peter Menzel Hungry Planet, Study Guide  1 read before test  1 complete before test Complete before test  Read before test  Study Guide
    Monday 3/30 is my report back to work remotely day. . .  and we crashed the school email system and our power went out.  I did manage to get my school lap top and some files / papers to bring home to start trying to put some things together for you.  It looks like things are changing away from optional online work to required distance learning.  This week we should start to understand and work within these new state guidelines.  The hope I believe still is that we will be ready to move forward together next week, April 6. Currently it sounds like the week of April 6th will be about quarter one grades = so if you have anything from quarter one that is inaccurate or needs to be made up next week will be our week to take are of that.  The district has asked us to do that through google classroom, so I will start updating there and move away from having things here for you.  You need to join our class with the google classroom code: zxulo6h