Geology of the Pacific NW (0.5 credt)


Credits/Semesters: 0.5 credit/1 semester

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Grad Require: Science - Physical

CTE POS: Environmental Science

Prerequisite: None


In this course, we explore the geologic processes and events that result in the familiar landscapes of the Pacific Northwest: the fertile Willamette valley, the majestic Columbia River Gorge, the mountains of the Cascades and the Coast Range, the ancient rocks of the Blue Mountains, the Wallowa Mountains, and the Klamath Mountains, the recent lavas of the High Desert, and the jagged topography of the Basin and Range. We also investigate the offshore features of the Juan de Fuca plate. Students will interpret past events from researching in the classroom and in the field, to put together a history of how the Pacific Northwest was formed. In addition to many short outdoor excursions, we will have two full-day field trips (one to the Oregon coast, one to Mt. Hood). We will conclude with a look at the past, present and future impact of people on the landscapes and geologic processes of the Northwest.