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    OATAG (the Oregon Association for Talented and Gifted) has provided a list of resources for gifted learners.  Please note that these are just suggested resources; while they are all beneficial and engaging, none are formally endorsed by OATAG or the West Linn-Wilsonville School District and are provided as a courtesy only.  You may access the link here:

    OATAG Resources

    WLWV TAG Plan


    Boeckman Robotics

    The education of gifted children in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District is a vibrant, constantly improving educational initiative that works to provide a quality education for all our identified gifted students. The district recognizes the importance of differentiated learning experiences for gifted learners and acknowledges the value of integration within the regular program.


    The heart of Gifted Education is seen in:

    • Challenging classroom-based instruction characterized by differentiated instruction
    • Flexible skill-based groupings
    • Complex integrated problem solving challenges
    • Individually designed inquiry-based research projects designed to fit the academic rate and level of each student
    • Additional activities and enrichment opportunities to enhance the classroom program


    Gifted Education policies and procedures throughout Oregon are governed by the Department of Education through Administrative Rules.  The Administrative Rules direct school districts to provide systematic, appropriate identification of gifted learners and to provide instruction appropriate to the learners' level and rate of learning. 

    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District recognizes the two state defined areas of giftedness (intellectually gifted, academically talented in reading and/or math).  Formal identification of a gifted learner may include:

    • Referral of a child for identification by a teacher, parent, or specialist (at any time)
    • Identification of giftedness at any and all grade levels
    • Identification after consideration of data reflecting a variety of factors - may include but is not limited to - test scores, teacher referrals, parent referrals and examples of student work
    • A system of periodic evaluation of students for identification
    No single test, measure or score will be used as the sole criteria for an identification; the  process may take as few as six weeks or up to several years to complete.
    Please continue to watch this page for updates. We are excited to be sharing our updated West Linn-Wilsonville TAG plan with our families soon!

    Questions regarding a child's gifted learner identification should first be directed to the child's teacher or building Gifted Education Coordinator.  You may also contact Julie Lane via email or at (503) 673-7024 for more information regarding the district's gifted education program options.