Welcome to the WLWV K12 Online Academy!

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    WLWV K12 Online Academy Structure for the 2023-24 School Year

    As we continue planning for the 2023-24 school year, we have some important updates to share regarding the WLWV Online Academy (WKOA) for next school year. While enrolling in the Online Academy is not a full-year commitment, middle school and high school students who wish to transition back into the classroom can only do so at semester breaks. 

    WLWV K12 Online Academy Based Within Each School

    Unlike some online charter programs or schools that are separated from their school district, our model is uniquely integrated within each of our neighborhood schools. This advantage allows our students to still stay involved with their neighborhood friends, school activities, field trips, principal and office staff, school counselor, library, theatre program, athletic program, district art shows and a variety of events and resources while learning from home. Your child remains a student of their local school in the WLWV school district and we remain committed to their success.

    Students in the Academy Assigned to Teacher-Librarians

    Teacher-Librarians from each neighborhood school assist families with creating a learning plan (schedule), maintaining connections to school and activities, assigning final grades, administering state assessments, and assisting with any academic or technical concerns. Our Teacher-Librarians are all certified teachers, and have taught for years in the classroom alongside this role. They are adept with grade level curriculum, technology and digital learning platforms. Most importantly, they are excited and eager to strengthen and grow this new program into the future. The parent-guardian will still serve as their student’s main learning coach during the school day.

    Daily and Weekly Contact with Academy Students

    At the K-8 level, students will have the option of participating in a daily Zoom check-in with their Teacher-Librarian and other Academy students from their school. This meeting will help center the day on the learning ahead and provide an opportunity for a social check-in and personalized attention. Additional weekly connections will be scheduled based on the students’ needs and preferences. At the high school level, community Zoom meetings will occur 2-3 times a week, with check-ins between the students and Teacher-Librarian based on the students’ needs and preferences.

    WKOA Office Hours and Learning Hub Support

    Each school’s Teacher-Librarian will be each family’s key contact person for any academic or program support needed. Regular office hours will be set up in addition to access by email and phone. Each school’s library will serve as a Learning Hub for Academy students to arrange times to drop in for possible academic or technical support, for family conferences or meetings with the Teacher-Librarian, or a place for a small group of Academy students to connect for part of the day, like a project or tutorial.  We want our Academy students to feel welcomed, at home and comfortable at their neighborhood school even while learning at home.

    WKOA Curriculum Model

    As students will be learning independently at home but still enrolled as a WLWV student, it is important that they have access to grade-level, Oregon state standards with built-in assessment systems to monitor progress and assign completion of courses and credits.  WKOA utilizes the Stride (formerly FuelEd) digital curriculum resource. While it provides the standards and curriculum structure, it does allow students and parents to be more selective about content and text choices.  

    With our uniquely integrated district model, Academy students can enhance their home learning by participating in school field trips, assemblies, guest lectures, ISEF science fairs, Field Day, clubs and competitions, and other on-campus events, as interested.  

    Access to Important and Expert Support Systems

    Academy students will continue to receive support from our Special Education and English Language Development teachers for any specialized instruction needs.  Academy students and parents can access their school counselor or district social worker for any social-emotional or family support needed.  High school counselors will continue to work with Academy students on college and career preparations.  

    WKOA families will continue to receive school and district news through their neighborhood school via ParentSquare, helping them stay connected to activities and events throughout the year. 

    How Do I Enroll My Student in WKOA?

    To enroll in WKOA, or to discuss whether or not WKOA is a good fit for your student, please contact the appropriate staff member at your student’s school. While there is no deadline for enrolling in the WLWV K12 Online Academy, informing your student’s school of your plans to join WKOA as soon as possible will allow staff more time to plan for your student’s courses and success this coming school year.