WLHS Career and Technical Education (CTE)

  • What is CTE?

    • Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs help students discover their passions, gain technical skills, and obtain knowledge vital for career success. Each CTE program has a sequence of specialized classes (3 credits or more) connected to a career path. The backbone of CTE is the role of our community partners who mentor students and bridge classroom learning with real world application. CTE prepares students for life after high school- whether a student is going straight to work or the military, attending a community college, joining a skilled trade, or enrolling in a 4 year university. Many CTE programs have dual credit or AP credit opportunities, giving a student a jumpstart on college!  

      CTE programs allow a student to:

      1. EXPLORE- a career path while in high school. Exploring career interests in high school saves a student both time and money in the future.
      2. GAINreal world skills and technical knowledge in a specific career path. These career-oriented skills transfer to any path a student ends up choosing.
      3. EXPERIENCE- gain experience in a specific career area and apply your learning in real work-based projects or internships. 

      Each high school has CTE programs available for students. To get started, a student takes an introductory class to see if it is a fit for them. If they enjoy the class they can continue through more advanced classes throughout high school. 

CTE Programs at WLHS