Sept. 19, 2017

Posted by Kathy Ludwig on 9/28/2017 2:45:00 PM

Greetings West Linn-Wilsonville Community,


Last week the Justice Department made a decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Once again, students and families in our community have cause for concern and worry about what the future will bring.

While there will be months of debate and consideration by Congress regarding the future outcome of the program, in the meantime our district stands firm in our commitment that each child feel safe, respected, and welcome in their school. Last year, our School Board and I affirmed this commitment to safe and inclusive school environments through a written message to the entire West Linn-Wilsonville community. In that message we stated, "There is no place in our schools for threats or overt acts of bigotry, bullying, racism, or any language that denigrates others based on their gender, religion, origin, race, sexual orientation, or ability. This behavior does not represent the best of who we are, or our community."

At the recent September 11th Board Meeting, our School Board approved a resolution

in conjunction with the Oregon Department of Education, reaffirming West Linn-Wilsonville as a school district with safe and welcoming schools for all students regardless of national origin, immigration status, or documentation status.

We will continue to offer resources to families who may have additional questions or concerns regarding DACA. It is important for our community to know that our district does not ask for, collect, or keep on record immigration information or immigration status of our students or parents.

Thank you for your partnership in creating positive learning environments in our community. I am proud to work in a district that benefits from such enormous parent, staff, and community generosity of spirit, as well as tremendous care for the safe and equitable education of all children.


Most sincerely,