Middle School Academic Program Guide

  • Welcome to the West Linn-Wilsonville K12 Online Academy (WKOA)! We look forward to supporting you this year in our online academy. The Academic Program Guide is designed to help you select your courses for the 2022-23 school year. Your neighborhood school teacher-librarian or assistant principal will assist you in selecting and enrolling in courses. Your neighborhood school teacher-librarian will offer ongoing support throughout the school year for accessing the online platform and facilitating assignments. Please contact the Online Academy Assistant, Julie Lane, at lanej@wlwv.k12.or.us if you have general questions about the academy or need assistance contacting your assistant principal or teacher-librarian. 


    The West Linn-Wilsonville School District has selected the curriculum platform “Stride” to deliver our online academy. The courses are aligned with Oregon state standards as well as with the district’s beliefs about curriculum and instruction. The platform includes a built-in Learning Management System similar to Google Classroom, and a Collaboration Tool similar to Zoom.


    Most courses have now transitioned away from physical materials to digital tools.  Families may request physical materials. There is no fee and families will be notified regarding pick-up. Families will provide common household items like baking soda or baggies, and basic school supplies like writing notebooks. Other materials may also be required for a course such as: downloadable software, digital camera, or art/sewing supplies. 


    Every student enrolled in WKOA will need a parent or caregiver to serve as a learning coach for the entire academic year.  The name of the learning coach will be entered during the enrollment process.  Learning coaches serve many vital and necessary roles, including:

    • Create and support a daily schedule and routines to complete courses
    • When necessary, facilitate instructional lessons and answer questions
    • Monitor student progress
    • Determine when student is ready to take assessments
    • Contact WKOA Teacher-Librarian at neighborhood school for guidance and support
    • Establish routine communication with Teacher-Librarian.  At the middle school level, this should be at least every week.

    This guide provides more information about the Learning Coach.


    The “Introduction to Online Learning'' course explains to students how the K12 WKOA program works and provides tips on successful online learning. Students are introduced to the online tools that they will use during their middle school experience, including the Learning Management System that delivers course assignments. Students take part in online discussions and practice submitting computer-scored assessments and other assignments to teachers. Lifelong learning skills, such as time management and study habits, are also covered. By the end of the course, students will be fully prepared to begin their K12 middle school courses. All students take this course at the beginning of the year, but not for credit. 


    A school staff member will confer with students to select classes and discuss daily learning schedules.  In consultation with the teacher-librarian and the learning coach, a student may decide to focus on a smaller number of classes at one time, but still complete all classes by the end of the school year.  Students may also make decisions about the pace of learning through each class.

    Full Year Core Classes

    Students will be enrolled in the four full year courses aligned with the schedules of in-person learners.  Students will confer with their teacher-librarians and learning coaches to determine schedules for completing courses.



    Language Arts

    Social Studies


    Grade 6

    Math 6

    Language Arts 6

    World History I

    Earth Science

    Grade 7

    Math 7

    Language Arts 7

    Intermediate Global Studies

    Life Science

    Grade 8

    Math 8

    Language Arts 8

    American History to the Late 1800s

    Physical Science

    Physical Education and World Language 

    Students are required to complete one semester worth of learning in a Physical Education and World Language class. 


    Grade 6

    Grade 7

    Grade 8

    Physical Education

    Physical Fitness 6 

    or Health 6

    Physical Fitness 7

    or Health 7

    Physical Fitness 8

    or Health 8

    World Language

    World Language Courses available include: Chinese I & II, French I & II and Spanish I & II


    Students may select from the following list of electives.  Students are advised to select one elective, but additional electives may be added in consultation with the teacher-librarian and the learning coach.