Long Range Planning Committee Reviews Successful 2014 Capital Bond Summer Projects Ahead of 2019 Capital Bond

Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 8/22/2019 11:00:00 AM

The West Linn-Wilsonville Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) convened on Wednesday, Aug. 21 to review the status of summer projects from the 2014 Capital Bond, the District’s land inventory, and look ahead to the 2019 capital bond and future meeting schedule.

To date, more than 96 percent of funds from the 2014 capital bond have been committed, with more than $5 million in projects taking place this summer. Capital Construction Manager Tim Woodley noted that the majority of summer projects, including the major 2014 Capital Bond projects Sunset Primary and Meridian Creek Middle School, were completed on time and under budget. Projects that took place this summer include:

  • A new music classroom was constructed at Bolton Primary;
  • Classrooms, porches, and corridors have been completely refurbished at Boeckman Creek;
  • A new track is currently being constructed at Wood Middle School. Asphalt is complete with track surfacing to be done in September depending on the weather;
  • New performance field lighting is currently being installed at the Wilsonville High School softball field;
  • New carpet was installed in activity areas and classrooms in the south building at Cedaroak Park Primary;
  • Crosswalk flashers at West Linn High School were converted from solar power to line power, increasing safety, and new bleachers were also installed in the competitive gym;
  • A new four-classroom modular building was installed at Boeckman Creek, including all new furniture, fixtures, and IT equipment to alleviate overcrowding;
  • New sound-absorbing, acoustic attenuation finishes were installed in the Athey band room;
  • A new walk-in freezer and refrigerator were installed at Stafford Primary;
  • A new glass-entry system was installed in the Wood Middle School library atrium;
  • Tennis courts were resurfaced at both West Linn and Wilsonville high schools;
  • The Sunset Primary bell was repaired and reinstalled.

With just a few small projects from the 2014 Capital Bond remaining (planned for summer 2020), the Long Range Planning Committee used the Aug. 21 meeting to look ahead to the $206.8 million Capital Bond that will be placed on the November 2019 election ballot. The LRPC also reviewed the pieces of land that the District currently owns as well as their potential use as the District continues to grow.

The LRPC concluded their meeting by discussing the 2014 Capital Bond Website as the remaining projects wind down. Staff showed LRPC members a complete timeline of Board actions as well as the project start and completion dates. The scrolling timeline will replace the current 2014 Bond Website along with published quarterly reports, providing community members with a complete history of the 2014 Bond. 

The LRPC will next reconvene in November following the results of the November election. To learn more about the Long Range Planning Committee, visit the District Website.