Core Values

  • The West Linn-Wilsonville School District community shapes our children's future with knowledge and hope, with tradition and vision. We hold the following beliefs as the foundation of education for our next generation.

    • Professionalized Learning to increase student performance through purposeful experience and reflection, integrating multiple ways of knowing and expressing understanding.
    • Passion for excellence and the development of individual expertise and craftsmanship.
    • Individual and Collaborative Effort knowing that what we do makes a difference for ourselves and our world.
    • Personal and Social Responsibility extending interpersonal concern to the future and stewardship for the Earth and its inhabitants.
    • An Ethical Spirit the commitment to integrity, honesty, trust, fairness, justice, and compassion.Personalized learning is a key for all West Linn-Wilsonville students, including at Willamette Primary.
    • Continuous Improvement reflecting a desire to continually improve and become better.
    • Respect and appreciate the richness that diversity of culture, beliefs, ideas, and experience offers an interdependent community.
    • The Family as the primary support for the learner, while expanding the circle of support through business and community partnerships.


    Character Education

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School Board is committed to a meaningful Character Education program as part of the regular school curriculum. The Board believes that character education is an important part of a broad program which will help our children to be more successful. Character education is not designed merely to address social problems; rather, it is part of a comprehensive plan to prepare children to be principled, ethical adults.
     A Bolton Primary student engages in a science lesson.

    Guiding Principles

    In this section :  Excellence  Integrity  Teaming  Communication  Decision Making 

    These principles provide guidance as we pursue the district mission and vision themes regarding a responsible learning community of high moral and performance character. 

    These principles represent the essence of our shared ideals and serve as the basis for our binding ethical obligations.

    Striving For Excellence: 
    We are a community of learners committed to pushing the boundaries of current standards and craftsmanship.  We share and celebrate each other’s successes.  We:
    • see no limit to human potential;

    • honor diversity and human development;

    • challenge our own assumptions and break through barriers which block our vision;

    • provide opportunities for people to grow as learners;

    • evaluate our progress and seek ways to improve our performance;

    • develop moral and performance character; and

    • strive for quality relationships, processes, and results.

    Integrity:  We expect integrity from each person. We work to create an environment where honesty, trust, and an equal partnership support collective responsibility, teaming, and leadership. We expect continuous reflection on our growth as people of integrity.  We:

    • believe our word is our bond, and we account on our actions;

    • value honesty in words and action;

    • trust team members to make wise decisions and learn from mistakes;

    • demonstrate consistent, predictable behavior that displays our personal belief system;

    • commit to moral and ethical conduct;

    • act in the best interest of students and our district;

    • take responsibility to talk to those involved when a perceived breach of trust has occurred; and

    • practice confidentiality.


    Teaming:  Teaming encourages and recognizes each member’s contribution. Effective teamwork creates new solutions that go beyond individual perspectives and continually strives to make our work better.  We:

    • create a safe haven that welcomes diverse ideas and opinions;

    • pursue dialogue for understanding;

    • consider the effects and unintended consequences of decisions;

    • accept personal and collective responsibility for the success of the team;

    • value opportunity for equal access to information and resources;

    • support and challenge each other as critical friends; and

    • commit to becoming a community of learners.

    Communication:   We believe that communication is a constant and recurring process. Communication is the foundation of an effective and healthy organization.  We:

    • take responsibility to keep ourselves informed;

    • frame questions to allow multiple voices and perspectives, stretching us both individually and organizationally;

    • take time for reflection and active listening;

    • participate in communication and give space for everyone to be heard;

    • strive to be constructive, non-judgmental, clear, and caring;

    • recognize that differing opinions are a healthy part of the process;

    • use communication for celebration;

    • provide a safe haven for communication; and

    • honor agreements and renegotiate when needed.

    Decision Making:  We develop and nurture thoughtful decision making.  Decision making is a complex process requiring an atmosphere of trust. We recognize that different decisions require different processes.  We:

    • design decision making processes appropriate to the situation;

    • consider different perspectives and relevant information;

    • acknowledge and face any emerging conflict;

    • reflect on every decision with the question: “How can we make this better?”;

    • clear the way for a solution that is stronger than any one perspective by openly acknowledging that I may be wrong, and you may be right; and

    • are open to revising decisions.