It is considered good practice for School Districts and Boards to assign a committee of appointed citizens to meet regularly for the purpose of providing oversight of Capital Bond Management. The West Linn - Wilsonville School District Board has appointed a Long Range Planning Committee to advise them regarding long range facilities planning and capital improvement project planning. It is recommended that the Long Range Planning Committee be formally assigned the duties of the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee.
    Bond Oversight Committee Guidelines 
    The Long Range Planning Committee, in providing 2019 Bond Oversight, will actively monitor and regularly report to the School Board on the progress of the bond program. Responsibilities include the following:
    1. Ensure bond revenues are used for purposes consistent with the Long Range Plan, the voter-approved ballot measure 3-554, and state law.
    2. Meet at least quarterly to review expenditure reports, project plans, and progress reports. Provide quarterly and annual written reports and presentations of capital bond progress and finances to the Board at a regularly scheduled School Board meeting.
    3. Communicate key 2019 Capital Bond progress and information to community stakeholders through a variety of methods.