Health Occupations

  • Do you like helping others? Does learning about diseases fascinate you? 
    If so, the Riverside HS Health Occupations CTE program is a fit for you! In this program, you will explore the human body, diseases, and treatment. You will practice patient care and measure vital signs. You will have opportunities to connect with healthcare professionals to learn about this as a career path. In this program, you will engage with a variety of health occupation skill sets including earn CPR/first aid certification. If you continue this program throughout high school you can earn a healthcare pre-apprenticeship certificate! 

    CTE classes meet graduation requirements and help you gain skills for various careers in health occupations. Even if you do not end up in this exact career path, you will gain valuable skills that transfer to the path you end up choosing. Participating in a CTE program looks great on your resume and on college applications.  


    What is a healthcare pre-apprenticeship certificate?
    Starting in the 24-25 school year, students in this program can select to be a healthcare pre-apprentice. Students who take 3 credits in this program can earn a pre-apprenticeship certificate in healthcare. Students who graduate with a pre-apprenticeship certificate earn an additional point when applying to an apprenticeship program with Long-term Care Works (for a Certified Nursing Assistant) or Allied West (Medical Assistant Apprenticeship). Pursuing an Apprenticeship after high school is a great way to earn money while learning on the job. This can help jumpstart your career in healthcare with no debt.


    How to join the program: When you select your elective class(es) choose one of the introductory class(es) to see if it is a fit for you. If you like the class, then you can take the intermediate and advanced classes throughout high school. 


Introductory classes

Intermediate/Advanced classes

Pre-Apprenticeship Checklist (coming soon)


  • There are numerous jobs connected to health and medicine. Click here to explore careers  in healthcare and medicine.