Current Closure Status

School Closure Information and FAQ’s

  • Upon occasion, schools in the West Linn-Wilsonville School District may be closed due to inclement weather or other emergency situations that cannot be foreseen until conditions are known. In these cases, the Superintendent, in coordination with District Operations, First Student Transportation Services and School Principals, monitors the situation and makes the official call to close, delay or cause early release of students. Under these conditions an official announcement is posted on the regional FlashAlert System notifying patrons and area news organizations of the decision.

    Please review the following Frequently Asked Questions regarding school closures and severe weather conditions. If further information is needed, feel free to contact the Office of the Superintendent at 503-673-7034 or Department of Operations at 503-673-7995.

    Q: How does the District notify the public regarding information around school closures?
    A: All parent-guardians and staff members will receive closure updates, including inclement weather updates, through ParentSquare. The District also uses the FlashAlert system to notify the larger public of emergencies. The FlashAlert system connects directly into the local news agencies to update their live feeds. Local TV stations, many local radio stations, and their associated websites have feeds of this information. We also post a notification that can be viewed on our district website. Any of these sources will provide current information. The FlashAlert system also allows individuals to subscribe to alerts via e-mail or text. Subscribe to this free service to receive alerts:

    Q: What causes closures, late starts or early releases?
    A: The most common causes of closures and delays are severe weather and power outages, though other causes may force closure in rare situations.

    Q: When and how are decisions made around closures, late starts or early releases?
    A: The decisions are not usually made the day before, but early in the morning before any buses start their first routes. This allows the District to hold classes in the event that conditions improve. Discussions between the bus company, District Operations and the Office of the Superintendent influence the decisions made. The final decision is made by the District Superintendent.

    Q: There is no sign of severe weather at home, why is school canceled or delayed?
    A: The District is a large geographic area. Even individual school boundary areas have a wide range of elevation, and may experience a variety of weather conditions. In the case of snow closure, District policy is to close all schools in the District due to difficulties scheduling make-up days for students and staff. Also, there may be other reasons school has been cancelled such as power outages.

    Q: Roads look unsafe at home, why is school still scheduled for today?
    A: The District is a large geographic area and even individual school boundary areas have a wide range of elevation, and may experience a variety of weather conditions. If conditions are deemed unsafe by parents or guardians the District supports decisions to not have their students travel in severe weather.

    Q: What are snow routes, and why are they used?
    A: Snow routes are restricted bus routes that reduce the number of stops. The purpose of snow routes is to avoid particularly steep slopes or hazardous conditions in order to improve student safety in severe weather. Snow routes are prepared in advance and posted on the District Website at Community -> Bus Routes:

    Q: Snow routes are being used for buses. Where is snow route information shown online?
    A: Snow route information is available on the District Website:

     Q: Snow routes for buses were used this morning. What routes will be used this afternoon?
    A: If snow routes are used in the morning, they almost always will be used in the afternoon.  If the weather significantly improves during the course of the day the buses may revert back to their regular routes in the afternoon.  Please check the FlashAlert message.

    Q: There is a two-hour delay (late start) at my student’s school. Will there be preschool classes today?
    A: A two-hour delay cancels both AM and PM Pre-School classes. 

    Q: There were school closures or delays today. Will after-school or community use activities be canceled?
    A: It is standard practice that all activities are canceled on days of school closures. On rare occasions exceptions may occur, this decision will be made by the Operations Department. The Community Services Department will contact event leaders to confirm the event cancelations.