School Resource Officer Program Review Survey Open Through October 5

Posted by West Linn-Wilsonville on 9/28/2020 5:00:00 PM

The SRO Program Review Survey will be open starting Monday, Sept. 28 and will close on October 5, 2020. We invite you to begin providing us feedback.

The West Linn-Wilsonville School District and School Board have committed to conducting a review of our School Resource Officer (SRO) Program using an equity lens. The review will guide our work towards continually improving our support to our students.

District staff met with both West Linn Police Department and Wilsonville Police Department leaders this summer to inform and include them in our review process. We want our community to be assured that we value our partnership with our local officers, agency and especially the currently assigned SROs. Our partnership is critical to our commitment of keeping students and families safe at school and district-sponsored events. Our partnership is critical during emergencies or crises interventions (e.g. lockdown, lock out, evacuation). And our partnership is critical to disrupting systems of racism in our community and in our schools.

The SRO Program in our schools is multi-faceted and highly collaborative with our district leaders and staff. Currently, the program includes:

  • Contributing to a Safe and Welcoming School Culture
  • Providing law enforcement-related education, counseling, and prevention
  • Investigating and Responding to Criminal Behavior
  • Engaging in Restorative Practices and Group Circles for Problem-Solving
  • Promoting Student Health and Wellness
  • Engaging in Quarterly WLWV-First Responder Safety Meetings
  • Providing Assistance During School Safety Events, Crises or Emergency Response
  • Engaging in WLWV-Joint City Equity Events
  • Serving as Liaisons between the District and Wilsonville, West Linn Police Departments

This review of the SRO Program is typical of other district program reviews, such as Curriculum, HS Accreditation, Title IX, Emergency Operations, to name a few. When we review a district program we do not review the individuals. We are careful to look at the purpose, investment, effectiveness and outcomes of the program itself.


This review will include several aspects, including an opportunity for our community to provide their input and suggestions regarding the SRO Program through a survey.

  • Review of the SRO Program (History, Overview, Costs, Training, Job Description, Referral Data) – this information will come from our police departments.
  • Feedback from students, staff, parents, community (focus groups, phone calls, survey) – this information will come from our community.
  • Research of other SRO Programs or School Security Models – this information will come from District administration.
  • Analysis and Summary of the Survey Feedback – this analysis will be conducted by a third-party agency and given to the district and Board for review.
  • Presentation and Recommendation Regarding the SRO Program by the Superintendent to the School Board at the October 26, 2020 Board Work Session.
  • School Board Analysis, Discussion and Action regarding the SRO Program at the October 26, 2020 Board Work Session. Our community can provide additional input to the Board prior to this meeting by submitting it in an email to Kelly Douglas,

We want to assure our school community that we are taking great care to hear all viewpoints as we review this program. Often the voices of our minority or marginalized students and families in our communities can be missed if we are not careful. Therefore, we are making intentional efforts to reach out and hear the experiences of our students, parents and staff of color in our community.

The SRO Program Review Survey will be open starting today and closing October 5, 2020. We invite you to begin providing us feedback.

Thank you for your participation and we are eager to share back with our community what we learn and our next steps towards serving our students.

Leading Forward, 

Regan Molatore, School Board Chair                 
Kathy Ludwig, WLWV District Superintendent