About Our Area

  • The district is located at the south end of the greater Portland area. Portland is Oregon's largest city, located on both sides of the Willamette (" will AM it ") River. The Willamette Valley is considered to have among the world's richest farm land.

    As many know, Portland derives its name from a coin toss in the 1850s--a man named Pettygrove from Portland, Maine, wanted to name the new city after his hometown, and a man named Lovejoy wanted to name the city after his hometown, Boston, Mass. If it had landed on heads, we'd be talking about Boston, Oregon.

    Mt. Hood with its year-round skiing and scenic areas looms over the Portland area and can be seen from a number of areas in the school district. Nearby is the well known scenic Columbia Gorge with the highest concentration of waterfalls in North America, including Multnomah Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in the world. To the west is the Oregon Coast with many state parks overlooking magnificent beaches.

    At 15 miles south of Portland's city center, the city of West Linn hugs the west side of the Willamette River. Its name is derived from two sources: at one point, the city was called Linn City after Senator Lewis F. Linn of Missouri who, in Congress, spearheaded the establishment of the homesteading act which allowed settlers to claim 640 acres. Later, the city was called West Oregon City  (Oregon City being on the east side of the river). In the early 20th century the two names--Linn City and West Oregon City--were merged into what is now called West Linn. Interestingly, there is no North, South, or East Linn, just West Linn.

    Wilsonville derives its name from an early postmaster named Wilson. With the construction of Interstate-5 in the 1960s,Wilsonville has become a thriving community of 10,000+ people.