Absence Management/MyLearningPlan/Frontline - What's Happening

  • Absence Management and MyLearningPlan (Professional Growth) are actually two components of a larger system called Frontline. Previously, you had to log into those components separately. However, Frontline has designed a new "front-end" access. You can now log into Frontline and then access the particular component at hand.

    Before you can do this, you must create a new Frontline ID. As explained below, you should receive an email from no-reply@frontlineed.com. This email will contain a link for you to create your Frontline account. Note that the email sent to you is unique to you as is the link in it. Others cannot use your email to create their account.

    Once you’ve created your Frontline ID, please use the new link to get into the system: app.frontlineeducation.com. It’s also available in the district Forms & Systems menu of our website.

    More Background

    Our district is upgrading to Frontline Education’s Insights Platform! The Insights Platform does not replace our Frontline products; rather, it merges them. The Insights Platform provides enhanced functionality to create a better experience for you - including a single Frontline ID account, common navigation, improved security and the new Frontline Education mobile app.

    How This Affects You

    West Linn-Wilsonville SD transitioned onto the Insights Platform on June 18th, 2019.

    In June, you would have received an email invitation to create a Frontline ID from no-reply@frontlineed.com. That invitation has now expired.

    If you still need to create a Frontline ID, there are two options:

    1. A new invitation will be sent to you at the end of July. Use the link in that invitation.
    2. Simply log in “the old way” as you have in the past, and the system will prompt you to create a Frontline ID.

    Your Frontline ID cannot be a phone number. Instead, please enter your full district email address as your Frontline ID. Moving forward, you will use this single account to access all your Frontline applications (Absence Management and MyLearningPlan/Professional Growth, if applicable). For more information on creating your Frontline ID, please review this article: Receiving an Email Invitation for a Frontline Application.

    Once you’ve created your Frontline ID account, you will then login to app.frontlineeducation.com when signing into any Frontline application you normally access. Those who have access to both Absence Management and MyLearningPlan/Professional Growth will be able to switch between applications using the app switcher, shown below. Those who have multiple roles, such as both substitute and employee, will be able to role switch (applicable only to Absence Management.)

    Employees may also download and use the FREE Frontline Mobile App after launch day to create absences and check absence reason balances. The activation code for the app is 7354. Please note that the Frontline ID must be created first. The app only works for employees; substitutes should continue to use the Jobulator app.

    For more information regarding the change to the new Frontline ID account, please watch this video. We are confident that you will find the new enhancements to be user friendly and to improve your experience with Frontline applications.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What if my Insights Platform invitation doesn’t work, I miss it, or I accidentally delete it?
      Just log in to either MyLearningPlan or Absence Mangagement the way you have in the past. You will be prompted, at that point, to create a Frontline ID.
    2. Can the District create or edit my Frontline ID for me?
      No, District Frontline admins will not have access to create or change Frontline IDs or passwords. You will be able to edit your Frontline ID and change your password in your Account Settings.
    3. Can I continue to use my phone number as my Frontline ID?
      No, the ID cannot be all numbers. Frontline recommends that you use your full district email address.
    4. Do substitutes need to create a Frontline ID?
      Yes, everyone will need to create a Frontline ID. Substitutes are also receiving this information. Some subs currently in our district might already have a Frontline ID created with another district. No action is required of them.
    5. Does the upgrade affect any absences already in the system?
      No, all absences, permissions and other data are not affected.
    6. What is the Frontline Mobile App?
      It’s a free app available to employees. Staff can create absences and check absence reason balances. Secretaries (campus users) can view the Daily Report, create and assign absences and view and interact with unfilled jobs.
    7. What is the Activation Code for the Frontline Mobile App?
      7354 (Please note that your Frontline ID must be created first and is required to set up this app.)
    8. Can substitutes use the Frontline Mobile App?
      No, they should continue to use the Jobulator App.
    9. Will there be any changes to the phone system?
      No changes are being made to the phone system. Subs can continue calling in with their phone numbers/PINs to pick up jobs.
    10. Is it okay to forward my email invitation to someone else?
      No, invitations are unique to each individual user.
    11. After the upgrade, will district Frontline admins still be able to assist me in recovering my log-in credentials?
      District Frontline admins will no longer have access to your Frontline log-in credentials after the upgrade. A credential recovery link will be provided on the log in page and we are always happy to help you find it.


    Need Help/Have Questions

    If you have questions, contact Casey Fenner in Human Resources.